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What to Gift Guests on a Baby Shower?

With a baby shower, you have the chance to give a gift that will be used for years to come. It can be difficult to narrow down what would be the best baby shower gift ideas for guests, but they’ve made it easy! As per a party supply expert Party City, “Stock up on all the party favors everyone wants to find in their goodie bags.” Here are some of the baby shower favors to give as gifts at a baby shower:


Scented candles (Baby Shower)

Scented candles are a great idea for a baby shower gift, as they can be found in many different scents and sizes and make the perfect hostess or thank-you gift! Try one of these candles if you’re looking for something that smells like springtime or summer.

If you’re looking for some more traditional options try these:

  • Candles are found in many different scents. A few examples include vanilla and lavender. If someone on your list loves these scents but has allergies, soy-based options are also available! Soy is hypoallergenic, so people who suffer from allergies won’t need to worry about getting sick from burning it in their house.
  • Many sizes are available, too, depending on how many guests will attend each party. Some companies even sell sets with multiple colors, so you don’t have to choose just one!


Personalized Champagne Flutes

Personalized champagne flutes are a great gift idea. You can choose to have the baby’s name engraved on them, their birth date or weight, or even the time of their birth. This allows guests to remember that special day and how they were involved in it. Plus, they’ll be able to use these personalized champagne flutes again when they celebrate other special occasions in the future!


Coffee Mugs

The best gifts for guests at a baby shower are ones that can be used again and again, and coffee mugs are definitely among the most popular choices. They’re great for hot beverages such as coffee and tea. But they can also be used to serve cold drinks like lemonade, smoothies, or iced tea. Plus, you can customize them with the baby’s name. So they’ll always be on display when you use your favorite mug!


Ring Dishes (Baby Shower)

A ring dish is a great gift for guests at a baby shower. It can be personalized with the baby’s name and/or the couple’s initials. These dishes are also great for holding other jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces. They are a great way to display jewelry in your home instead of jamming it into a box!

You can also use them as an engagement ring holder! If you have received an engagement ring. You may want to display it with pride in its own special place until you are ready to put it on your finger permanently and make that commitment official!

If you are looking for some unusual baby shower gifts, then you must have found these suggestions helpful. The important thing to remember is that your gift should be personal and unique to the person who is celebrating their baby’s arrival.


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