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5 Reasons You Should Visit Skipton

Skipton Castle: Looking for somewhere new to visit this year? It is hard to choose places to visit when there are so many incredible places all over the UK. But one place that should be on your list and somewhere often overlooked is Skipton. Found 27 miles northwest of Leeds and on the edge of the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park, there is plenty to keep you busy here and it is a good place for holidays in static caravans. So, what else does the charming market town of Skipton have to offer?

  1. Skipton Castle

Skipton Castles adds a huge amount of character and history to the town and is one of the best-preserved castles in all of the UK. Looming over the high street, Skipton Castle is a must-visit as it is an amazing experience exploring the castle. There is a fascinating history to discover on a self-guided tour.

  1. Skipton Market

As mentioned, Skipton is a market town, and this outdoor market is the beating heart of the town. There is a lively atmosphere, and it is unique in that there are no fixed stalls instead traders have to get there as early as they can. This also means that you get all kinds of different stalls to check out with food and drink, clothes, jewelry, art, and plants all for sale.

  1. Local Craft Beer

After a busy day of exploring the castle and market. There is nothing better than enjoying a nice cold beer, and you are spoilt for choice for local craft beer in Skipton. There are dozens of cozy pubs, cool microbreweries, and bottle shops to check out selling all kinds of different craft beers and other tasty alcoholic beverages.

  1. Boat Trip on the Canal

The town of Skipton is split by the beautiful Leeds-Liverpool Canal. A quintessential Skipton experience is a soothing boat trip along the canal taking you through the town. And showing you the mesmerizing Yorkshire countryside. There are companies that arrange guided tours, fine-dining cruises, and even whiskey-tasting boat trips to enjoy.

  1. Skipton Castle Woods

During your trip to the castle. You will also want to make sure that you explore the woods in the valley right next to the castle. There are three mapped routes to take that will take you through the picturesque woods. Be sure to keep an eye out for herons and kingfishers!

These are a few of the best things that you can do on a trip to Skipton. Skipton is a special market town with a huge amount to offer visitors. Plus you are right on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales boasting some of the finest countryside in all of England. And not too far from Leeds if you fancy a trip to a bustling major city.


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