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3 Person Yoga Benefits and the Basic Techniques

Introduction and Background of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient science combining diverse mind and body disciplines. Yoga was invented Five-Thousand years ago in India. And still considered adequate for mental and body health. Regular Yoga develops Body control, strength building, and flexibility. All traits are crucial for a healthy life. Yoga can be done with 1, 2, or even 3 person. Yoga is a word created after the Sanskrit verb Yuja. The meaning of Yoga is to develop a connection with the climate or get the better of it. It is the practice of getting to the height of the mind and body by ignoring busy regular life. In yoga language, it is the zenith of universal spirit and soul. same for Ying and yang. Yoga has various structures linking to each other like pieces of the same picture.

  • Hatha yoga
  • Raja yoga
  • Karma yoga
  • Bhakti yoga
  • Tantra yoga
  • Jnana yoga

Yoga trends

The increasing popularity of Yoga has developed an interest in people worldwide. Yet questions arise which yoga type is best or how to do it? Yoga has divided into three stages: beginner, moderate, and complex. A person aiming to start Yoga can start with simple steps as a beginner. Yoga can be difficult and boring to do for a single person when starting from the very first time. Engaging with other people with 1 or 3 person Yoga can make you feel great. If a person is daily doing Yoga can achieve beautiful results.

There are techniques and requirements needed to achieve the results. Starting from the hard level or difficult position can turn into severe damage or injury, particularly knee pain. Yoga involves the entire body and mind. That is why Experts suggest a careful and attentive approach while doing it. A person can perform some safe positions with a group of three for Yoga. Yoga can be enjoyable if practiced with 1 or 2 persons; it will boost the results. Because the involvement of one or more persons increases creativity and satisfaction.

Acro Yoga / 3 Person Yoga

If gymnastics, acrobats, and Yoga are put together, the result will be Acro Yoga. It has different names, 3 person yoga, and trio yoga. It is remarkably interesting whether you are doing it with friends or family members. Trio Yoga which is 3 person Yoga. Yoga is safe to do when you gain flexibility with the help of a simple yoga routine. For Acro, a yoga person must get training for it. Yoga has developed over the years. As yoga is no longer just limited to the mat only. Adding one or 3 person and doing acrobats turned it into a fun challenge. This has become a fantastic way to starching and fun exercise routine.

Social health and positivity increase when people do such healthy things. 3 person Yoga is more popular among health-conscious people and especially cheerleaders. It brings laughter and peaceful and relaxed feelings altogether. Also, it strengthens the bonding and connection among friends. Adding photoshoots is a dash of more fun as it brings lovely memories together in the shape of a photo album. Here in this article, you will find unique poses which you can do with friends or family.

There are three main positions of Acro yoga:





The partner should lay down on the ground with his back fully contacted. Now he should lift the others. For the base, the strongest partner should perform this part.


The second partner lifts off from the ground by the base partner. While performing as a flyer person reaches core strength, 2balance, and confidence. For beginners, it is safe to involve a child as a flyer. It will be fun and easy for the base partner to lift.


As its title, this partner performs as a helper to land the flyer safely in an unstable situation.

Acro yoga Benefits:

Acro Yoga is beneficial in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Research revealed that the increased mortality rate is due to unhealthy eating habits and an inactive lifestyle. The only solution to these problems is an active lifestyle and routine that decreases hypertension and anxiety in life. More than 30% of the world’s population lives an inactive lifestyle.

Diversity in physical activity has become a hot topic. People easily get bored from the same ordinary exercises, or very few manage to meet the physical activity requirement criteria. Acro Yoga provides engagement with interest when three persons are involved in one activity. Acro yoga is effective in controlling blood pressure and supporting a healthy life. Due to more than one participant, it has become the most desirable and trending Exercise.

Before digging into the detail of 3 person yoga Poses, here are mandatory precautions.

3 Person Yoga: Precautions:

Below mentioned basic precautions are compulsory in yoga practice.

  1. If there is a medical condition, consult a doctor before starting Yoga.
  2. People with asthma have breathing problems and avoid holding their breath for prolonged periods.
  3. Yoga requires a proper manner; the wrong posture can result in severe injury.
  4. Do Not start Yoga without the instructor’s guidance.
  5. Yoga itself is a complete exercise. Thus, there is no need to do other heavy activities like jogging, running, or heavy weightlifting right after doing it. Take a break for at least two hours for different exercises.
  6. Heart or blood pressure patients must take guidelines before starting it. Also, avoid doing it alone. Has different postures for different health issues.
  7. Always perform with the yoga sequence as it has benefits. Avoid shuffling.
  8. Avoid Noisy places and try to do Yoga in peaceful quiet areas close to nature.
  9. An empty stomach and morning time are beneficial for Yoga. 4 hours meal gap is necessary before doing it.
  10. Avoid processed food and junk food; detox your body as much as possible.
  11. Do not skip fibers.
  12. Increase water intake and avoid fizzy drinks and sugars.
  13. Remove accessories wear comfortable clothes, and2 avoid any distortion or disturbance.
  14. Avoid slippery surfaces; use a mat and a flat surface.
  15. Avoid alcohol.
  16. Read and carefully follow instructors’ instructions. Perform slowly; do not rush.
  17. Do not exceed your ability; Furthermore, do as comfortably as you can. Take interval rests.
  18. Stop do not push hard if you feel pain.
  19. Start with basic yoga and gain flexibility for 3 Person Yoga Poses.

