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How to Choose the Right Dress for Your Next Event

You’ve been invited to a party or a get-together with friends and family! How exciting, but you’re going to need the right dress for the occasion. You wouldn’t wear the same dress for brunch with your grandparents as you would wear for a night out with friends, but it can be tough to find dresses that are event appropriate. It can be even more difficult to anticipate sacrificing your style and confidence to choose attire that suits everyone’s expectations.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style, and as long as you invest in a few basic dresses and skirts, you can make them work for almost any party or get-together. A satin midi dress, a maxi dress, dresses with ruffles, floral patterns, slits in the side, long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves—which to choose? Read on to find out.

Family Party or Barbecue (Right Dress)

Summer is here, and that means everyone wants to host their events outside. If you’re preparing for a family party or barbecue—or hosting one yourself—you can choose your attire based on how casually your family members tend to dress. You could certainly wear jeans and a nice top if that’s typical for your family, and you might even be wearing a swimsuit if your party is poolside.

If you want to dress up a little, though—especially if your family is prone to impromptu photo shoots—make sure to choose something that’s family appropriate. If your party is in the summer, a fun sundress is an obvious choice. You can go for a bold floral or fruit pattern to celebrate summer. Depending on your family’s comfort level, you may want to avoid low necklines or body con dresses. Opting for an A-line or empire-style dress is best.

 Cocktail Party or Wedding Right Dress

Cocktail parties and weddings give us an excuse to wear dresses at the back of our closet. You could wear a satin midi dress for a more casual look or anything slim and sexy with a low neckline. Dresses that flare out at the bottom are super cute, too. Dresses in black, red, nude, and silver are a great way to make a statement, but make sure you don’t outshine the bride or wear white if you’re attending a wedding.

If you’re attending an outdoor wedding. You may want to opt for a dress more like the one you would wear to a family barbecue. You can’t go wrong with floral patterns and primary or pastel-colored dresses.

Lots of sparkle and shine may not be as appropriate for a daytime wedding, so make sure you consider both the timing and season of your event. For instance, you might also want to wear darker colors for a fall or winter wedding and pastel tones in the spring and summer.

 Business and Job Interviews

It’s always best to give a professional impression when you’re interviewing for a new job. Avoid low necklines, tight-fitting dresses, or anything too patterned. Dresses and skirts in a solid, dark color with some simple jewelry are usually appropriate. As you become acclimated to your company’s culture. You will be able to determine whether you can wear more casual dresses and outfits.

If you don’t want to give up your love for style for a business meeting or job interview. You could potentially wear a satin midi dress with long sleeves, tights or leggings underneath, and maybe a blazer on top.

Holiday Party

The holidays are festive, and your dress of choice should match that energy! If you’re getting together with family or friends for a fall or winter holiday. You may want to match the color of your dress to the holiday colors. Wear your most extravagant outfit and don’t forget all your favorite holiday jewelry. Statement pieces are acceptable at holiday parties. A satin midi dress or anything in velvet is especially fitting for winter holidays because of its luxurious appearance. Think deep shades and primary colors like red, green, blue, and orange.

Night Out with Friends (Right Dress)

If you’re headed out to a bar or club with friends. This is the perfect opportunity to express yourself however you like. Wear a dress and jewelry that makes you feel confident—and, if you’re hitting the club. That allows you to dance and have fun. A satin midi dress with no straps or a flattering halter top is a great choice. Corset tops or anything that shows off your bust or midsection could be sexy too. Of course, if you’re not headed to a bar or club and are just hanging out at a friend’s house or a more casual restaurant during the day. You may want to look for a sundress or a cute romper.

Right Dress Conclusion

While there are some general guidelines for more formal events and parties. The most important fashion rule is to wear clothing that you love. Wear something that makes you feel happy and confident and try not to worry about what anyone else thinks. You’re beautiful just for being you!


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