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Veibae Face Girl: V-Tube Fame Veibae Face Girl

Veibae Face Girl: Social media influencers have been growing for more than a decade. These influencers vary in their respective subjects. Many social media celebrities use one or more than one platform for their content creation. Content creation is an extremely vast field in terms of grasping youth attraction.

These influencers choose their favorite subject to work on and grow in their respective discipline. These topics can be some of the following. Which can be either fashion, makeup, gaming, Hosting, lifestyle, cooking, education, vlogging, fitness, photography or videography, comedy, tech, beauty, travel, sports, entertainment, music, live streaming, storytelling, reviewing, or blogging.

There is a list of Instagram influencers, YouTubers, Facebook Content creators, and other social media app influencers who work on these respective topics. A huge variety of information is available on the internet on these topics.

These influencers belong to every corner of the world. People who create content on YouTube are called YouTubers, who create content on Instagram are called Instagrammers.

He is named as the one depending upon the app which has the highest number of followers. While in the list of YouTubers, some YouTubers are those who do not use their own identity and are called V-tubers. V-tubers basically means Virtual Youtuber.


What are V-Tubers?

V-tubers are actually YouTubers. The difference between YouTubers and V-tubers is that YouTubers mostly prefer sharing their own personal information which can be their personal picture, voices, and other personal life.

While on the other hand, V-tubers are the one who never shows their personal identity even in their live streams, and prefers to use avatars. They sometimes also mold their original voice into any cartoon-style voice. V-tubers are online entertainers who use computer-generated avatars with the help of graphics. The graphics are designed in such a manner that it shows their own identity.



V-tubers were basically discovered in Japan in the late 2010s. They had an idol culture which was later on used by V-tubers in creating this discipline. This trend was boosted in 2020 when during COVID-19, people from all over the world discovered v-tubers. And eventually, the number of V-tubers started increasing.

In this particular department, V-tubers use their own motions, movements, and expression while streaming and end up converting their movements Into an Avatar. This is all an Animation game.

They use different websites and software to design their own similar archetype. Once the style is formed, they use that in their live streams. They use their own webcam to record their gestures and then, later on, convert it to different software.


Veibae face:

There are above 10000 V-tubers currently. Most of them have also shifted to other streaming apps while they stick to YouTube. There are many Japan-based V-tubers as well as international ones. One of the most famous English V-tuber is Veibae face girl.

Veibae face girl is the most famous V-tubers worldwide among Kizuna Al and several others. Veibae Face girl was born in the United Kingdom. But she is the most popular V-tuber in the Japanese community. That’s why she is known as the English Girl. Veibae Face girl was born in 1997. As Veibae face girl is twenty-five years old now.


The history behind this trend:

This trend was highlighted back in China when some artists from China were caught in public. They faced some consequences then and forced thus cultural trend to hide faces on camera. Some YouTubers were also worried because of their identity in public.

This trend then swells in no time. Some of the V-tubers prefer sharing Their own voice while some use their modified voice using different software. Therefore, artists voice over the developed graphics.


V-tubers content:

V-tubers work for different purposes. Some of them are gamers. Some do live streaming. Many work as social media influencers. Some prefer social media marketing. Computer games can be a discipline.

All of them can be done by showing the graphical representation of identity. They can also create content on many different social media apps. Brands collaborate with them which is a really good thing for the brand. As no one knows V-tubers real face.

Hence, it is easy for brands to prefer them for advertising. As they don’t have any personal image. Different advertising campaigns are done in collaboration with different V-tubers. International, as well as national brands, ask for it. These brands can be clothing brands or any other tech brands. Some creators also use this platform for ASMR videos. ASMR videos are the most trending videos on this platform.


Veibae face girl popularity:

Moreover, veibae face Girl is famous on many social media platforms as well as on entertainment podiums. Veibae face girl has approximately one million subscribers on Twitch. More than five lakh Followers on Twitter. Also, she has around about seven lakh subscribers on YouTube.


Twitch App:

She is the most popular gamer and live streamer on Twitch. She joined Twitch on July 25, 2015. When she was just 18 years old girl. Now she has one million subscribers on Twitch. Her Twitch username is ‘Veibae face’.

Veibae face girl became popular between 2020 and 2022. She also has a verified account on Veibae Face. A verified account means that her Twitch handle is one of the most popular handles available on Twitch. She came there for streaming almost daily and sometimes for weeks. She has also gained a lot of attention towards her.

Whenever she comes live, in no time her viewers go from hundreds to several thousand. On April 10, 2022, Veibae face girl had the most viewers which were more than thirty-three thousand. On random days, her viewers range from ten thousand to twenty thousand.

Their number is increasing day by day. Twitch is known as the video streaming platform with running commentary. Anything can be shared by the creator. It can be anything related to gaming, cooking, or any other thing. Twitch also has an option of live messaging while streaming video.


Veibae face on Twitter:

Veibae face girl is also the most popular on Twitter. Her Twitter account has five lakh Followers. Her account is the most anime and aesthetic account. Veibae Face has a verified Twitter handle too. Her Twitter account was made in September 2016. She uses two hashtags for her Twitter fans. One is the #Veibae face.

