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5 Ways to Feel More Energized and Positive in the Morning

For those of you who don’t consider yourselves morning people, waking up early and starting the day isn’t exactly something you enjoy. If the sound of the alarm clock is enough to make you roll over and groan in disbelief, consider yourself in good company as many people feel the same. But rather than start the day off with a negative tone, what if you could change things? What if you could find ways to wake and feel more positive and go about a morning routine that energizes you – perfectly setting you up for the day? Here we’ll take a look at five simple ways you can feel more energized and positive in the morning, which may require you to re-think if you are indeed a morning person after all.

Switch Up Your Bedtime Routine

Your first inclination to improve your morning may be to make changes to your morning routine, but in reality, it needs to start with your evening routine. Did you know your bedtime routine is what can dictate how smoothly your mornings go? If you’re not getting restful sleep, and enough sleep, then how can you wake up feeling refreshed?

To improve your bedtime routine, and therefore your morning routine, you can use these tips:

  • Go to bed earlier
  • Don’t watch TV or spend time on your phone once you’re in bed
  • Lower the temperature in the bedroom
  • Invest in better-quality bedding
  • Buy a comfortable pillow
  • Use a white noise or sound machine
  • Do a relaxing activity before bed such as reading, a bath, or light stretches
  • Cut out spicy and sugary foods after dinner
  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine after dinner

Take Away the Snooze Option Positive in the Morning

This tip can be a difficult one to follow but is necessary. If you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button in the morning then chances are you end up rushing around because you slept in. It’s time to take away that option and not use an alarm with a snooze feature.

Organize What You Can the Night Before

Speaking of running late in the morning, another way you can remedy that situation is to organize the night before. This means laying out your outfit; gathering your work files/documents and putting them in your bag; putting out what you can for your breakfast; and making sure your keys, purse, and shoes are gathered and ready to go so there is no last-minute frantic search.

Skip Coffee and Embrace Herbal Tea Instead

The first step for many is to pour a cup of coffee in the morning in hopes the caffeine gives them a burst of energy. And while that may be true, it’s a temporary boost of energy, and the coffee isn’t benefiting you in any other way. Sure, it sounds radical, but how about skipping your morning coffee and reaching for herbal tea instead?

Herbal tea is great in that you can find so many different blends that all offer different benefits. Many are meant to give you energy, help with focus, help with your mood, calm you, and just get you off on the right foot while tasting amazing. Check out this Infusion and Tea Set with Infuser from which will allow you to steep a fresh and lively cup of tea as your morning beverage. There’s no need to give up coffee entirely, maybe just reach for it mid-morning or afternoon instead.

Always Make Time for Breakfast Positive in the Morning

Tea or coffee can’t be the only thing in your system in the morning. Breakfast is essential. This single meal is what fuels you and sets up your day. Skipping breakfast will negatively affect your mood, energy level, ability to focus, creativity levels, and even your ability to think through problems and issues.

A lack of time tends to be the common excuse people give for skipping breakfast, and if that sounds familiar it’s time to check the many quick, easy, and nutritious meal ideas out there. One of the best options is breakfast smoothies that you can pack full of all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need. A smoothie takes mere minutes to make and if you’re running late, you can always take it with you on the go.

Using all of these tips and making sure you stay consistent with them will make it possible to transform the way you think about mornings. They don’t have to be the negative experience they currently are; instead, you can start with a positive outlook that spills into the rest of your day.


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