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What are Natural Tea Extract Beverages?

Human bodies consist mostly of water, which needs to be constantly kept at a stable level for the best hydration. Water plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, serving as a critical component for digestion, nutrient absorption, and temperature regulation. The responsibility for adequate water intake is held by us. As surveys show, people in Europe drink far too little water. That’s the reason for the popularity of flavoured and enhanced water. As it is one of the ways to stay hydrated even if you don’t like the taste of plain water. What are natural tea extract beverages and how can they help us stay hydrated?

What are natural tea extract beverages?

According to research, even 80% of the taste we experience is connected to the scent of the food or drink we are having. Natural tea extract beverages are just right for people who would like to increase the amount of water they drink and feel the real pleasure of drinking them.

It’s really worth trying the offer from Finlays, the blended beverage manufacturer. Their tea aroma is captured while the aqueous tea extraction is conducted. In the next step, it’s concentrated into a fragrant liquid rich in flavour.

The aroma of tea, which, most importantly, is naturally derived. Helps you completely change your attitude towards drinking water by experiencing it with your smell and taste at the same time. Consumers don’t have to worry about the quality of the beverages, as there is nothing like the artificial drinks available. The distilled tea aromas don’t contain any colours, calories, or sugar, which guarantees a healthy, tasty, and natural product.

Where does the secret of a natural tea extract beverage lie?

With the rising awareness of what ingredients you should avoid. Which are valuable for your body and health, isn’t it a great idea to enter the market with healthy and innovative beverages?

According to the research from 2022, over 60% of the consumers in the UK drink too little water. But they are willing to stay hydrated with water with exciting and refreshing flavours. Apart from the flavour, Europeans find it important to reduce the consumption of artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners. Which are present in most water products with artificial flavours. Finlays guarantee clean labels for your customers.

Fizzy drinks stopped being so popular, with a much lower frequency of them being chosen as a beverage to quench thirst (which they don’t). Sparkling or carbonated water with a natural tea aroma is much healthier than fizzy drinks.

Finally, with tea extract beverages from Finlays. You are sure of not only the quality of the product but also of its source of origin. More than 70% of customers care about products coming from sustainable sources, choosing these for purchase instead of products whose production chain cannot be traced down.

How to choose the best tea aroma beverages supplier?

If you are willing to become part of the transformation of the water drinking process and offer your customers healthy and innovative drinks, start investing in tea aroma beverages. Make sure the product you offer has the best quality and has a traceable source of origin. And cares about the sustainability of the production process, from the beans to the cup.

A trustworthy and reliable manufacturer and supplier of tea aroma beverages will guarantee consistent delivery, with always the best quality products. Finlays uses clear water from Mau Forest to capture aroma from only fresh tea leaves, processed on the same day as harvested.

Health conscious consumers will expect natural ingredients with clean label products. No sweeteners, or artificial preservatives of colours. And last but not least, the versatility, with still and sparkling tea aroma beverages. You can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. With sustainable practices, you will receive an ideal product.


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