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Ways Makeup Addiction Affects Your Life

Makeup Addiction Affects: Yes, we all feel nothing short of royals when we have that snatched-winged liner, and that eyeshadow is nothing short of a masterpiece.

However, do you when this love for art becomes an obsession?

Well, if not, then we are here to tell you!

Yes, there is something called makeup obsession, and you could very well be suffering from it.


In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the tell-tale signs of makeup addiction and it stems from beauty addiction or some other psychological issues.

We will get to know about what causes makeup addiction as well!

However, if you find yourself buying products just for staking, and you know for a fact that you won’t be using them for another few months.

Then there is something wrong with you!

You need to find out more about this addiction, and if needed, you need to get some help.

Sit back and take notes! &

Be careful not to fall into the clutches of such addiction.

What Is Makeup Addiction?

Term makeup addiction could be very subjective.

Some might not even be able to take the term seriously.

Yes, makeup addiction!

What about it?

Why are people even talking about it?

Not like, it is like cocaine or heroin.

It is just makeup!

These are a few of the sentences you will hear from makeup enthusiasts. However, a true makeup enthusiast will always know when to apply too much and when to give your skin some rest.

If you have followed some of the beauty gurus over the internet, there is one thing you will see in common.

Whenever they are vlogging or just having a normal conversation on their channel, more often than not, they are sitting with a clean face without makeup.

This is because they know that their skin needs some time to breathe.

It is when you are utterly scared by the idea of a clean face and makeup becoming your priority over everything else that is when you know you have a problem.

Makeup is an art form that you are supposed to explore and experiment with from time to time. However, when that art form becomes a necessity to sustain life.

It is toxic!

Signs One Has A Makeup Addiction

These are some of the common tell-tale signs that it is not just a hobby or passion anymore, but you are addicted to makeup.

1. Multiple Products

Just go to your makeup cabinet, which I am sure is huge, and just count the number of eye shadow palettes you have.

Now, open each one of them and check how many colors you have, which more or less look the same.

If you find more than ten with the same color, then there is definitely something wrong with the way you stack up makeup.

You have become a makeup junkie, especially when your job doesn’t revolve around it.

2. Leaving House Means Makeup

The moment you leave the house, you need some time to do your full face makeup!

No, there is no leave if you are not all decked up with eyeliner, eye shadow, a full face of contour, and aesthetically matching lip shade.

Layers after layers of makeup just to go grocery shopping.

3. Forever To Get Ready

Count the amount of time it takes for you to get ready. Is it something like fifteen to thirty minutes, or is it more than an hour?

Now, yes, you might take more than an hour before a special occasion.

However, what about the time when you went grocery shopping with a full face of makeup?

It took you more than an hour just because you wanted to go to Sephora to buy more beauty products; then, you should be able to clearly see the problem here.

In fact, have you ever found yourself outside without a full face of makeup?

4. Your Life Revolves Around It

Yes, your life revolves around it!

To the point that if you are not using makeup, then you are reading about it in magazines or on social media.

This is leading to more insecurity with your face and body, and you are contributing to more beauty products.

You are constantly checking the different makeup products that are in stock, and the wishlist for next month is already ready.

Not even realizing it, it will affect your finances.

5. You Spend More Time In Touch Ups

So, you already took more than an hour to apply the makeup!

Now, you are leaving your work or your classes more often than not just to go to the washroom and clean your makeup.

These endless touch-ups are wasting your time, and you are also missing out on work time or precious time with your family/loved ones.

Ways Makeup Addiction Is Affecting Lives

These are some of how we can see that makeup addiction is actually affecting lives.

You are more inclined to spend time shopping for makeup or thinking about makeup than something else. As a result, you are lagging in your workspace and, at the same time, not maintaining healthy relationships.

You are losing your priority when it comes to budgeting your finances. Suppose it means that you are able to buy that limited edition eyeshadow palette. You do not care if you miss a night’s dinner.

You are harming your skin by subjecting it to heavy makeup all the time. Wearing this makeup for long hours is clogging your skin, and you are unable to breathe.

Be Aware!

Being a chocoholic might seem like a very exciting prospect in the beginning!

However, you don’t know what kind of harm you are causing to your life, both physically and financially.

It is dangerous, and you must know where to draw the line.

Therefore, call for help right now if you cannot stop buying the same thing again and again.


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