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Face Shape Guide For BrowLine Glasses

American eyewear brand Sharon is said to be the first manufacturer of browline frames. Browline glasses were popular in the united states of America in the 1960s. The name “browline” originates from the design of the frame of the glasses.

Browline frames were first manufactured by an American company known as Sharon. They were famous in the past and the name of these glasses came from their shape.

The natural eyebrow line of the wearer looks nice as one part of the eyeglasses is thick and the other is thin which is normally the lower part. Later on, the browline glasses and frames are modified in diverse ways to meet the requirements of the customers.

Brow line glasses are trending nowadays also and are considered a necessity of daily life mainly in summer as they also protect the eyes from the UV light of the sun. Here we will discuss diverse face shapes on which browline glasses fit well.


On Which Face Shape Do Browline Glasses Look Perfect?

Diamond faces normally possess bolder cheekbones and thin jawlines in most cases. For this face, the design of the frame of the eyeglasses should be of such a type. That will make the cheekbones softer and enhances the facial beauty of the person who wears them. Cat eyeglasses normally suit very much on this face shape and also some other looks perfect.

A face shape that looks nice with no sharp angles of the face is known as a round face shape. The cheekbones of both this sort of face are broad and the jawline is round. Diverse frames look perfect on this face shape but one that you love and matches your personality is the best one. A square shape frame looks perfect and stylish on this face and also meets the needs of modern trends.

Face Shape

The oval face shape is simple to define as its main things are a long chin and forehead. An oval face looks like a longer face than it is wide. Diverse frames suit this face shape such as square, rectangle, or rounded. It is better to avoid narrow frames because they do not make your face look longer which lessens the facial beauty.

A person with a wide forehead and jaw has a square face shape. A pair of browline eyepieces look stunning on this sort of face because it helps to improve your facial look to this imposing shape. There are a lot of frame styles that suit the square face shape. But it is recommended not to use frames with sharp edges or angles.

There are a lot of glasses that fit the heart-shaped face and help a lot in enhancing the beauty of the person’s face. The forehead of most of this face shape people is normally wider and the chin is narrow with high cheekbones. This face shape is considered the most adaptable of all the face shapes. A lot of eyeglasses will suit you but it is good to pick bowline glasses that will provide comparison and balance to your face.


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