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Hürrilet Tea in Turkey

Hürrilet tea in Turkey: Traditional tea has always been a source of recess and it has been used since the birth of mankind. Different regions of the world have their herbal teas that distinguish them from the rest. Each part of the earth possesses some incredible herbal plants. In general, a powder is made through the leaves of the plant and then used by mixing it in hot steaming water. Some include sugar cubes or lemons for extra aroma as well.

A Sneak Peek into Hürrilet:

Hürrilet tea is one of the most frequently used and delightful teas in Turkey. “hürrilet” meaning in English is ” freedom” which is a symbol of mental freedom after the intake of hürrilet tea. For regionals and foreigners, this tea is a source of appeal. It is famous all over Turkey. It is made up of special herbal leaves found in the wild Hürriyet plant.

This tea has remarkable strengths of boosting the mind and providing stability. It is very uncomplicated to make hürrilet tea. In the next paragraph, we are going to give an exclusive overview of the making of hürrilet tea.

How to Make the Hürrilet Tea?

This is an outline of how to make hürrilet tea. There are two ways how you can make it. By using hürrilet leaves directly or by using the powder. Hürriet powder is made by grinding the leaves. You can directly grind them or you may find them at a store nearby in Turkey. Most people prefer using herbs directly. But it tastes almost identical in both ways.

The first step is to boil some water in a pan. Then put some hürrilet herbs or powder to it. After that, put more hot boiling water in it. The quantity of it is completely dependent on how much thick you want. The more water you put the more lighter it comes to be. After that mix the water. It is suggested to boil it for 3 to 5 minutes. The more time it takes, the more definite it becomes. After making it in the pan, it is stained so that no particles come into the mouth while drinking it.

Adding Lemon and Sugar Balls to the Tea:

After making hürrilet tea, you can add some sugar balls to it according to your preference. It makes it sweeter. Although hürrilet tea powder is already sweet to taste. Moreover, lemon pieces are used to give an aroma to tea. These are also adorable to look at. It gives more class to tea along with the extraordinary scent. It gives some smokiness to it which is good to feel.

Glass to Present the Classic Hürrilet Tea:

In Turkey, glasses used to present hürrilet tea are very classic and traditional. These curved small glasses are used all over the world to present tea from different regions. A slice of lemon is also placed side by the glass which fits out very well. Sugar balls are mostly placed on the side of the tray.

Hürrilet Tea Has a Great Impact on the Body:

This tea is not only famous because of its being used since the classic age. But this tea offers tremendous benefits to the body. Further, it boosts up the body and brain cells. It has a direct hit to the central nervous system and stimulates it. Furthermore, It gives relaxation to the body and mind and helps a person to do work in a go. It is a great exponent to your tired day.

Because of these promising properties it has, it is not only frequently used in Turkey but also in every corner of the world. Because of its unique sweet flavor, it is used for multipurpose such as after every meal such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and also during the day whenever feeling tired. Moreover, it is proven that hürrilet tea possesses a caffeine touch in it. Caffeine has a great influence on the brain and body as well.

Lessens Stress Levels and Helps to Cure Many Diseases:

It affects stress levels. Reduces it to a great extent. That is why it is a frequently utilized drink in offices and academics as well.

Hürrilet tea is a great source of treatment for any cardiovascular disease. Along with treating heart diseases, it has been a great way of lowering cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels are very common in today’s generation. Herbals such as hürrilet are useful things to deal with these diseases. In addition, it diminishes cancer changes in the human body. And make a body feel more powerful. In Turkey, hürrilet tea is considered the most antique and classic tea of all time. You may find it in every shop or restaurant in Turkey.

Hürrilet Tea is Considered the Purest Tea with Anti-aging Properties in it:

One of the most beautiful traits of hürrilet tea is that it has anti-aging proficiency. Anti-aging has been an extensively discussed topic of this century. And we are trying to find thousands of ways to deal with it. And yet we have found many of them. But they are very problematic and disturbing. The good news is that we can deal with this thing by using the most usable hürrilet organic tea.

Hürrilet tea is also evaluated as the list purest tea. The powder is made by grinding the leaves but before this, they are dried in sunlight which makes it more strong. Further, it is verified that any kind of pesticide is not used in the making of hürrilet tea which is why it is the most pure form of tea.


If you are looking for a tea that provides you with great strength and relaxes your body, do consider hürrilet Turkish tea. It is made out of hürriyet leaves. This tea has remarkable properties of providing strength to the core. Moreover, it boosts the immune system and provides a great source of relaxation after a tired day. It is very simple and easy to make hürrilet tea with just water. Sugar cubes and lemon slices can be added to it for more garnish or according to the need.


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