3 person Yoga

3 person Yoga needs fun, collaboration, trust, presence, and approval. These Five values bring positivity and well-being among the members. All exercises in 3-person Yoga are designed to achieve Balance. For this purpose, all the values mentioned above are mandatory (Castell’s ague, t’Felt, Hartog & Hylton 2019). Trio Yoga is a physical activity based on balancing each other and attentiveness. Reading body language by looking into a partner’s Eye is the key to success in this yoga type. According to the ancient readings, the Eye is the gate to the soul; therefore, a healthy connection develops by looking into the partner’s Eye.

3 Person Yoga Poses

Back-to-Back Lotus

Start with sitting in a circle, then attach

back-to-back and take deep breaths. Try to feel the balance and connectivity

with others. Touch will help to get into a comfortable zone. This pose will

help in increasing trust, Thoughtfulness, and bonding.

Triple Forward Fold

In this pose, all partners function as bases.

Triple Forward Fold is safe for 3 person yoga beginners. The pose technique is to sit in a circle of three, extend your legs toward the

center and touch your feet. While feeling feet, inhale and while moving back,


Ballet Pose (3 Person Yoga)

Ballet poses benefits in deep stretching. The

Base partners should be strong and firmly standing in a ballet position to lift

the Flyer in a ballet pose. This pose requires two Bases and one Flyer.

Technique: One base partner stands in a warier style and left knee bending.

The second base partner should align the right toe with the left toe of the first base partner in the same warier pose. The third flyer partner steps on the thigh of the base and puts their other leg on the shoulder of the second base partner using their hands. Then take help to place the other leg on the shoulder and take a split position. Take a deep breath, keep your balance, adjust

if needed, and leave the position.

3 Person Yoga Warrior Pose

Three partners align in a tringle position and face each other. The ideal distance is arm’s length. Move forward in a lunge with the front knee Stack over the front ankle. Raise the heel of the back leg from the mat. Make parallel hips and chest, then lift arms. Take the prayer position of hands, close them to the chest, and bend forward to lift the leg from the ground. Set gaze down

onto the floor. All yogis stretch

their arms into the center facing the middle point, by touching each other’s

hands. All yogis must contact in the middle. Repeat the posture if you do not achieve it.

Each participant must support the “T” shape. Take 5 to 6 breaths and repeat the position

with other legs.

Tower Pose

The tower pose is another challenging and fun pose in 3 person yoga. This pose is extremely fun to do yet challenging for beginners. Two partners act as a base; they should be strong enough to lift the Flyer. In this position, the yogi’s shoulder muscle and hamstring muscles get stretched. To yogis, get down in a Dog position and one Flyer on top of them in the same pose. The technique of this pose is two Yogi getting down in dog position facing each other, hands on the ground and head should be near to the ground yet a few inches away.

Breathe deeply and ensure both base yogis firmly take the position and are ready to lift the Flyer. Now the Yogi places his hands on the back of the base yogi and lifts his legs on the top of the base yogi. After this flyer yogi adjusts his feet on the shoulder of the other base yogi and takes a dog pose, the result will be pyramid shaped pose.

Flying Mountain Pose

This pose is exciting and daring. For this pose base, the Yogi must be strong and has practice and great arm strength because the hamstring muscles will be involved while lifting two flyers at 90° point. The Flyers will have to raise their weight and, at the same time, balance. The flyers will not be touching each other this result in a challenge.

Technique: Base Yogi will lie on the floor with back contact and bend their knees. One Flyer will stand on the foot’s side of the base yogi; then the base yogi will place his feet on the sit bones and lift the Flyer by slowly pressing his feet up. Once the Flyer takes position safely, the other Flyer will step into the arms of the base. The base will extend arms and legs fully and fully focused on Flyer while lifting and holding them up in a mountain position. Safety precautions are necessary, and the instructor should be present while practicing this pose.

Flying Plank

Flying plank is a moderate version of the 3 person yoga plank pose. One Yogi lies down on the floor with his back contact in this pose. Then he places his legs on the seating area of the flyer yogi and presses his feet gently to lift the Flyer. The 3rd Yogi stands there as a helper to keep the balance.

There is another way to perform this pose. Two Yogis lay down as a base and lift their legs, and the third Yogi serves as a flyer. The first base yogi places his feet at the back of the Flyer and supports his back to allow him to lift his legs and put them on the second base yogi’s feet.

Plank Pose (3 Person Yoga)

Plank pose requires practice and stamina; all participants must have experience and the strength to lift each other. Yogis must exhale and inhale multiple times before starting the plank pose. The plank pose looks simple yet requires extra stamina and strength.

Technique: The strongest person should perform base yogi because he will be holding up other flyer yogis. The 2nd Yogi will stand against the first base yogi’s feet. Then Hold the base yogi’s ankle and place his feet and toes on the shoulder of the base yogi. After making the block, the 3rd Flyer yogi will hold the ankle of the 2nd Flyer yogi and will slowly place his feet and toes on the second Yogi’s shoulder. A three person yoga plank pose requires great balance and strength.

Practice and the instructor’s help are crucial. The top Flyer should perform with extra care while releasing the pose. Avoid jumping off the block because this can cause injury to all.


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