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How and what is the right way to remove makeup?

Remove makeup: Some girls decide not to use cosmetics, as it supposedly ages the skin. No amount of makeup can hurt if used wisely. And don’t forget about procedures with mesotherapy products and peeling. Let’s talk more about makeup removal: what does every girl need to know?

How to Remove Makeup: Natural Remedies

Some ladies distrust industrial makeup removers, preferring natural products. It happens that the favorite product runs out, and makeup removal must be done urgently. Then they will be able to save the products that are at hand.

  • Fermented milk products – sourdough, yogurt. The lactic acid contained in them does a great job with keratinized cells. So, face peeling is performed in parallel with cleaning. It is only necessary to drop a little kefir or other product on a cotton pad. In the case of eye treatment, it is preferable to dilute it with water.
  • Oil – a lot has been heard about this natural cleaning method. But it is also important to understand that not all oils are suitable for this purpose. In theory, you can also use a herbal one, but it is best to choose a cosmetic one. The latter will be more gentle on the pores. In addition, before reaching the shelves, it underwent a cleaning procedure.

Help Oil

The oil helps break down cosmetics and perfectly cleans both skin and eyes. For owners of oily skin, this is generally a godsend – the sebum dissolves with a bang!

True, it is worth diluting it a little with water so that the disc slides more easily on the face. And after the cleaning procedure, you should walk over the skin with foam or tonic.

  • Bananas, crushed to a pulp and slightly diluted with water, are an excellent cleansing agent. It is well known that banana is extremely nutritious, so it is best for girls with dry skin.
  • Honey – of course, you can’t ignore this nutritious product. Provided there is no allergy to it, of course. A little honey on a sponge and a little water – and here is a useful helper in the fight for a clean face is ready! Interesting fact: this sweetness is suitable for any young lady. Oily and problematic skin will say goodbye to inflammation, dry skin will be satisfied, and normal skin will simply look better.

How to remove makeup: ready-made care products

If there is no time or desire to mess with natural products, you can buy ready-made ones. Fortunately, the choice makes the eyes run away. But how not to get lost in it? Here’s what you can choose from:


  1. Special milk is truly universal, a kind of classic of the genre. Due to a large number of fats in the composition, makeup removal is extremely effective. Owners of mature and dry skin are especially delighted.
  2. Micellar water is as universal a lifesaver as milk. As a rule, it does not cause irritation. At the same time, it is excellent for eye makeup removal and maintains the skin’s hydrolipidic balance. Soap, alcohol, parabens, fragrances, and silicones are often not contained in this product. Any skin type will say “thank you” for such care.
  3. Gel, foam, lotion – all this variety is a real gift for combination and oily skin. It is especially good if there are herbal extracts in the composition. For example, daisies, marigolds, and sedums. And if the sensitivity of the skin is increased, you should pay attention to products with soothing ingredients, such as panthenol and azulene.
  4. Two-phase professional products are needed if the girl uses professional cosmetics with increased resistance. Despite the fact that such an assistant copes with a difficult task, it is soft.
  5. A product with a gentle composition is preferably purchased by those girls who use contact lenses. As a rule, such means have a mark of approval from ophthalmologists. However, it is advisable to resort to makeup removal after removing the lenses. It is worth removing cosmetics from eyes in which lenses are inserted only in extreme cases.
  6. Wipes for removing make-up are an extremely convenient purchase for traveling. In conditions when it is not possible to fully wash with foam or gel, such napkins are a real lifesaver. In addition, they do not take up much space in the bag, unlike, say, a jar of micellar water. The only thing is that it is extremely important to carefully close the package.


Do not forget that taking care of yourself and your skin will add a healthy and youthful appearance to your appearance.


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