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High THC Products from Hemp Flowers and Leaves

High THC Products: You don’t have to use a bong or a vape to enjoy the cannabis’s uplifting, awakening, or calming effects. First, let’s talk about THC and its legal use. There are various forms of THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, including Delta-9 THC.

But is Delta-9 legal federally? It’s important to note that the legality of THC and cannabis vary by jurisdiction. At the federal level in the United States, marijuana, which contains Delta-9 THC of more than 0.3%, remains illegal. However, several states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. Resourceful cannabis connoisseurs have already devised hundreds of ways to consume cannabis inflorescences and leaves. What culinary masterpieces have not come out of the hands of growers?

They include classic muffins or cookies, chocolates, scones, butter for sandwiches, and even soups or sauces. Wherever you add THC-rich extract or oil, the effect will be the same. The cannabinoids still enter the bloodstream as well and then affect the receptors in the brain. The main condition here is the fat content of the dish because the THC and other active substances of marijuana are dissolved in fat.

Let’s look at some original recipes based on cannabis inflorescences or leaves.

Honey with Cannabis (High THC Products)

In 2016, the Canna World broke the news that an enterprising beekeeper and part-time cannabis connoisseur had managed to obtain it at an online Canadian dispensary. According to the beekeeper, the amount of THC in 10 grams of cannabis honey is 30 mg, and to experience the effects of marijuana, you need to eat 2-3 teaspoons of this unique product. No official studies on the composition of honey have been conducted, so confirming or denying this theory is still impossible.

The main feature of this honey, of course, is its psychoactive effect. How could it be achieved? After all, marijuana pollen itself does not contain cannabinoids, and the resin of flowering cannabis is not nectar, and bees are not interested. Except that the grower assures that somehow he taught his bees to collect the resin secreted by female cannabis plants. This is the main source of the active substances in marijuana. Such a product has all the advantages of ordinary honey, but it also lifts your mood and provides pleasant bodily relaxation.


The benefits of cannabis tea

The first mentions of buy shatter online Canada leaf tea date back to the first millennium AD. The inhabitants of India actively experimented with the preparation of various decoctions and teas based on herbs. Such a product normalized blood pressure eliminated nausea, calmed the nervous system, and had anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects.

High THC Products: Often growers are faced with the problem of what to do with the hemp leaves cut in the process of thinning the plantation. So, hemp tea is one of the possible uses for them. In the classic method of brewing the leaves, you should not expect any psychoactive effect. Even if you take not the leaves but the powerful inflorescences with a high THC content for this purpose, the result will still be an ordinary herbal tea with some therapeutic properties.

This is because cannabinoids dissolve in fat, not water, and cannabis has to go through a decarboxylation step to achieve a pronounced mind-altering effect. If you want to achieve the marijuana effect of herbal tea, you must use canna oil, milk, or cream in the process. You can read a more detailed recipe in the article on cannabis tea.

When using such products, keep in mind that the effects come much later than with the usual inhalation of marijuana smoke. But at the same time, the duration of the impact stretches for 6-12 hours or more. We do not recommend eating cannabis before important events or the day before going to public institutions.


Hemp Tincture (High THC Products)

If the grower is an opponent of inhaling any smoke. You can get the full range of sensations from marijuana with cannabis tincture. Such a vial will not attract attention, will easily fit in a backpack or even in a pocket, and the effect will be even more substantial than the classic way of using it through a vape or bong.

Depending on the base, tinctures can be divided into alcohol, fat, and glycerin. In the latter version, the strength of the effect will be somewhat less, but they are much healthier. Glycerin should be chosen for vegetables, which can be used for ingestion. It mixes well with water and other liquids. So you will have no problem using it to make drinks with hemp tincture.

Fatty cannabis tinctures are prepared based on oil, in which the molecules of THC dissolve perfectly. You can choose any oil for this purpose. But the one that does not have any pungent flavor, such as coconut oil, is the best. This kind of tincture is not recommended to add to drinks. As some of it will simply remain on the walls of the glass.

Alcohol tinctures are a classic. Alcohol and alcohol-containing drinks. Rum, gin, whiskey, etc., are excellent solvents and perfectly extract the active compounds from almost any plant material.

In all cases, the preparation of cannabis tinctures follows the same scheme. Decarboxylated cannabis buds and young leaves are poured into an opaque glass container and poured with liquid. The container is then covered and left to infuse in a dark place for 1 to 3 months. After that, the mixture is filtered through gauze and stored in the fridge.


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