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Carol Collins Explains Channeling Into An Alternate State of Mind To Help Her Clients

Carol Collins, also known as The Pittsburgh Medium, is a consciously-aware light trance channel. Carol’s ability allows her to enter into an altered state. Where her mind becomes quiet and her guides, who use the name The Jeshua Collective, speak through her.

Carol likes to say they borrow her voice. When describing her abilities, Collins says she is “the conduit, the allower, and Jeshua, a collective of nonphysical teachers that borrow her voice and teach what they call The Essential Material.”

Carol teaches both virtual and in-person classes, events, workshops, retreats, private readings, and attunement sessions. She offers semester courses (12 weeks) and mini-courses (2-4 hours). Additionally, she hosts The “I AM Retreat”, an incredible 3-day in-person Quantum Healing retreat coming up in New Orleans and Sedona.

After an end to a long overdue breakup and moving out of her state to seek solitude and start fresh, Carol’s gift as a channeler found her. Carol stated that she “had difficulty adjusting and began reading, praying, and doing everything people do during emotional turmoil.” Her go-to always included journaling, reading emotional balancing techniques, and mindfulness activities.


Carol Collins

During this particular timeframe, she discovered a Facebook group that led her to discover Abraham-Hicks’s video. Within four months into her meditation, her head began to sway left and right a tiny bit and, in a matter of weeks, grew into the big beautiful swirling pattern that would stop just before my meditation timer went off.

Then one day, about nine months into this daily practice, her head stopped to the left instead of the usual center-front position. It paused briefly, and then words began to be spelled in cursive in the air using my nose. This is how Esther Hicks was introduced to Abraham in the 1980s. It was intelligence coming through, and she had a two-way dialog with them.

Carol conveyed that “a channeler is also a medium, but a medium is not a channeler”. She went on to say that “A medium is someone who connects to guides and loved ones. But cannot allow them to communicate directly through trance communication.”

When describing exactly what she sees, Carol said. “I see faces, objects of interest, and images of all kinds, hear voices in a variety of tones, see energy movement which is used in all of Jeshua’s healing events and sessions, feel numerous sensations in my body that identify different Beings in spirit. My “sight” is an internal meaning in the mind’s eye (like an image when you conjure a picture). However, YES, I speak with people and Guides in spirit all the time. I have an instant connection to Beings in spirit, and they always convey messages of upliftment, guidance – emotional, business, relationship, and my to-do list. You name it, they guide my clients on any topic of interest and me.


Channel Sessions

When providing insights on one of her channel sessions. Carol noted that she’s often asked what it is like to receive a channeled reading. She responded with one word, relief.  There is an immense amount of validation accuracy soothing and comfort that comes through in a single session. Her clients are always thankful and walk away with a sense of calm and an action plan in hand to continue on their path or change what they are currently manifesting. (Carol Collins)

She explained how ”Channeled readings are two-way conversations you are having with Source. Jeshua answers your questions with pinpointed accuracy. Guidance flows through me in a clear, direct, and accurate way. I want all my clients to receive the direction they are looking for, and Jeshua always knows how to satisfy that need. They are Source Beings. They are Infinite Intelligence, and they do know all.”

Implementing this method into her everyday life has completely transformed itself. Carol lives differently, eats, thinks, is interested in different things, and is emotionally different – all in a healthy upward way. She is happy and surrounded by not only loving beings in the nonphysical universe but also has so many like-minded people who reach out to me and are thankful for their teachings.

For more information on Carol, more information can be found below or on her website:


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