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Tips for Not Missing Swim Practice While Traveling

Swim Practice: Whether you are a professional or casual swimmer, you already have routines for days when you practice so you can keep up with your progress or keep seeing the benefits of exercising. However, traveling for work, school, or any other reason has the potential to interfere with this well-established routine. The good news is that it is possible to keep training and get a few swim sessions while traveling. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you out.

Stay at a Hotel with a Swimming Pool

The best way to ensure you get some practice sessions at the start or end of the day is to stay at hotels with a swimming pool. Most hotels offer this as a luxury or add-on for the visitors, so finding one is quite easy.

The challenge is finding hotels that do not have crowded swimming pools. Since you are swimming with a goal in mind, and not casually, you want a pool with as few people as possible so they cannot interfere with your sessions. You should do additional research and read reviews to know which hotels fit this criterion.

Unfortunately, you might have to stay at less popular hotels. But the upside is that there is a potential to save some money on hotel costs.

Research Nearby Swim Spots (Swim Practice)

Every country with a beach has popular swim spots where you can enjoy your morning or evening swim, or engage in competition with other swimmers. Research the location beforehand to locate them before leaving on your trip.

Additionally, you can contact local swim teams or swimmers to ask about popular swim spots that would interest you. They will likely have this information if they are swimming enthusiasts like you, and they might even point you to lesser-known swim spots in the area.

Plan Early and Appropriately

Planning is the best way to ensure you can get some sessions in while traveling. First, communicate with any teams you wish to train with, so they know what to expect when you arrive. This communication will also help you understand the rules you need to follow.

Second, talk to the locals about swim safety if you are planning to swim in the sea or ocean. There are many instances where the water looks calm and welcoming. But can it be dangerous if the weather or waves turn suddenly. You do not want this happening to you.

Swim Practice

Third, pack with a purpose. Packing minimally, and with your trip in mind, will help you avoid travel inconveniences. Especially in an age where airlines charge for each bag. For example, you can pack your designer shorts, t-shirts, a couple of trousers and shirts if the trip will be casual. You can switch to a few business suits and swimwear if you will be traveling for business but still need to practice.

Also, consider whether renting the gear you need would be cheaper than hauling it on a plane and decide accordingly.

Trying to swim while traveling can require juggling between finding time to get a session in and doing everything you should be doing. However, some planning and coordination can help you be successful in doing this. The familiarity of training and keeping your routines will far outweigh the hassle of setting everything up right.


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