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What is Gobó? Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Gobó

What is Gobó?

Gobó is a vegetable, but its name is used for assorted brands. Here in this article, you will get all information about Gobó and Gobo-related brands or projects.

Gobó Vegetable

Gobó is a burdock root name. Mostly used in sushi. It has multiple benefits. In Japan, it is common and widely used in multiple dishes. Native Americans and Asians also use this in their dishes. Now it has been introduced in Europe also. Gobó plant has deep roots, and it can be black, brown, or pink in color. It is a healthy vegetable that provides minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Actium (Gobó) is antioxidant and beneficial in diseases like cancer. The shape of the root is slender and looks like a tree root. It grows 19-30 inches down and has marks and root hair on it.

Yet Gobó is a vegetable but is also used in medicine. Compulsory ingredients of sushi and used in other boiled, sauteed, and fried Japanese dishes. It is biennial by nature but cultivate after one year. The root has great health benefits and helps improve the metabolism and is beneficial for gut health. Antioxidant properties provide protection against fatal diseases and clean toxins from the blood. Also, the Chinese use it in their food and medicines.

Gobó Side Effects

There is no research so far related to its side effects. Gobó is a vegetable and was used a long time ago. Excess of anything is harmful yet there is also no evidence that burdock is safe for children. Therefore, people who use Gobó in meals complained about the below-mentioned risks.

Gobó and belladonna are toxic plants that grow near Gobó and look similar.

It causes dehydration. If you are dehydrated it can cause severe problem

Allergic people should also avoid Gobó

Gobó is not safe for pregnant women or women trying to conceive.

Forms of Gobó

You can make tea or can use it in powder form, or you can even use its extracts like oils.

Peeling Technique

Take off the skin and hair from the root and cut according to the desired shape.


Its shape is the same as other roots, but it is long and got hair on it. There are different shades of Gobó root. Like pink, brown, and even black.

Cuisines that Use Gobó

Japanese and Chinese use Gobó in their cousins and in medicines.


There are several diseases that can be treated with the help of burdock root. It has remarkable benefits like it kills germs, it helps to reduce temperature, increases urine its antioxidant properties help to clean the bloodstream. Other diseases like Nervosa, GI arthritis, infections, and skin problems can be cured with the help of Gobóburdock root.

Gobó Dishes

Burdock kinpira



Gobó Photography

If you are tired of simple boring photographs and admire pictures with shadows and lights. Wonder how with simple camera people take such amazing photographs. Gobó photography is the basic technique of using different props to create impressive shadows on the picture. Standing in sunlight and the shadow of a leaf on the face evokes the aesthetic sense of the viewer. Background with smoke gives depth to the photograph. Now as technology got wiser it also introduced lenses for patterns.

The conceptual concept of Gobóis creates depth and dimension in colorless pictures. For abstract photography, Gobó is a desirable choice. People with intelligent minds use different objects to create Gobó effects. Like a picture of the table with the shadow of the window upon it. There is a unique language of photography that can express through Gobó photography. You can put life in still pictures with such amazing effects. Creating smoke shadows on different things enhances the picture with details. You can add details of things that are not present

Gobó Light Source

Natural light and LED lights with objects and patterns are used in Photography. With the passage of time interest in photography will make a master’s in photography skills. Understanding the light balance is not an easy job yet you can learn with experience. Like when you see flat light you can add shadows and make your picture expressive.

It effect is something that requires an artistic mind but also Gobó device is available in the market with multiple Gobó effect options. If you are new to photography and want to learn then you can take help from the device and after getting experience with different objects you will learn eventually how to create Gobó effects. With the help of Flash and Gobó devices, you can get natural results. Keep experimenting and try new frames and patterns.

Method of using Gobó Light

It is not always true that you need to create an object to give a different shadow than the real environment. Try to use existing objects around you and experiment with your camera and see the results. Window frame, artificial leaves, branches with flowers, shade with cloud effects, etc. For example, if you place the leaf near the object between the camera and the person or object you are taking a picture of you can create an amazing effect. In short experimenting with the different objects will generate new Gobó effects. There is a strong chance you may get success in creating something remarkable.

DIY Gobó

You can use cardboard and make a window. Or you can craft leaves and different shapes with the help of varied materials.

Objects to create the Gobó effect

You can use a Net curtain or even a piece of fabric to get amazing shadows. Gobó is something that goes between the light source and objects to create shadows or lighting effects. Gobó adds interesting shadows to your shots. There are some brilliant devices for casting perfect Gobó effects. Well, here in this part we will not discuss devices but the ordinary things that we can use to get Gobó shadows in our shots. Let us create a virtual photography studio, let us suppose a grey background you have now think about how you can create an interesting image with it.

Now the idea is to take the grey background and use Gobó shadows but before getting to begin take a simple shot to compare after. Set a streaking light in a softbox which is simple lighting and now take some pictures. the result will be lovely simple lighting with a grey background. It will work simply fine. But the purpose is here to make it more interesting to use Gobó lighting.

