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What is Kitsûe? Most Important Facts you should know About Kitsûe.

Kitsûe is a Japanese term meaning “kitchen knife.” It is the type of knife that is used in the kitchens of Japan. These knives have been used in Japan for centuries and are still popular in most Japanese kitchens. Rice cakes have been the most popular part of Japan around for centuries. These cakes are traditionally called kitsûe in Japan and have a unique taste and texture which is distinctly Japanese. People eat them as a snack or dessert, but they can also be used as an important ingredient in other dishes to add flavor.

This short guide provides complete information about kitsûe that you need to know. Here we tell you, what is kitsue? Most Important facts you should know about kitsûe. Kitsûe is a homophone, a Japanese loanword from the Chinese character. The first character of Kitsûe means “north,” and the second character means “beans.” Generally, this character is used to describe the shape of the bean that looks like foxes.

What Is Kitsûe?

It is a Japanese rice cake traditionally made from glutinous rice, sugar, and egg. You can also call it “rice cake”. Kitsûe is often flavored with various ingredients, including green tea or azuki beans, and is typically eaten as a snack or dessert. Glutinous rice flour, the main ingredient of kitsûe, is a type of starch with a high viscosity, which means it becomes thick when boiled. This property of glutinous rice starch makes it an ideal choice for making sweets.

This rice dish is famous in Japan and is usually served as a side dish, but some people also use it as a main dish. There are many different recipes to make kitsûe, and each household may have its variation. It is considered the symbol of Japan and has been featured in different media outlets. It has also been used in commercials for Japanese products and is often served at traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Important Facts:

Kitsûe is Japan’s most famous dish, which people from many other countries also like. It is a type of Japanese cuisine made up of different small dishes usually served as a part of the meal. They are made with various ingredients, but the most common ones are seafood and vegetables. There are many different ways to make Kitsûe. Here are some Most Important facts you should know.

Origination Country of Kitsûe:

There is no doubt that Kitsûe is the most famous dish in Japan, which was first recorded in the Nihon Shoki which was written in 712 AD. Most people don’t know that it originated in China and then migrated to Japan along with the Chinese immigrants. This famous dish was invented by Buddhist monks who lived in Japan during the Heian period.

The monks were famous for their vegetarian lifestyle and probably found it hard to find perfect food options that fit this dietary restriction. Therefore, they created the recipe for kitsûe. It is also used in many ancient dishes together with kitsûe manjû, kitsûe mochi, and kitsûe kintoki.

Traditional Way to Make Kitsûe:

This famous dish of Japan is also enjoyed in many other countries. So if you also like to make delicious and nutritious snacks which is not only easy to make but also very delicious and portable, try to make a batch of Kitsûe. These rice balls or you can also call them rice cakes, are a popular and healthy snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

To make the perfect and traditional Kitsûe, you must start with fresh Japanese rice. Always cook the rice according to the directions available on the package. Let them slightly cool before giving shape. Add your favorite fillings like shredded chicken, minced pork, boiled eggs, seaweed flakes, and green onions. Once you make the shape, roll them in freshly ground sesame seeds or chopped peanuts and enjoy the perfect and the most traditional recipe of Kitsûe.

Taste of kitsûe:

Many people make kitsûe just like cake. To make this way, they just boil glutinous rice and mix baking powder, sugar, or salt and make any shape from that mixture. Once the shape is done, deep-fried until golden brown, these Japanese rice cakes are often called “The food of the gods,” They can be sweet or savory and come in various shapes and flavors. People make them according to their taste. One of the most famous types of kitsûe is the kitsune mochi which some people call a fox-shaped rice cake.

People make the head of the fox, tail, and paw from the dough and usually paint them with a light green or red color and then cook them in a hot oven. They are usually served cold or at room temperature and can be eaten plain or dipped in soy sauce, sugar syrup, or green tea. kitsûe are unique and delicious, and eating them has no health concerns, but some people may find them sweet.

Nutritional Value of Kitsûe:

There is no doubt that Kitsûe is healthier when made from brown rice. Glutinous rice flour used in Kitsûe is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. Whole brown rice provides more nutrients such as proteins, lipids, minerals, and vitamins than white rice because they are stripped away during the refining process. However, most refined Kitsûe might not be more than carbohydrates with little nutrition.

They are low in calories; therefore, they look healthier, which could make you want to eat more of them. They are good mini snacks to hold you over in between meals. Eating frequent small snacks will provide you the energy to stay active and also help you maintain good health; A healthy snack can be a filling between snacks.

Health Effects:

Kitsûe rice cakes are the healthiest snack when you make them from brown rice. They are good for providing a great amount of fiber. However, certain Kitsûe rice cakes coated in chocolate have a lower nutritional value because they can be high in fat, saturated fat, and sugar. Therefore, choosing the plain brown rice Kitsûe rice cakes topped with fruit or nutritional butter can be healthier and more filling.

