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Is Your Dog Having Accidents Inside the House? Here’s What to Do

Dog Having Accidents: If your pup is having accidents in the house, this may be something difficult to deal with on your end. However, there are a few things you can try in order to prevent your furry friend from having another accident inside your home, as well as train them to have better bathroom habits.

Do you have a regular routine for your dog to follow? Do you know how to treat your pet during the training process? And might you need any tips for cleaning up the messes in the interim? If you need some tips for doggy care, allow me to help you out.

Rule Out Any Medical Issues

As long as your puppy has been deemed healthy by your veterinarian, having accidents in the house is pretty normal. This is especially true because your young pup may not know any better yet. However, if you know your dog has been potty trained previously and they’re suddenly having accidents in the house, this may be cause for concern.

If you have an older dog who is having accidents inside of your living quarters, it’s likely necessary to pay a visit to your vet so that you can rule out any health issues. And if there are any health problems present, getting your pet treatment sooner rather than later is preferable.

How to Clean Up the Accident  (Dog Having Accidents)

If you’re worried about cleaning up your dog’s accident, there are a few key steps you need to follow to prevent them from going to the bathroom in your home again. And you’ll need to be especially careful with light-colored carpets and rugs that are more likely to hold onto scents and stains.

Start by picking up anything solid with dog poop bags or paper towels. If you want to limit your contact with the mess, dog poop bags are a must in this scenario. This is because dog poop bags are generally sealed and great at holding in smells. Additionally, dog poop bags will ensure you don’t get any contaminants onto your hands. Once you’re done with the dog poop bags or paper towels, soak up any liquid with an old towel. Wear gloves if they make you feel better.

After cleaning up as much of the mess as possible, use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water on the area. Scrubbing is generally okay on hard surfaces, but you may want to blot the solution into carpets or rugs to avoid keeping smells trapped inside. The vinegar will help to neutralize the smell, keeping your pup from wanting to remark its territory.
Then apply baking soda if you feel it’s necessary. The baking soda will also help to neutralize the smell. After the spot has dried completely, the baking soda should have had the opportunity to be effective in eliminating odors, and you can vacuum it up.

Set Up a Regular Routine

Many furry friends respond well to a regular routine, which is especially useful for establishing good bathroom habits. Because your dog will instinctually know not to use the bathroom where it sleeps, it may not know that the rest of the house is not up for grabs. So training your dog when and where it is okay to use the restroom is vital.

If your pup still sleeps in a kennel, let them out first thing in the morning and wait for them to use the restroom. This will establish the ground rule of only using the bathroom outside of the house. You can even have a dedicated space in your yard for this purpose.

It’s also a good idea to bring your pup outside before bed, as well as every hour or so. This will get them in the habit of not using the restroom inside of your home and familiarize them with their dedicated restroom.

You may also want to get into the habit of bringing your furry friend outside immediately after letting them eat and drink, as many pets will become comfortable with this habit. Following this routine will help establish your dog’s relationship with going to the bathroom in a healthy way.

Be Patient after Dog Having Accidents

When it comes to interactions with your puppy during potty training, it’s essential to be kind and patient. While you may be frustrated about how your furry friend is acting. They likely don’t know better and simply need to be taught. Because this is the case. It’s necessary to avoid raising your voice or otherwise punishing your pup for their bathroom habits.

Rather than punishing your pup, keep working with them to help them learn. This will allow them to trust you rather than fear you and the potential punishments. Instead of punishing your puppy, reward them with good behavior. This might look like praising them or giving them treats every time they successfully go to the bathroom outside.

Interrupt Accidents

If you see your pup getting ready to go to the bathroom inside your house, do your best to interrupt them and carry them outside to their pee spot. While you may not want to do this mid-stream. You might notice your furry friend circling and sniffing to try and find a good place to go. If you can stop your puppy from going inside the house. This will help them build up the habits you prefer.

It’s ultimately important to remember to be patient and kind with your pup. Even if you’re feeling frustrated about the situation. And, to bring it up again, it’s essential to rule out any medical issues with your dog if you see them using the restroom inside the house. As this may point to a bigger problem that needs a different solution.

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