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How to Choose Jewelry That Suits Your Body Type

We all discuss the perfect haircut to line the right facial features or the beautiful dress that fits all your curves best. But it is rare to hear about the correct jewelry that suits your body type. You may wonder if jewelry plays a role in upgrading or downgrading your fit. It does! Jewelry can make or break a look immediately.

Let’s go through five main body shapes and jewelry to boost up your look: 

Hourglass Figure

The ideal body shape that everyone covets is none other than an hourglass figure. The trim waistline packed between the broad shoulders and hips gives a striking resemblance to an hourglass. If you have this figure, any jewelry will suit you if it fits your outfit.

Although the hourglass shape has similar broad shoulders and hips, a thin waist brings attention to your hips much more. Add layered or short and bold statement necklaces to focus your upper body curves more. Since your core is small, the voluminous earrings or bracelets will go well for you.  

Inverted Triangle Shape

A broader shoulder continuing down to a tiny waist and pelvis is known for having an inverted triangle shape. Since such a body type already highlights the shoulders and upper chest, try to tone it down with more jewelry towards your wrist or waist.

Bold or heavy necklaces or earrings are a big No for this V-shaped body. It will further bring eyes to your upper body. Only adding a nice thin long chain can work well.

Go for chunky bracelets, watches, rings, or the like to draw attention toward your lower body. In this way, you will balance out your overall appearance.

Rectangular Silhouette

A body with sharp and defined curves but little to no curvy lines is a rectangular body shape. Although this type of body is quite angular and robust, it is attractive in its unique way. 

Add a pendant necklace with or without layers, or try angular and abstract designs. They will go well to bring out the best of your dress. Or go with bold earrings, necklaces, and even rings. 

Since the waistline is not distinct in rectangular body types, you should add waist belts to highlight it. But remember to select the piece that goes well with your dress and not only your body type. 

Pear Shaped Body

The Triangle or Pear shaped body is wider at the hips while leaning on the shoulders. Many people feel concerned about their tight shoulders. But you can fix it with jewelry. Try some items that divert the attention toward your face.

A statement necklace would be an excellent addition. You can choose the chunky chokers or necklaces based on your preferences. As for Earrings, You can go with some eye-catching long or broad types that highlight your neckline.  

Round or Oval Frame

O-shaped figures usually give off a cute wine rather than a sexy one. Your neckline should be your ultimate target if you have a round body. Beautify your neck with dangling long earrings. Such earrings help to make your frame seem longer, toning down that round or oval look.

You can also wear short and straightforward necklaces to accentuate your collarbones. But try to avoid embellishing your wrists to make your body slimmer. 


A Quick Review

There you have it; figure out your body type and consider the recommended styles to draw attention in love too.

Have fun with your dress-up game!


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