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Types of Boots To Wear For Women

Women can wear different kinds of boots for various occasions. You can get stretch plus size thigh high boots for a special event or you can have platform boots for the next party. How many types of boots are available on the market? How do you choose which ones to buy for yourself? You should read more so that you will be guided on the types of boots to consider and when to get these boots.

What are the Most Common Types of Boots?

Ankle boots

One of the most common types of boots that women wear is a pair of ankle boots. These boots cover the whole foot and the ankles. You can mostly find women wearing ankle boots during spring and fall because they partner these boots with sweaters, and long skirts because of the windy environment. Some even wear ankle boots with jeans for casual wear.


Thigh High boots

If you prefer to cover not just your feet but your whole legs, you may want to consider wearing stretch plus size thigh high boots. With this kind of boots, you are going to expose only a portion of your skin due to winter or cold seasons. Women most often choose to wear thigh high boots because they exude fun and sexy at the same time. Thigh high boots are also very flexible in terms of the items of clothing that you can wear them with. You can partner these boots with skirts, dresses, and even jeans.


Combat boots

For those who are aiming for that casual look, you can go for a pair of combat boots. Initially, combat boots are designed for the use of soldiers. But because of the rigidity and stylishness of the look of these boots, they were now adapted more for fashion rather than function.

These classic combat boots are still made from the finest and most durable materials available. You can still get popular brands that make these kinds of shoes.

Furthermore, you can wear combat boots with cropped or tight jeans. You can also have leggings and wear combat boots.


(Types of Boots) Stiletto heel boots

These kinds of boots have been around for quite some time. They may be vintage-looking but you will still find a lot of magazines displaying new and updated versions of the stiletto heel boots. You can use these boots in the office during winter or fall. If you like wearing heels on different occasions, you may want to buy a pair of stiletto heel boots as an added option.


Cutout boots

If you like sandals but still want to get boots, you should consider getting cutout boots. They are boots that have straps on them so that you will have a combination of the design of boots and sandals. They are used for your casual walks and possibly on your travel to a park or beach. You can pair cutout boots with skirts and blouses to have that cute and fun look.


Types of Boots Conclusion

There are many different boots that you can get for yourself. Having known the various types of boots. It may have dawned on you that you actually have a lot of choices. And this is good. This means that you have a lot of types to buy and you can mix and match them with your clothes. You can get stretch plus size thigh high boots or ankle boots. You can have platform boots and combat boots. Explore the different boots available online and try to have multiple varieties so that you have numerous choices for different occasions.


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