Anyone can use this hashtag to show anime work or other art to her. As she loves talking to her fans and seeing their work. Also, another hashtag #vei34 can be used if anyone wants to show her art but if the content is made as open as that of 18+ content. She has a whole community on Twitter.

Whatever her fans tweet for her, she retweets it. And also talk to them in different GCs. Her fan pages are everywhere on every social media app. She runs Twitter spaces too. Which is a direct conversation method between her and her fans. Veibae face girl has used her avatar face on her profile picture. Which is termed as Veibae face itself.


Mature content:

It is often noticed that her content is quite mature which is not suitable for viewers who are below the age of eighteen. This adult content has been banned in many places. Such as her YouTube channel is restricted and was temporarily banned because of adult content. Her Twitch account was also banned because of this.

But later on, the account was left unbanned. Along with the adult content, her content contains beer and other drinks which are restricted for viewers who are under eighteen years. She has received some notices from YouTube to not violate their rules. The models she shows on her profile has a vulgar dress that is not liked by many of her subscribers.


About Veibae face:

Veibae face calls herself a champion. Her bio says that she thinks she is a champion as well as a magician. And she believes that a lot. Her username is very unique it is her own name and does not include any numbers or symbols.

She made her 3D debut first and 2D debut later on. Her 3D debut was on April 12, 2020, while she made her 2D debut on April 9, 2022. Veibae Face is very popular on social media and Veibae face girl has hundreds of fan pages on every social media platform.



Her fans love her so much. They consider her their idol. But most frequently people have complained that she bullies them in her live chat. And people get irritated by this. They also claim that she is drunk many times during her live streams. And when she interacts with them, Veibae face the girl and answers rudely.

Many subscribers have stopped watching her because of this but many more people love her for the amazing content and the graphics she creates. They also blame her that her avatar character holding beer which is unethical.



She is also very active on Discord. Discord is a social app that is very popular nowadays among people. Discord is used for connection with your friends and family via voice calls, video calls, and messaging. It can also be used for making groups. She has made her community over there and people are attached to her. Her discord family is most commonly known as “Vei’s Liar”


Polish Ancestry:

Her father is an English Man. While her mother belongs to Poland. Poland is the most famous country in Europe. Her mother speaks the Polish Language very well. Hence, she can also speak Polish.

During her live streams, she speaks Polish sometimes. Due to her connection to Poland, Polish people love her on her live streams and they are full of affection.


Veibae Face reveals:

Once she tweeted on Twitter, and the post contained a picture of a girl. Many people thought that it was her. While others disagree. She has not confirmed it yet. That either it’s her picture or not. A similar girl has been seen many times by people and they have seen many other pictures.

But she neither says yes or neither denies this fact. She once accepted that she is a very camera-shy person and she believes that she is more comfortable when she hides her identity as well as her face. This is one of the main reasons why you prefer being a V-tuber.


Relations with other V-tubers:

She is the most carefree, independent, and daring girl. Her personality attracts a lot of people towards her. This is one of the main reasons why she has a huge fan base.

Veibae face girl has many good friends who also belong to her respective field. She has many good terms with National as well as International V-tubers. Also, she is the most well-known V-tuber in Japan.

So many Japanese V-tubers have promoted Veibae face girl in their live streams. On May 3, one of the most famous V-tubers names Shinji promoted her. After that, she gained more popularity than ever.


Veibae Face Avatar Character:

The avatar character she used is the center of attraction to her fans. The character displayed in her video has transformed into a pink jumpsuit outfit girl. Whereas, after that, she made it like a Japanese school girl. Veibae face girl also transformed in 2D wearing the black-white costume.

The character has pair of horns which are sometimes pink and sometimes black. Her hairs are long and white colored. The eyes are blue which is considered the most beautiful eye color in the world. A pointed ear makes the character look more solid. She once told that her favorite anime character is ‘Anuhana’.


Her life before YouTube:

Veibae Face Girl was connected to social media even before she became the V-tuber. She was interested in many games. Furthermore, she used to play PUBG. She had played it for many years and still, she likes to play PUBG.

As she has crazy social media anxiety. Therefore, she avoids direct interaction with the camera. She also played League of Legends back then when she was not there on YouTube as a V-tuber. She now has approximately 100 videos on her YouTube channel.


Her journey in her video:

Veibae Face Girl shared her journey in May 2022. On her YouTube channel, she posted a video that reflects how she thinks about her journey. Being a V-tuber, she shared the same character using different software.

In her video, she was going to the house where some policeman told her to protect herself from the rain. Then she saw a beautiful pink butterfly. She tried to stop the butterfly but she couldn’t.

She was bored the whole day. It was raining heavily. She then saw the broadcast on TV telling her that the rain is not stopping and may it cause some serious disasters. She became depressed. Then she went onto the bus but she was still sad. Then she met a character that was unknown to her.

She asked the character who it is. The character told her that it is death. She became disappointed at once. She started sobbing. Then death took her to a different place. She had some powers. And the story ended beautifully.


Veibae Face Growth:

Veibae face girl has grown a lot in the last two years. As she has a huge fan base, it is expected that she will continue to create more beautiful and fun content for her subscribers and her fan base will increase day by day. Every social media platform that she uses his growing family. And she is working more on her content.


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