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Get Active and Healthy With 3 Person Yoga Poses

Are you looking for a way to get more active and healthy? Consider adding yoga to your routine! Yoga is a great form of exercise that can help lower levels of stress. In this article, we will explore 3 person yoga poses so grab some friends and try them out today!

A little about yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice consisting of physical postures and mental exercises. Yoga has been shown to help lower levels of stress, improve flexibility, increase energy levels, and help people sleep better.

Benefits of 3 Person Yoga Poses

There are many benefits to doing 3 person yoga poses. The most obvious benefit is that it’s fun to do with friends! Additionally, you get all of the awesome physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga.

Finally, these types of yoga poses also work out different parts of your body so by doing them together, you will get more out of your yoga practice.

Tip for 3 Person Yoga Poses

Start out slow. If you are new to yoga, it is recommended that you start with beginner poses. This way, your body will have time to ease into the practice and you can avoid hurting yourself or getting too sore!

What not to do in 3 Person Yoga Poses

Don’t push yourself too hard. Yoga isn’t about competition or trying to be perfect. So please don’t strain yourself. It’s better to go slowly and have a relaxed posture than push yourself too much and risk injuring yourself!

Here are easy 3 Person Yoga Poses to try out:

Staff pose (stretch)

Facing your partner with one arm extended toward them, stretch across their body as far as you can reach. They should do the same thing on the opposite side! Hold this pose for about 30 seconds before switching sides.

Boxing pose (kickback)

Stand facing each other with fists drawn in front of your face like you are boxing. Your partner will tap your fists 3 times before retreating to about 3 feet away from you. Quickly move towards them and try to tag their back!

Repeat the sequence 3 times before switching positions.

Crisscross pose (recoil)

Sitting on your yoga mat and facing your partner, grab their hands and pull them across your body as far as they can go. Their hand should end up about waist height with you.

They will then take their arms back and recoil to that same spot where they started. You should do the same thing on the opposite side! Hold this pose for 30 seconds before switching sides.

The warrior 3 Person Yoga Poses

The warrior pose is great for boosting your energy levels! This pose requires you to stand up straight with your feet wide apart. Your left foot should be about 3-4′ to the side of your right foot.

Lift your arms over your head until they are parallel to the ground then lower them down until they are by your sides, or palms can face down on either side of your thighs. Repeat this process on the other side. Hold this part for 30 seconds each before switching sides.

3 Person Yoga Poses

The tree pose will help improve flexibility in one leg at a time! Stand behind someone and place their hands on their hips. Their legs should be spread so that one foot is pressed against yours.

The person in the back will then lift their opposite leg up and press it against your standing leg. They should hold this pose for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Supported Bridge

The supported bridge pose is great for opening up the chest and hips! Have your partner lie on their back with their feet flat on the ground and shoulder-width apart. Place a yoga block or pillow between their legs (right against their groin).

Now, carefully place yourself on top of them so that your knees are bent, your chest is open, and your hands are resting on your shoulders. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before reversing the process.

The Plank Press

The plank press with 3 people is a great way to finish your yoga practice! Position yourselves in a plank position with shoulders directly over wrists, legs extended, and abs drawn in. Have your partner stand behind you and place their hands on your hips. They should also be pressing down firmly into your hips.

From here, perform a push-up. Your partner will support you by pushing you up on your hips. Push yourself back to the plank position and repeat this process 3 times!

The Ballet Pose

The ballet pose with 3 people is great for your balance! Make sure everyone has a yoga mat and place them all in a straight line. Have one person sit at the end of their mat and stretch their legs out in front of them with their toes pointing towards the other two people standing above them.

The second person should then stand on top of their partner’s feet and the third person should stand on top of their partner’s head. Balancing in this position should be easy with a little practice! Hold this pose for 30 seconds before reversing the process.

The Dog Pyramid Pose

It is great for your core! Sit with your yoga mat in front of you and have one person lay on their back with legs outstretched. Have the second person sit down so that they are laying back on top of their partner, but facing away from them.

They should be lying on top of the first person’s stomach area (the second person’s legs will be dangling off the side). The third person then sits on top of their partner’s stomach area with their legs facing forward.

This pose requires a lot of balance, so if you feel unsteady at any point just correct yourself! Hold this pose for 30 seconds before reversing the process.

Recommendation for Three Person Yoga Poses

Given Input, 3 Person Yoga Poses are a great way to get more active by exercising with friends! Remember to hold each of these poses for about 30 seconds before swapping sides with your partner.


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