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How Do You Style Your Oversized Womens Sweaters

Womens Sweaters: When the weather is frightfully frigid, many women reach for the oversized sweater. There’s nothing cozier in the late fall into the winter, and they can be relatively easy to style if you follow a few tips and tricks to avoid the garment looking like a blanket instead of a piece of clothing.

The priority when dressing in anything oversized is to avoid getting them in sizes too big. This item is one you want to try on to ensure it fits like it should – baggy, comfy, but not shlumpy.

With cute womens sweaters that are oversized, the idea is to develop a balance when you pair your favorite sweater with a vast array of accessories, other tops, and a mix of bottoms to create a variety of outfits. Leggings are merely one possibility, and this is usually for a casual look, but there are many other choices.


Tips On Wearing the Cute Oversized Sweater Stylish

Everyone can get into style habits, and that’s true with the oversized sweater. Typically, women will grab a different pair of leggings to change up the look of their chunky sweaters instead of creating a unique style with each wear.

It ends up looking like they’re wearing the same outfit over again, regardless of whether these pieces have different colors or patterns.

With a big, oversized sweater, you first want to try item on to ensure it fits you. Allow the stylists with your favorite boutique to help you get the sizing right. So it doesn’t look like a blanket covering you but is appropriately proportioned.

When wearing a baggy piece on top. You’ll want to balance that with a more tailored item on the bottom, which usually rings true in reverse.

However, more people are pairing oversized sweaters with wide-legged pants and doing French tucks (tucking the front into the waist of the pants.) These should be a little lighter in the fabric, not quite so chunky.

Some are doing “Tucky’s” instead to avoid the bulge that the sweater leaves in the pants. Which is a belt cinching the waist with the front tucked into that. Learn stylish ways to dress up a sweater at


Layering Is Absolutely Doable (Womens Sweaters)

As the winter becomes bitter and the weather inclement, layering on top of your oversized sweater will be necessary to stay warm, but you can do this and still be stylish. When adding a blazer or jacket, the piece should be tailored or fitted, something with shape like a peacoat.

A bomber or leather coat has too much volume. These won’t elongate the body or give the outfit definition. The objective is to balance the proportions. A nice trench coat or even a blazer can also work.

The nice thing about an oversized sweater is you can add a layer underneath that won’t be readily visible for added warmth, maybe a fitted turtleneck or a thermal piece.


Add the Right Footwear

You want to avoid a slouchy, tall boot when wearing wide-leg pants or jeans. There are too many loose components in the outfit. With this look, you not only tuck the front of the sweater and choose a less chunky choice but also opt for slimmer knee-high boots or cute, sleek ankle booties to finish the look.

If you wear anything other than skinny jeans. It’s suggested that the front tuck is “mandatory,” although you can totally get away with the front tuck even with skinny jeans. The front tuck will pull in some of the fabric for all other options and give you a more polished look.

In order to elongate the body when wearing jeans, wear heels. These will also take the focus off the sweater and bring attention to the entire outfit. If you wear dark wash jeans, these should be paired with a dark heel as a first choice. But you can also opt for dark boot if the weather doesn’t allow for heels.

A business casual look can include dark trousers under an oversized sweater with a French tuck and black pumps. This can even work for a holiday gathering with close friends or the office Christmas party.


Final Thought Womens Sweaters

The holidays are fast approaching, and with these comes the harshest part of winter. That means bringing out heavy, oversized sweaters to stay warm and cozy until spring comes back around.

While you need to be comfortable in extreme temperatures, you can still maintain your sense of style. Go here for guidance on how to wear your sweaters.

When wearing your favorite chunky sweaters, balance these with more tailored bottoms and fitted outerwear that shapes and elongates the body. Anything except (or can include) skinny jeans means you want to tuck the sweater in the front for definition.

Pair this outfit with a trench or peacoat and slim tall boots or chic ankle booties when the weather isn’t cooperating and some sleek heels when the weather is calm. When done right, your oversized sweater will make the most stylish winter statement each time you wear it.


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