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4 Types of Sparklers For Your Next Backyard Party

Celebrating with sparklers and other small types of fireworks can be one of the most engaging and wonderful experiences some younger folks can have as they grow up. Although they can be dangerous if given to little kids or handled improperly, sparkles are visually spectacular, appealing, and loads of fun. When you’re having a backyard party and want to dazzle your guests, sparklers can be a fun way to do that. They don’t require an extensive budget, planning, or selection to set up and everyone can benefit from them. So, whether you plan to use them for a holiday celebration or a simple gathering, sparklers can be one of the most fun fireworks to enjoy this year. In this article, we’ll talk about sparklers a little bit and tell you about four different types you can enjoy at your next gathering.


Why Sparklers Are Perfect For Any Celebration

Sparklers are ideal for any celebration, whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a small party, a presentation, or the 4th of July. Part of that is because they’re so visually dazzling. A sparkler can shoot off a bunch of Sparks in several different formations that can provide a visually stunning display. Also, there’s just something fun about shooting Sparks out of the stick.

On the other end of that, sparklers can reach up to 2,000 degrees and can get very hot or dangerous if mishandled. If you handle them safely, whether that means putting them in a receptacle/jar or using gloves, you and your guests can have a lot of fun with them. According to The American Pyro Association, children under the age of 12 should not use sparklers. You should not wear loose-fitting clothing while they use them, always use them outside, and be very careful while handling them. Taking the appropriate precautions will ensure maximum fun and enjoyment of these amazing little fireworks.


Standard Sparklers

When it comes to sparklers, the classics are always a good place to start. Sparklers are classic fireworks that everybody remembers from their childhoods. They’re also something that is easy to use and can create phenomenal effects with very minimal effort. There’s also some tremendously cool science behind them.

Sparklers work by using an oxidizing agent to generate combustion inside the sparkler. What creates the sparks themselves is the metal contained within the sparkler burning. That’s right; it’s just burning metal with colors mixed into it. Pretty cool, right? What makes standard sparklers ideal for any fireworks show is their simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility. Despite the simplicity, they offer an elegant display that can be fun for everyone.


Neon Colors

Everyone loves bright colors. They provide a sense of wonder, they’re fun to look at, and they can add some variety to an otherwise dull or drab show. Neon colors, especially, add a significant vibrance to any presentation. Fireworks can work for any type of sparkler.

They can work with pearl-type sparklers, star-shaped sparklers, waterfall sparklers, and the old standards. They’re also easy to get. Simply go online and buy some awesome sparkler featuring neon colors (or you can always just stick with the classics). Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be in for a treat with some fun fireworks to enjoy your next small gathering.


Waterfall Effects

Traditional sparklers can leave plenty of room for spectacle. But sometimes you want to go a step further and ignite public fascination with a distinct effect. That’s where waterfall effects come in. These are special types of sparklers that mimic the effects of a waterfall fountain. It’s essentially a handheld version of that. You have a multicolored sparkler that gives you a superb, multicolored waterfall, right from your hand. They’re visually spectacular and make for some nice variety in your typical fireworks show.


Strobing Effects

One of the more unique and interesting types of fireworks out there are the ones that have strobing effects. Strobing effects can be a problem for some people, especially those who are epileptic or sensitive to strobing lights, but for others, they can leave an awe-inspiring impression.

Sparklers featuring strobe effects are relatively new to the market, but they can be a fun way to do something a little bit more distinct with your sparklers while obtaining more or less the same effect. Just be sure to follow proper safety precautions and inform anybody in your party that you’ll be using the strobing effect before setting them off.


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