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How To Choose What Hook To Use for Your Bra

When you look at the band on your bra, do you ever wonder why there are three sets of hooks in the back? It’s easy to take this small detail for granted when you’re in a rush and throwing on a bra before you go to work. When it comes to hooks, there’s a right and a wrong way to wear your bra. Before you dive into this topic, take a bra size quiz to see if you’re wearing the correct size. Then find out how to choose what hook to use for your bra.

First Hooks for New Bras

When you get a new bra and start wearing it, you should always use the first set of hooks. The first set of hooks is going to give you the loosest setting for your bra band. But that doesn’t mean your bra band should feel loose. If the band rides up in the back and hovers across your shoulder blades. You might be wearing a bra band that is too big. It’s tempting to try to fix this problem by wearing your bra on the last set of hooks. But that will cause a different problem because you’ll just wear out the fabric and have to deal with a loose bra band again within a few months.

If you’re wearing the correct size, your bra band should hug your body and fit snugly. But it shouldn’t dig into your ribs or cause any bulging. When you try on a new bra, always use the first set of hooks to see if the bra band fit works for your body. For the first few months, if not longer, you should be able to use the first set of hooks every day.

Wearing It on the Tightest Hook

You might be wondering when you can start wearing your bra on the tightest hook, and there is a time for that. Contemporary bras use stretch fabric to conform to the shape of your body, giving you a sleek and smooth silhouette while providing comfortable support. However, as the name suggests, stretch fabric stretches over time from regular daily use, which means it’s perfectly normal for your bra to get a little bit looser over time.

Bra Size

Your bra should fit snugly when you first buy it. So make sure you’re consulting a bra size chart to pick the correct size for your body. When you start to feel the bra band get looser than it was when you first bought the bra. You can begin hooking it on the next set of hooks to keep the fit nice and snug.

If you take care of your bra and keep it in good shape. You won’t be using the tightest setting for a while. But it also depends on how often you wear the bra, how you wash it, and how you store it. If your bra starts to feel loose even on the tightest setting. It’s time to retire that item and get yourself a new bra.

Don’t do yourself a disservice by staying in the wrong bra size. Learn how to measure bra size and liberate yourself by wearing the perfect-fitting bra every day.


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