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The Pros and Cons of New Balance Shoes

New Balance shoes are the fifth best-selling sneaker in the US, with a market share of 3.4%. Yet they’re growing in popularity as more sneakerheads discover their many benefits.

Across the country, influencers, A-listers, and athletes are singing the praises of New Balance sneakers. Stores are selling out fast, and

Are you in need of a new pair of sneakers and wondering if you should try this up-and-coming brand? Keep reading to find out why you should or shouldn’t buy these types of sneakers.

New Balance Are Expensive Sneaker Options

Price is the only major drawback associated with New Balance sneakers. These types of shoes can set you back as much as $400 for top-of-the-range leather models.

There’s a good reason for this. New Balance manufactures its shoes in the U.S.

Instead of taking advantage of cheap overseas labor and raw materials, the brand has committed to growing the economy, while side-stepping in the vagaries of international material shortages.

Supreme Comfort and Ergonomic Design

New Balance sneakers are a great fit for those who want to avoid their feet sliding around in their shoes. They feature plush cushioning and motion control to keep your foot in the best position for walking.

Many podiatrists recommend this sneaker brand as the shoes don’t allow the arch of the foot to collapse inward.

Thanks to this, you can wear New Balance sneakers for an extended time without experiencing discomfort or tired feet.

New Balance Shoes to Suit Everybody

If you have wide feet, you’ll know the struggle is real when it comes to finding shoes that fit well.

One of the major selling points of New Balance shoes is that they come in wide widths, making it easy to find good looking, comfortable shoes suited to walking and running, no matter what.

They Go With Anything

Thanks to a great variety of colorways, you can add casual elegance to almost any outfit with these sneakers. These are some of the outfits fashionistas are pairing with their New Balance shoes:

  • Blazers, with a tank top and biker shorts
  • Trousers and blazers
  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts with oversized jackets
  • Dresses with button-ups over them

There is no limit to how you can add a little fun to any outfit with these colorful, comfortable sneakers.

New Balance Shoes Are Super-Trendy Right Now

Drawback aside, some of the country’s most fashionable people are stepping out in New Balance sneakers. Models, content creators, and influencers love these athleisure-style outfits.

These include Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajowski, Kaia Gerber, and Claire Rose.

The New Balance 550, with its slick low-top style, is by far the favorite among these well-heeled personalities, thanks to a recent collaboration with trendy lifestyle brand, Aimé Leon Dore.

Step Out in Style (New Balance Shoes)

Sneakers are a long-standing fashion icon, popular for their versatility in fashion, sports, and outdoor activities. They first emerged onto the scene around 1904 and have only got more popular as time wore on.

Whether you love the idea of strolling through life in a pair of super-cool New Balance shoes or prefer a different look, we’ve got some great ideas for you.


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