1st Idea

Now for Gobos take another lighting and place it behind the Model and take a simple plastic glass of anything glass like that has holes in it. The wholes will let the light go through them and create shadows. Place the glass next to the light behind the model fix on the camera or take someone’s help. Now start with speed lite and turn down 1/-eighth of its full power. Take a shot and see what comes. You can always increase or decrease according to your choice. Rotate the glass and see a different Gobó. By changing the position of glass and light intensity you will see a whole bunch of Gobó ideas coming through. The utensil in front of the speed lite will elevate the background and turn your shot more dramatic than with a grey simple background.

2nd Idea

Now for the 2nd idea hang a net lace with a nice pattern on it next to a single seed lite. This will project on the Model. Speed lite is a small lite and the purpose of using small lite is the smaller is harder it will be. when it comes to shadows hard lights give you more defined Gobó effects. You will get a hint of black on the lace and shadows on the face of the model. And an amazing idea.

3rd Idea

Take a sackcloth with little holes in it. Holes will create wonderful Gobó shadows. You would need a flash meter because the cloth is different to set an amount of light this will be helpful. Take pictures and this Gobó will give you a completely different feel. It will almost feel like summer. The warmth feels because of the light coming through Hessian and making Gobó on the face of the model. It is an excellent Gobó you must try this.

Template for Gobó

There can be uncountable templates for Gobó. As you can always create one for yourself. Gobó can be simple as Flagging off light from certain parts of a frame but the interesting part of Gobó is that it can be any pattern you think of and depending on the object you will use in the shoot. This will determine the shape of the shadow and its intensity. Gobó is not just a matter of creating shadows, but it is more of balancing the intensity of light and the place of shadow on the object or model. Like take a foam board, make rough holes on it, place it above the object you are taking a picture of, and then place it at the side of the object you will see different results.

Gobó Perruquers

Hairdresser brand name in Spain. They are famous for their professional haircuts and hair treatments. If you are a tourist and want to try a perfect haircut, then you must take services from these guys. If you want a new hair color natural hair colors glamourous balayage they will make it happen. They are masters of their skills as a hairdresser. Their famous haircuts are Stylish layered hair cut pixie haircut Emo haircut, Bob cut, all around layersCurls, Tapered Ends, Dilution Hair Cutting, Freehand Hair Cutting, U-shaped hair, V-shaped haircut, Feather haircut, Stephaircut, Clean Bob Haircut, Face Framing Layers, long layers, Front Layer, Graduation Hair Cutting, Short Wavy Hair, Inverted Long Bob Haircut

Gobó recycled car

The auto industry is helping the earth by promoting recycled automobile vehicles. Gobó Car is proof of their efforts. We cannot deny the fact that the increasing population has increased the demand for vehicles. According to the research,90% of vehicles complete their life every ear. Demand and percentage of expiring vehicles every year have developed a charming opportunity for the auto-recycling industry. Recycling is a fantastic way to reduce the trash on Earth. Recycled items are cheap and affordable. The pandemic left a catastrophic change in every field of life. There are several people who cannot afford brand new vehicles which is why Gobó Car is the best option.

Car Recyclable Parts

Any type of Auto product party recyclable. The auto recycling industry business makes a lot every year. If we take an example of a brand-new even car 24% is made of recycled material. A rough estimate of cars that complete their lives is above twenty-six million. All parts of the expired cars are ready to be recycled. Frequently used parts are below

  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Rubber hoses
  • Wheels
  • Iron
  • Car seats
  • Carpets
  • Steel
  • Radiators
  • Transmissions
  • Mats
  • Oil filters
  • Belts
  • Engine
  • Body
  • Chassis

Another fun fact is that you may not know a new tire that you purchase from a shop as the brand has also recycled material. Gobó Car is a functioning fully recycled car and proof that all parts can be recycled. You can use recycled tires to make roadways and pavements. Some creative minds make decorative objects also.

You may have admired a fancy glass tile or wall. You will be surprised it is also made of car glass recycled material. There are many decorative things that look expensive but are made of recycled glass. In which Jewelry, glass beads, porcelain, and counters.

Another amazing fact is you can save more than nine gallons of oil if you use recycled glass instead of new.

Recycled Cars Impact on the Economic

The recycled car trend is developing around the world. In developing countries, recycled cars are more popular than the other countries. United Nations Environmental Program appreciated the recycling of cars as it is reducing the pollution caused by manufacturing new cars. Below are the metals used in the manufacture of vehicles.

  • Zinc
  • Fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Cobalt
  • Tin
  • Palladium
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Rubber

During the process of manufacturing metals, carbon dioxide is causing pollution and damages the ozone layer. Therefore, recycling is less damaging and helpful in reducing pollution. Countries like Canada and the USA manufacture subsequent amounts of recycled material for automobiles.



Now that we have read everything about Gobó. We now know that Gobó is more famous for its photography techniques. This shadow photography style is becoming famous for its amazing results. It gives a dramatic touch to your shots. Also, the depth increases the beauty of the object. Now you don’t have to wait you can start with your own Gobó idea of photoshoots. Take amazing shots and enjoy Gobó Photography.

There are multiple images posted by other photographers on the internet you can go and check and can add your idea by experimenting with Gobó. This will surely add fun to your photography hobby. Share your ideas and get acknowledged. Go outdoors use natural objects and experiment with them this will be a great fun and learning process of Gobó effects.


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