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7 Fun Things You Can Do With Stick and Peel Wallpapers

If you are looking to upgrade your cozy house, consider stick and peel wallpaper without going overboard. People always question the stability of peel and stick wallpaper as compared with traditional wallpaper. But let us tell you that trending peel and stick wallpapers are far easier to apply and available in a number of chic patterns and designs. They are equally long-lasting and durable as traditional wallpapers. More importantly, we are giving you 7 fun ideas that one can do with peel and stick wallpaper to glorify their living place. Here are those magical ideas!

Renovation of Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper that is peel and stick can prove a cost-effective and time-saving option for improvement. It doesn’t require much effort and planning to achieve this goal. First, visit any physical or online store to get your desired wallpaper. Our mission is to solve your problem of finding the right online store when you are busy and don’t know how to do it. The website Love vs. Design is highly recommended as they offer plenty of affordable classic designs. But the interesting news is that you can personalize any available pattern by altering the color scheme. You can also involve your kids to make it more exciting. Let’s do it!

Hanging on Ceiling

If you find it boring to install peel and stick wallpaper on different walls of your home, this time you can try it on the ceiling. Wallpaper on the ceiling looks more attractive, and clearer and lasts longer than on any other wall. To avoid any injury, you will need someone to help you install wallpaper on the ceiling. The process of application is quite simple. You can install it easily by peeling off the adhesive lining and starting at a corner. If you do this, there will be no air spaces that affect the adhesive power.

Installation in Master Bedroom

Another great idea to use peel and stick wallpaper is to install it on the wall just behind the bed in your master bedroom. To give your room a luxurious touch, don’t forget to opt for Love vs. Design wallpapers that are high-quality and smooth enough to be cleaned effortlessly.

Redo Stair Risers

One of the best ways to update your home with peel and stick wallpaper is to use it on the stair risers. It holds tight and can be pulled out without damaging the risers or the wall. How about giving it a try? It’s a big yes from our side.

Provisional Flooring

There is no limit to the number of walls or ceilings that can be wallpapered. You can use it to cover the floor of your living room or anywhere else. Our advice is to use wallpaper on floors where there will not be much water use. Otherwise, it will always be slippery and challenging to walk away from.

Kitchen Cabinets

Peel and stick wallpaper is also suitable for kitchen cabinets or other furniture items. When the wallpaper has been peeled off, there will be no sticky residue on wooden furniture. Isn’t that blowing your mind?

Dining Table

In addition, you can paste it on the surface of your dining table for a fresh look. The decision you make will not be regretted.


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