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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Mens Eyewear

Choosing Mens Eyewear: Eyewear, nowadays, is not only limited to wearing prescription glasses. Many people with zero power wear glasses. Glasses have become the new fashion statement and add worth to your outfit. However, not everyone is proficient in selecting perfect eyewear frames.

Buying glasses can be a huge task if you don’t know about all the varieties and unlimited styles present in the market. All this can leave you confused.

While choosing mens eyewear, the only thing that you need to keep in your mind is that every feature of your glasses should be opposite to your facial features. This will balance your appearance and enhance your facial features and overall look.

For example, if you have an angular or square face then probably a round frame is fit for you as your appearance will be evened out with this type of frame.

A few things to keep in mind while you choose mens eyewear.


  1. Mens Eyewear Prescription

Getting trendy glasses when you don’t know the exact power of both of your eyes is useless. Getting your eyesight examined is the first thing that you need to do when you decide to buy eyewear.

You can do this by visiting a local optical ship or any other shop.


  1. Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils and generally falls between 54 and 68 mm. The optical center of lenses gives the most precise vision. This part should just be in front of your pupils.


  1. Lens Advancement (Mens Eyewear)

You can consult your eye doctor for any enhancements in your lens like hard-coatings, anti-reflective lenses, tints, filters, clean coating, etc.

These coatings add value and increase the life of the lens. They improve the look of the glasses and enhance durability and performance. Scratch-resistant coatings are also available which add a hard surface to the lens to protect it from scratches when anything hard hits them or if they get dropped from your hands.

Anti-reflective coating on the lens is used to reduce glare and halos from lights at night. They banish unattractive reflections from lenses.

There are many other options available that will make your experience with glasses better like dust and water-repellent coatings, smudge-resistant coatings, UV protective coatings, and many others.


  1. Keep the Lens of the Glasses Clean

People often end up damaging their glasses by not caring for them properly. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean your frames. When you remove glasses, don’t touch your frames. Touching the frame leads to scratches on them.


  1. Lens Material

Different lens materials can be found in the market when you go to purchase glasses. The lens material will depend upon the lifestyle you lead. The eyeglass material will depend upon factors like appearance, comfort, vision, durability, and safety.

The options available in the market include glass, polycarbonate high-index lenses, and many more. Consult a doctor before deciding on the material best suited for you.


  1. Lens Design Mens Eyewear

The correct type of lens – single vision, zero power, progressive, or bifocals – offers the type of perfect vision you desire. The lens design depends upon the user’s visual needs.


  1. Face Shape

Just like you choose clothes that are suitable for your body shape. You also need to choose frames according to your face shape.

Face shapes also vary and you must choose glasses that look good on your face and accentuate your natural facial features. Some face shapes are –

  • Oval face – People with an oval face should consider frames that have a shape similar to a geometric figure and highlight the symmetry of their faces. These frames should have a strong feature and be wider than the widest part of your face.

Try avoiding frames that cover half or more than half of your face. This way the natural symmetry of your face is maintained and your glasses look natural.

  • Round face – For men, glasses that have rectangular or square cuts are better as they add balance to their faces by making their faces appear longer and slimmer. They should steer clear of glasses that are small, round, and have a rimless look. These features accentuate the roundness of their face and may give them a Harry Potter look.


Square face Mens Eyewear

  • Square face – To soften the angles of your face, choose frames that sit high on the bridge of the nose. Round or oval-shaped glasses are also great for this face shape as they can make your face look thin. Selecting frames that have an angular cut or look boxy can sharpen your features more making your face look bulky.
  • Heart-shaped face – Frames with low-set temples and heavy bottom lines help balance out the wide forehead and narrow chin. For this face shape, round or square frames will work best. Avoid colors or styles that may highlight your forehead including frames that have decorative temple designs and embellished tops.
  • Diamond face – Oval frames or cat-eyed frames are the best frame designs for people who have narrow foreheads and chins. These frames help in highlighting soft features and cheek structure. Avoid frames with boxy features on your frames as they draw attention to your narrow features.


  1. Fitting Of The Frame

After you have chosen the frame design according to your face shape, check that the frames are sitting perfectly on your face. Make sure that the glasses do not pinch your nose or ears or slide down your face since you have to wear them throughout the day. Choose frames that are light in weight and don’t put pressure on your ears or nose bridge.

Titan Eyeplus has recommended three steps to check the fitting of glasses. Check the width of the lens which is horizontal length, nose bridge width which is the distance between two lenses, and temple length which is the length of the spectacle arms. The closer these measurements are to your face, the better the glasses will fit you.


Wrapping Up

There are many other factors like the color of your frame, your lifestyle, and your personality that will affect your glass preference.

If you are in search of a reliable brand that can serve you with some exceptional eyewear, then Lenskart is what you need. Head to their website and connect with their professionals.


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