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A Quick Guide To Preparing For Moving In With Your Partner

Moving In With Your Partner: Are you moving in with a loved one? If you are, this quick guide can help you to prepare, with lots of information, tips, and tricks.

Moving in with a partner is exciting, but it comes with its challenges too. Those challenges can make this already stressful life event even more stressful, which isn’t what you want during such an important moment.

To help you iron out the creases and move in with your partner as seamlessly as possible, we have some handy tips that can help. Here’s our quick guide to preparing for moving in with your partner:

What To Consider When You Move In With A Partner

When you move in with a partner it may be you moving in with them, them moving in with you, or you both moving in together into a new place. All have their own challenges and so, we’re going to look at each scenario separately:

Moving In With Your Partner

Here are tips and tricks for when you move in with a partner:

Decorate First

When you move in with a partner you have to accept that they will already have their own stamp on the decor. Before you move in it can make sense for you to both decorate the place together so that it feels somewhat new, ready for this next step.

Have Allocated Space Before You Move In

By knowing how much space you have to work with you can better plan to organize your stuff before you move in. Ideally, you will have half of all the living space but if you can decide that between you both as a team. You can come to an agreement about what is fair and reasonable without anybody feeling they are losing out.


It is so important that you declutter your things before you pack to move house. You don’t want to be taking tons of stuff with you that you don’t even need. It could also give you some extra money to use together to fix up your place.

Moving In With Your Partner

Here are tips and tricks for when your partner is moving in with you:


It is such a good idea for you to declutter so that you can create more space for your partner, and for things, you will buy together. It is also a good time to lose items that may be from a past relationship that you haven’t gotten around to getting rid of yet.

Consider Affordable Self Storage

Affordable self storage can be really handy when your partner is moving in – especially if it is within a short timescale. It enables you to put away seasonal clothing, hobby items, and unused furniture until such a time when you can either make room for it again at home or when you might want to sell it. Alternatively, it could be a useful space for you both to use for seasonal items and extra space in general. Who doesn’t need an extra room worth of space these days?

 Be Ready To Compromise

It can be really hard to have somebody in the space you are used to having to yourself. Of course, you’re both ready for this which is why it is happening. But there are always a few growing pains come move-in day. If you can be ready to compromise for the greater good and ensure that your partner feels you live ‘together’ and they are not just a guest in your space, harmony is much more likely.

You Are Moving In Together

Here are tips and tricks for when you are moving in together with a partner:

Accept ‘Bite’ Points

As much as you get on as a team, moving house can bring out the worst in people and there may be areas of the move that simply cause arguments, no matter what. What you can do is recognize and acknowledge those bite points so that you don’t keep butting heads. For example – you keep arguing because he hates cleaning and you feel the onus is on you to do it all to ready your new place. What if you do the cleaning but a chore you hate, like putting together the furniture, is his job? It’s OK not to be 100% Disney on all aspects of moving house.

Use Affordable Self Storage

Affordable self storage is especially handy for young couples who are renting whilst they save for a home. Even the cheapest self storage can help you to live in a smaller home, ensuring you can save more money without having to compromise on how many things you own.

Self storage is also handy whilst you decorate and renovate your new place. Particularly if extensive renovations are taking place and you want to protect your things from dust and debris.

Utilize Both Families

One of the biggest gifts of moving in together as a couple is the fact you have two families’ worth of manpower, vehicles, and support to get the job done. This means you can probably save a lot of money on moving vans, moving people, and packing costs too. Just be sure to have plenty of biscuits and snacks available to keep everybody refreshed throughout the day.

Build On Style

If you have never lived with your partner before, a style that suits you both will take time. Don’t expect an Insta-worthy first home! Instead, keep it basic and affordable, and then work together to slowly accumulate items that you both love and value.

It’s Memory-Making Time!

Whether you move in with your partner, into theirs, yours, or somewhere new, the fact is that this is a magical time for you both. You’ll look back on this in years to come as the start of a new chapter. So, hopefully, with the practical tips above and plenty of humor. You can both start to make memories in this next stage soon enough.


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