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The Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Watch Design

Did you know that the first watches appeared right after 1500? If you are in the process of buying a watch but are looking for a timeless watch design, we are here to help you out. Our guide below will share what to look for while watch shopping.

Read on to learn what to look out for.

Black Tie

If you are looking for a watch to attend a fancy occasion then it’s best to opt for a watch that matches the outfit you are wearing. A simple black leather strap and a simple dial with a darker color are always fitting no matter the outfit.

When going for an elegant look, less is more. It is best to not choose a watch that calls attention. Aries Gold has a few options for elegant outings.

Sporty Outings

If you are active or are heading to a sporting event then wearing watch straps made out of leather is not the best option. You want to opt for a watch that has rugged features like shock resistance and that is waterproof.

You also want to choose something that has a nylon or rubber strap. A sports watch is all about being versatile.

The Every Day Watch

There are some things that go with everything such as a white tee, little black dresses, and versatile watches. Versatile watches have leather straps and stainless steel cases. All-around watches do not draw attention, but they have face functions that are useful for everyday living.

Metal Watch Design Bands

It is best if the metal case of the watch complements the metal accents of your accessories. Sometimes the case is round, square, polygonal, or rectangular. You can opt for a case finish that is patterned, shiny, matte, or inlaid with jewels or crystals.

The metals can be either titanium, silver, or gold. If you are wearing other accessories such as shoe buckles or cuff links, pay attention to make sure you coordinate the metal colors.

Matching Watch Straps to Shoes

You can use the material and color of your shoes as a reference for the watchband you choose. For example, wear a black watchband if your belt and shoes are black. Gold and silver bands will look good with pretty much any color of shoes.

If you own shoes in different colors then we recommend buying interchangeable bands. Jeans tend to look great with worn-in leather straps.

Now You Know What to Look for in a Watch Design

While you are shopping for your next watch, you can keep all the watch features above in mind to ensure that you choose the perfect watch design for you. No matter the watch you choose, it needs to complement your style and how you want to be perceived.

If you found our article helpful, we have more about where this came from. Keep browsing our fashion section for our latest reads.


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