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The Most Powerful Artworks on Motherhood

Artworks on Motherhood: There is no relationship like that of mother and child. When a child is born, her mother is her only home where the child can find peace, comfort, and unparalleled love. But, on the other hand, a mother wishes to give her child all the happiness in the world.

To embrace the bond of love and affection, artists of all generations have tried their hands on canvas to depict this unique relationship. As a result, you will come across different canvases filled with impressive mother and child paintings.

Tap into this lucrative segment that tells you about five amazing and powerful artworks on motherhood. These artworks were painted ages ago but continue to serve a superior position in art history.

Jules Being Carried by His Mother

The impressive mother and child painting by Mary Cassatt is a very ironic artwork. Cassatt never married anyone but always painted on subjects that were feminine or with an essence of motherhood.

The paintings are an in-depth creation of symbolism that shows her ability to appreciate motherhood. In this depiction, she reinforces the traditional notions of an ideal mother caring for her child.

She is tender, graceful, and domestic as any woman was expected to be, a respite from the hectic, industrialized, and quickly modernizing world. Painted with subtle colors and a bond with unparalleled love, it is a painting that won many hearts.

Camille Monet and Child (Artworks on Motherhood)

Claude Monet painted Camille Monet and Child to capture a lovely scene of his family. It is no surprise that Monet was into painting scenes involving his family members having a lovely time together. They did a range of activities while sitting together with each other in beautiful outdoor settings.

As the title suggests, the artwork depicts Monet’s wife and a child. However, it is not quite clear who this child is, but critics identified the setting as that of Argenteuil.

The mother painting of Monet is similar to his other art creations. You can find abundant flowers, the classic Monet palette with bright colors, and a tenderness bound with love in the scene.

The Sistine Madonna

The Sistine Madonna by Raphael is a notable work of his art. He was a well-known artist from the Renaissance period and contributed immensely to its movement.

He paints the Virgin Mary’s figure stunningly as she stands atop a cloud. Next, you can see her two other essential individuals. They belong to the Catholic faith and are seen on both sides, left and right.

Mother Mary is holding baby Jesus in a very delicate manner. The painting depicts the great techniques of the genius as everything seems so natural. The background is done with warm colors and reflects the true spirit of Italian Renaissance art.

Pope Julius II commissioned the artwork in 1512 for the church of San Sisto, Piacenza. Raphael liked to work on Catholic figures, and most of his celebrated artworks belong to this category.


Amongst the most celebrated paintings of a mother and child is this work of art by William Adolphe Bouguereau. In addition, It depicts the figure of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus.

Painting Mother Mary and Jesus were prevalent during the 18th and 19th centuries. In this painting, Mary holds a sleeping baby, Jesus, along with a small lamb. The lamb is symbolic of the fact that Christ will one day serve as a sacrificial lamb for the good of mankind in his later life.

Innocence is reminiscent of the 16th-century art style. It refers to baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary. But with a much more realistic appearance. The painting was a marked composition in the artist’s career and was completed in 1875.

Madonna Litta (Artworks on Motherhood)

Da Vinci brought to life an artist like no other, a phenomenal painting called Madonna Litta. Moreover, It is one of the most memorable depictions of Mary and baby Jesus from the Renaissance era.

In this art piece, Mary is portrayed as breastfeeding the young Jesus. Da Vinci played the contrast between light and dark so well that the painting seems realistic. The pair is depicted inside a castle, sitting high on a hilltop or mountain.

However, the artwork managed to be a controversial subject as well. Some scholars dispute the idea that Da Vinci himself did not do Madonna Litta. Instead, it was likely painted by one of his pupils under the instruction of the master.

The Bottom Line

Motherhood is a term that just cannot be described within a few sentences. It takes a lot for a mother to raise a child and make him a good person. Furthermore, It is a journey that observes many sacrifices, a bundle of love, and other ups and downs. Bringing motherhood to art is one way to celebrate it and cherish the different stories about it.


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