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The Benefits of Outsourcing Oversized Load Hauling Services

Outsourcing Oversized Load Hauling Services: Running an in-house fleet can be costly and time-consuming. There are employee salaries, benefits packages, and additional responsibilities to consider when managing a trucking fleet.

All roads and highways have size and weight limits that any vehicle transporting oversized freight must meet. Some shipments may also require an escort vehicle.


Managing oversized freight requires an immense amount of time and attention to detail. A single mistake can result in expensive fines or lost time on the road. Having a dependable third-party logistics (3PL) partner handle this process can save your company valuable resources while providing expert shipping solutions.

Oversized loads often travel on state and county roads. This means that additional permit requirements must be met for the entire route. These include restrictions on when the load can be on the road. Such as 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset (depending on the state). Some states also require escort cars to accompany the load on its journey, requiring even more time for planning.

Outsourcing Oversized Load Hauling Services

A 3PL will understand all of these nuances and can assist in navigating the complicated permit process, ensuring that your shipment is on schedule to arrive at its destination without delay. This can help you avoid fines and delays that would otherwise negatively impact your bottom line.

In addition to coordinating transportation, 3PL can provide logistics management services for your oversized freight. This includes sourcing a carrier, obtaining permits, and providing load optimization to find the best routing possible. It’s a great way to save on transportation costs, improve efficiency, and focus on core business operations.

An experienced freight transporter will know how to minimize the risk of damage to your equipment during transit. They can ask the right questions and provide detailed measurements to ensure your oversized freight is shipped safely. In addition, they can work with local government agencies to expedite the transportation process.

Specialized carriers can reduce your delivery times, enabling you to offer faster deliveries to customers. They can also provide specialized liftgate equipment such as rail gates, tuckaway gates, and level lift gates to accommodate your shipment’s dimensions. This equipment can also make loading and unloading your oversized freight much easier.

There’s nothing worse than having your oversized freight damaged during transport. A reputable freight carrier will know how to transport your goods without damaging them, saving you time and money in the long run. In addition, they’ll be able to help you avoid costly penalties by following all of the necessary regulations.


Heavy haulers are a critical part of the transportation system, allowing bulky goods and materials to be transported across America. However, managing a fleet of trucks in-house requires an investment of money and resources. This is particularly true if you need to maintain an extensive fleet of specialized vehicles. Outsourcing your oversized load hauling services to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider offers incredible long-term benefits while saving you the expense of maintaining your trucking fleet.

Outsourcing a specific function to an outside organization may be a new concept for your business. But it’s becoming more common. In fact, a recent survey found that transport is the most commonly outsourced logistics function, with 81% of companies outsourcing one or more of their domestic transport operations.

The main reason to outsource a logistical function is that you can save money by not having to pay for the salaries, insurance, equipment costs, and other overhead associated with running your own staff. The 3PLs you work with can often offer better freight value by leveraging their relationships and scale with carriers. This allows them to negotiate rates and discounts that your company alone could not secure.

3PL partner

In addition to negotiating prices, your 3PL partner can also help you reduce the cost of your operation through a variety of other methods. For example, they can consolidate smaller LTL (less than a truckload) shipments to maximize trailer utilization and keep out-of-route miles to a minimum. They can also take over the scheduling of your shipments. So you no longer have to worry about finding available drivers and arranging pickup times.

Some companies choose to stick with a private fleet for a variety of reasons. However, even if you’re a company that has decided to go with a private fleet. There are ways to get the benefits of outsourcing through a 3PL without losing the ability to keep your brand on the trucks. You can outsource the loading and unloading of your shipments to a third-party freight unloading company like Labor Loop while still keeping the vehicles in your private fleet and retaining the ability to put your branding on them.

Expertise (Load Hauling Services)

When you outsource your trucking needs to a third party. You gain access to specialized expertise that may be difficult or impossible for you to maintain in-house. This can lead to improved safety standards, reduced costs, and better service quality. Outsourcing also eliminates the need to manage drivers and equipment, which saves time and resources.

A trucking company that specializes in oversized loads has the experience and knowledge to prepare your freight for transport. This includes obtaining permits, route selection, proper vehicle size, escort vehicles, and cargo security options. Ultimately, this reduces the risk of your freight becoming damaged during transportation.

GPS tracking

In addition to hauling oversized freight, trucking companies can provide a wide variety of services to help businesses get their goods and materials moved quickly. These services can include GPS tracking, order fulfillment, kitting, and other end-to-end logistics solutions that can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. These services are often available at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees and investing in pricey equipment.

Oversized load shipping can be a complicated process requiring specialized trucks, drivers, extra permits, and equipment. The costs can add up very quickly. In fact, the cost of a single oversized shipment can exceed fifty thousand dollars. Including the fees for permits and escort vehicles.

The benefits of outsourcing oversized load hauling services to a trucking company include lower costs, increased safety standards, and faster delivery times. These advantages are worth the extra effort it takes to outsource this specialized transportation service.

A driver specializing in hauling oversized freight has a skill set that can make the difference between a safe and unsafe trip. Driving oversized freight requires a special mindset, meticulous planning, and careful attention to detail. If you’re looking to make a career in this industry, keeping up with ongoing training and practice is essential.

In the United States, a load is considered oversized when it is over 75’ long, 8’ 6” wide, or 13’ 6” high. There are additional restrictions in Canada that vary by province. It is crucial to be aware of these limitations before attempting a shipment.


A heavy haul or oversize load is a shipment that goes beyond normal legal limits for weight, size, and dimensions. It requires specialized equipment for transportation, which is typically costly to acquire and maintain. Outsourcing oversized load hauling services can help reduce the overall cost of heavy freight shipping. This is especially true if you’re a business that frequently moves large, expensive machinery and equipment. An experienced oversize load trucking company can handle everything from arranging a carrier and obtaining the necessary permits to providing freight management and expert consulting.

There are many moving parts to the logistics of shipping oversize equipment and loads. It’s important to understand them before getting started. For instance, each state has different regulations and requirements for transporting oversized loads. Some may require escorts, red flags, and super load banners to mark the trucks for safety purposes. Unless you have the right permit for your shipments. You can face fines and delays that prevent your freight from making it to its destination on time.

An experienced oversize load trucking company will know all the regulatory requirements and restrictions in each jurisdiction they operate in, allowing them to get your shipments through the process with minimal headaches. They’ll also be familiar with any specifics that are unique to your particular load, including routing. This means they’ll be able to recommend the best vehicle for your needs and help you avoid any unnecessary delays or costs.

Conclusion Load Hauling Services

In addition to speeding up the transportation process, an experienced oversize load trucking company can save you money on shipping costs by acquiring the required state permits and escorts for your shipments. These fees can add up quickly, but an experienced trucking company should be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how much your oversized freight will cost per mile.

Another way outsourced oversized load hauling services can save you money is by eliminating the need to pay for your own private fleet of trucks and trailers. This can be a major saving for companies that need to move large, heavy freight on a regular basis. As it eliminates the cost of driver salaries and benefits, insurance, certifications, vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, and more.


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