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The Truth About a Pink Diamond Necklaces

Pink Diamond Necklaces: Diamonds are truly beautiful gemstones that you can find either free-standing or attached to a piece of jewellery- including necklaces. Now, imagine adding some colour in there. The most common one that comes to mind when associating diamonds with necklaces is pink!

Pink diamond necklaces, like those from Astteria, are truly beautiful pieces of jewellery that everyone should have the pleasure of owning, especially when following the grading system of colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

This type of jewellery is great for various dress occasions, and if you’d like to learn more about their rarity, how much you can wear them, and whether they come with certificates, then continue reading this article.

Are Pink Diamond Necklaces Rare?

As we all know, diamonds are extremely rare gemstones that are incredibly difficult to find. This is because they were formed billions of years ago, and only so few were able to survive the trip from the depths of the Earth to the surface.

So, when adding the natural pink factor and the necklace that comes with it. You can only imagine the price range and rarity.

Only 50% of the diamonds mined today, and can fulfill high enough standards or overall quality for sellers, are put on the market. Adding to the fact that less than 1% of pink diamonds are extracted from mines (where only one mine in the world extracts said pink diamonds from in Australia). It’s safe to say that they are not only rarer than your average white diamond. But one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

Thanks to the limited supply of pink diamonds from the Earth, adding a necklace into the equation just heightens its rarity since not only are they well-sought-after and expensive gemstones, but when a piece of jewellery is involved, the price range increases.

Do Pink Diamond Necklaces Come With Certificates?

Pink diamonds, as well as any type of gemstone that is supposed to be graded with cut, clarity, colour, and carat, often need to come with a certificate. In most cases, the short answer is yes; they come with a certificate that gauges their authenticity.

It is uncommon for jewellers not to include the certificate for pink diamonds in the necklace. However, there are instances wherein such certificates are not included when selling. It is important to be careful about this. As you won’t be certain whether the pink diamond necklace you’re purchasing is authentic.

If your diamond necklace is created from purchased rough pink diamonds. These are later polished in a diamond house, these specific gemstones do not come with a certificate. In most cases, if it is created through this method, it will be specified for clarification purposes.

How Often Can I Wear A Pink Diamond Necklace?

Many people assume that because of how rare diamonds are. They must not be worn as much. In fear, they’ll have to replace the expensive jewellery piece in a shorter amount of time. You’ll never guess, but they’re completely wrong!

Despite what many people think. As long as you take thoughtful care and are thorough about maintaining and cleaning your diamond jewellery. There isn’t anything stopping you from wearing it every day.

The truth is diamonds are practically indestructible. The only thing that can damage a diamond is another diamond! Even things such as metals or concrete won’t damage your precious gemstone.

As long as you are looking after the diamond and cleaning it regularly to avoid grime that’s accumulated from wearing it and the fade that might occur, then wearing your diamond necklace or any piece of diamond jewellery day to day, or as often as you’d like, won’t hurt it at all.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones in the entire world. So you can imagine how pink diamond necklaces must be on the social ladder.

However, despite their rarity, jewellery houses like Astteria have plenty of pieces for you to check out! Whether it is a gift for a loved one or simply for yourself. These coloured jewellery pieces are 100% worth the purchase.


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