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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Birthday Flowers by Birth Month

Flower gifts are perfect for loved ones on special occasions or events, especially birthdays. No birthday gift can signify deep love and kindness to your loved one, like a lovely bouquet or arrangement of fresh flowers.

In case you didn’t know, giving floral gifts for birthdays comes with its own unwritten rules. For instance, did you know that each month has a corresponding flower with a particular symbolic attachment?

Your floral gift will make more sense to a loved one if it comprises a beautiful bouquet or arrangement of their birth month flowers. So, what are the best flowers to send for a birthday occasion of a loved one, keeping their month of birth in mind? Here is the ultimate guide to help you choose the correct birthday flowers by month for your loved ones.

Carnation for January Birthday Flowers

The elegant carnation signifies love, admiration, and appreciation. It is a perfect floral gift for a loved one whose birthday falls in January. Also commonly referred to as Sweet William or Dianthus, carnations are always a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. Their ruffled blooms offer a uniquely pleasant look. Besides, this fantastic flower comes in various delightful colors, giving you more options for a decent flower bouquet gift.

Primrose for February

Primrose is the perfect birth flower gift for people born in February. The enticingly yellow flower is a symbol of youthfulness and dedication. Primroses always add a touch of color to any flower arrangement prepared as a gift. Remember to add a bunch of primroses to the bouquet you will send your loved one on their next birthday.

Daffodil for March Birthday Flowers

Given that March marks the onset of spring in some parts of the world, it is easily understandable why the Daffodil is an ideal birthday flower for the month. Daffodils, which represent new beginnings, are perennials that bloom at the beginning of spring. Their bright yellow color effortlessly radiates happiness and joy as a birthday gift.

Daisy for April Birthday Flowers

The charming daisy represents cheerfulness and optimism. It is the ideal birth flower for people who were born in April. An arrangement or bouquet of daisies comes with a playful touch, making it a perfect birthday gift for a loved one. Daisies are some of the most popular flowers in existence today.

Lily of the Valley for May Birthday Flowers

Lily of Valley is another flower that blooms charmingly during spring, making it a suitable birth flower for people born in May. The stunning and sweetly scented flower signifies joy and inner peace. Its petite white blooms are also a symbol of sweetness. Due to its gracefulness and pure white color, the lily of the valley is one of the most preferred flowers for a birthday or bridal bouquet.

Roses for June Birthday Flowers

Roses are known to be the most prevalent flowers of all time. They also happen to be the preferred flowers for June birthdays. Each color of the rose has its unique symbolism. The rose is a timeless gem that Signifies beauty, honor, and passion. It has been a symbol of love and romance for centuries now. A bouquet of a dozen red roses would be an unforgettable birthday gift to someone special.

Delphinium for July

Delphinium is the preferred birthday flower for July kids. Its long and spiky features allow it to command attention easily. The lovely flower signifies charm and goodwill. If you want to spread positivity, send a bouquet of beautiful delphiniums to a loved one on their birthday.

Poppy For August Birthday Flowers

For people born in August, the poppy is your birth flower. Poppies are gentle flowers that exude a fanciful feel. They symbolize success and extravagance. When wishing someone special a happy birthday, you can throw in a bunch of poppies in the flower arrangement gift to signify that you want them to succeed and prosper.

Aster For September Birthday Flowers

The beautiful aster happens to be the birth flower for people who were born in September. The elegance of this flower might blow your mind off, especially when arranged as a bouquet. Aster is the embodiment of bravery and patience. The flower blooms throughout the year, making it a favorite gift to many.

Marigold for October

Famous for its cheerful, golden blooms and appealing fragrance, the marigold is the birth flower for October kids. This flower symbolizes warmth and creativity. Most people born in October tend to share the same warm and creative characteristics. The similarity makes a bouquet of marigolds a perfect birthday gift for the October kids.

Chrysanthemum For November Birthday Flowers

If you were born in November, Chrysanthemum is your birth flower. The flower is fondly referred to as mum. The chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, health, and longevity. Due to its availability in a wide range of colors, the flower presents an opportunity for perfect flower arrangements as a birthday gift.

Holly and Poinsettia for December Birthday Flowers

Given that they are almost synonymous with the December festive season, Holly and poinsettia are naturally the birth flowers for people born in December. The beautiful flowers symbolize faithfulness and good fortune. They can be a perfect decoration or gift on a birthday occasion for a loved one.

Are you looking forward to celebrating a close friend or family member’s birthday? If so, then you now know which flowers to choose. Flowers use a universal language of beauty and love, which speaks right into our hearts. They are awesome, especially when given as a gift. It is even more fascinating when the flowers’ symbolic meaning perfectly matches the celebrated occasion.

This might explain why they are widely accepted globally as decorations and gifts during special occasions. With the above guide showing various birth flowers for each month and what they symbolize, you can easily pick the perfect floral gift for a loved one and give them a pleasant surprise on their birthday.


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