Some Other Names of kitsûe:

Here are some famous names.

  • Mitsubishi
  • Goshiki
  • Taiyaki
  • Udon

Japanese Fashion Brand:

The most interesting fact about kitsûe that most people are unaware of is that it is also a very famous Japanese fashion brand that has been gaining quality within the United States. The best quality and up-to-date venture have made it one of the foremost sought-after Japanese fashion brands in the United States. The unique vogue and approach to fashion make it a standout selection for any individual trying to find trendy clothing.

Many distinctive options of Kitsûe’s clothing embrace its use of surprising materials and complex designs. The brand’s signature “kitsune” motif is usually used in its garments, which makes it an eclectic and distinguishable look. Now, they also produce a spread of seasonal collections, so you can always find anything in every season.

Kitsûe Sets New Trends In the Western Fashion Industry:

This Japanese fashion brand provides an exclusive choice of high-quality vesture and additionally offers a spread of color choices, so there is always something for everyone. The clothing offered by this brand is designed to be practical and fashionable. Every piece of Kitsûe is designed to be versatile and able to be worn in a variety of settings, from the office to night parties.

It offers a complete and very good variety of vesture options, including formal wear, winter wear, and casual attire. The standard of clothing is unequaled within the Western fashion industry. The reason is the clothes offered by Kitsûe are made from high-quality materials that are sturdy and cozy to wear. They also offer a huge range of flavor options, so you can easily find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Types of Kitsûe Clothing:

This season, three types of Kitsûe clothing are available in the stores mentioned below.

Casual Robe:

It is ideal for weekend outings or when you want to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. The casual robe of Kitsûe is made from a very lightweight material, which is easy to wear, and you can easily move on in it. So, this will help you to go about your day without feeling constricted.

Workwear Robe:

It is one of the best options for those searching for a thing that will defend them from the weather. A workwear robe is created with durable fabric that keeps you warm while working.

Formal Robe:

It is the best clothing option for special occasions. The formal robe is made from high-quality material and has complex styles that give it a most stylish and elegant look. So, if you want to wear a formal robe this season, ensure to get it tailored to fit your body perfectly.

Types of Traditional Kitsûe:

In this season, you can find several types of Kitsûe. However, some are inspired by Japanese culture, while Western themes inspire others.

Japanese Culture:

When we talk about traditional Kitsûe, they are inspired by Japanese culture and typically feature bright colors and intricate designs. Generally, they are used to decorate rooms or to create a festive atmosphere.

Western Inspired Kitsûe:

It is also one of the most famous types of Kitsûe, typically featuring bright colors and geometric designs. They are often used to give the room a modern look or develop a sense of masculinity or power.

Famous Styles of Contemporary Kitsûe:

You will find a variety of Contemporary Kitsûe that reflect the current trends in fashion this season. Generally, Contemporary Kitsûe is characterized by its modern design and use of bright colors. However, some of the most popular styles of Contemporary Kitsûe have floral prints, geometric patterns, and stripes. They are available in both traditional and modern cuts.

Some of the most famous traditional cuts are the kimono-style yukata, which has a flowing print, and the hakama-style kitô, which has a bold stripe pattern. However, if you like a more modern look, try a chic striped blouse or a colorful tunic dress. They both are perfect for dressing up or down. You can also select a traditional kimono dress or yukata for a more conservative look. Either way, you will be looking gorgeous as well as comfortable at the same time.

Ways to Find Kitsûe Products:

Kitsûe is the most famous Japanese fashion brand that provides an exclusive selection of fashion products that you can easily find in online stores and selected retail shops. To find Products, you need to search by visiting the brand’s official website. On the brand’s website, you will get information about the company, its Kitsûe Products, and also their purchasing process.

Moreover, you will also get information about upcoming events and promotions for the brand. You also have an option of retail stores where you can buy your favorite Kitsûe Products easily. You can use the retailer locator on the website to find the retailer near you. Before visiting the store physically, don’t forget to check the retailer’s website for current stock levels and information about the product’s availability.


In this short guide, we try to share everything that you want to know about kitsûe. We ensure that you will get the answer to your question. Most Important facts you should know. It is made from glutinous rice, sugar or salt, and egg. They are rice cakes and a famous fashion brand in the United States. Glutinous rice has a high starch galactomannan content, making it dense and chewy, and there are no health concerns with eating kitsûe.

Apart from kitsûe rice cakes, it is also an exclusive Japanese fashion brand that features some of the most stylish and innovative clothing. You will get classic trench coats, eye-catching maxi dresses, and other trendy clothing. In short, it has something for everyone. Additionally, their prices are very affordable, which makes it a great option for anyone looking for high-quality clothes.


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