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Men’s Fashion: Expert Tips to Elevate Your Wardrobe

The key to upgrading your closet doesn’t lie in spending exorbitant money on replacing everything you own. It lies with restraint. Follow these tips and understand the basics of men’s fashion and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe to ensure that you look polished on every occasion.


Start With a Deep Clean!

Take a hard look at your closet – what are the essential items you reach for daily and which have been rotting away neglected for years? The first step to upgrading your wardrobe is to remove everything from it that you do not like or wear every day.

We recommend being brutal here. Forget sentimentality. Streamline your closet, so you can finally see all the wearable items you own. It doesn’t matter if you are only left with three things in the end. We assure you, this is all part of the process.


Simple Updates (Men’s Fashion)

Now that you have a clean slate, you might have the strong urge to go on an online shopping spree but resist! Instead, head over to and start your new wardrobe with must-have essentials.

Polo shirts are the bread and butter of an adaptable closet. Swap out your basic t-shirt with a polo and instantly elevate your whole look. They are flattering pieces you can style alone with a well-fitted pair of chinos in summer. Alternatively, simply layer with a jacket as the temperatures drop.


A Tailor Is Your Best Friend

Nowadays, you can find a whole range of sizes at your favorite clothing retailer, which might stop you from heading to your local tailor. Still, we are here to tell you that without one. You will never be able to execute the level of sharpness you need to take your closet to the next level.

Mass-produced clothes will never come close to the rank of detail a tailor can bring to any piece. Of course, you don’t need to pay for a bespoke suit; more on that later. But take your jeans to get them hemmed adequately to your frame or alter a jacket. So it frames your shoulders and can do a world of good.


Suit Up

No, we don’t want to hear how you will never have use for one. However, you will eventually need one for work or a wedding. So save yourself from the last-minute panic of renting a suit and prepare for life by finally ordering a well-made suit.

Classics are called that for a reason, so a black suit with a white button-down is your key to ensuring your wardrobe stays impressive while still being practical. Also, remember the tailor we discussed above, have him look over the suit to ensure it correctly fits!


Invest In Outerwear (Men’s Fashion)

Ahh! We see many men who create trendy outfits and then hide them with an unflattering puffer jackets. Don’t be caught in this vicious cycle and instead, invest inquality outerwear.

You don’t need 10 or 15 coats, but buying three coats in a classic silhouette and timeless colorways will help you expand some of your outfits throughout the changing seasons. We recommend getting a camel, a black and blue coat.


Experiment With Accessories

The key to creating an established and versatile wardrobe is accessories, and while we see a lot of men sporting baseball caps. It’s well worth your time to explore this neglected genre.

If you are comfortable wearing hats, why not try a different type of hat? For example, switch out your baseball cap for a fedora for a night out with your partner, or add a flat cap while out and about running errands. Hats not only allow you to hide your messy hair. But instantly elevate your outfit while still staying in your comfort zone.


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