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How to Travel More: 4 Basic Tips

Look up at the sky. Whether or not you can actively see an airplane, know that there are approximately 5,400 planes soaring through the air as you gaze at the clouds. Each one is full of passengers on their way to experience something brand new. After a long period of anxiety related to travel and safety, many individuals are finally feeling safe enough to take to the sky. They’re desperate to understand how to travel more without paying more.

We’ve created this guide full of travel tips that can make planning a trip more affordable and accessible. Read on to learn how to make taking a vacation an easy and inexpensive experience.

  1. Consider the Benefits of Timeshares

You might not have the cash to own a vacation home on your own. What if you could split the cost between co-owners and live there for a given period of time? Timeshares tend to be in beautiful locations with plenty to see and do, so you don’t have to sacrifice to enjoy private accommodations.

Timeshares aren’t a permanent commitment. Selling timeshares is just as easy as buying into one. If you’re curious about this cost-effective travel strategy, click for more.

  1. Utilize Your Long Weekends (How to Travel)

Another tip for traveling on a budget is to take short trips more frequently. Consider taking advantage of long weekends and holidays to book quick getaways without sacrificing vacation days.

Believe it or not, international flights rarely cost more than traveling domestically, so you can do a brief, full week in Europe without breaking the bank.

  1. Don’t Be Picky

How often have you fallen in love with a travel destination only to begin researching and realize it’s way out of your price range? Consider planning your trips by date rather than location. That will allow you to track down a deal and explore a city you might not have visited otherwise.

It can pay to be flexible. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest days of the week to fly. You can save even more if you can plan your departure around those dates.

  1. Extend Your Work Trips

If your job requires travel, you might get to see the world but not enjoy it. See if you can arrange to add a day (or a few) to your trip so you can enjoy the destination and really see the city.

Even if it isn’t a hip vacation spot, we believe every town has something unique to offer, and you might discover a hidden gem!

How to Travel More and See the World

We can’t blame you for wanting to learn how to travel more, especially after a long and fraught period of pandemic isolation. The benefits of traveling are numerous and can even improve your mental health! We hope the above tips will come in handy as you plan your next adventure.

Are you seeking more tips that can help you redefine your lifestyle? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts that can help inspire a change in perspective.


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