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Why use Hyaluronic Filler for face shaping

Hyaluronic Filler: Stylagewas introduced in the U.K. in roughly 2011 and therefore is made mainly by French business Vivacy Labs. Lidocaine (lignocaine) and mannitol, another antioxidant, are used in this Stylage by HyaluronicFillerMarket for the first time. Stylage’s varied concentrations enable it all to focus and cure sunken dermis or areas of skin to varying degrees. Stylage eliminates wrinkles (eyebrows, crow’s feet, cheekbones lines, and mouth wrinkles), replenishes the skin’s moisture levels, and allows the shaping of facial forms and contours.

How Can Fillers Improve My Appearance?”

It’s a popular misconception that fillers are suitable for smoothing out wrinkles, but this isn’t entirely true. Some of the more common issues that dermal fillers could treat include the following:

  • It must use makeup to remove any wrinkles around the nose and mouth.
  • Enhance and re-inflate depressed cheeks or temples
  • it should minimize vertical lip lines
  • Lips plumping & enhancement
  • Conceal a chin wrinkle
  • Enhance face symmetry


Stylage is available in seven distinct formulas.

Stylage Hydro

(11.1ml syringe, 14mg/g non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid)

Stylage Hydro Injected through the superficial dermis utilizing mesotherapy procedures to rehydrate the dermis, increase skin elasticity, rejuvenate the face, neck, and décolleté, and rejuvenate the hands.

A treatment regimen should involve three sessions over three weeks to one month, with upkeep treatments scheduled every three to six months to extend and increase the benefit of the therapy.


(16mg hyaluronic acid per gram, 20.8ml syringes)

Stylage S treatments further into the basal layer to mid dermis have been used for to surface of the test as well as maximum wrinkles, eyelid wrinkles (crow’s feet), glabellar furrowed brow lines (between the brows), excellent chin appearance of wrinkles, anterior age spots (around in the mouth), oral provides all the necessary (marionette lines), as well as eye circles (eye hollows) primarily in the tear trough region beneath the eye.

Stylage M

(20mg hyaluronic acid per gram, 21ml syringes)

Stylage M was Injected into medium to deep dermis to treat mild to severe nasolabial folds, flattening wrinkled regions, and sagging folds (cheeks, face oval, chin). Also, include:

  • Mouth commissures (marionette lines).
  • Cheek wrinkles.
  • Empty temple area.
  • Nose enabling nasal hump reduction or tip lift.
  • Earlobe contouring.

Additionally, Stylage M is offered with Stylage Lidocaïne to help the patient feel less discomfort.

Stylage L

(21.1ml syringes, 24mg/g hyaluronic acid)

Stylage L was also injected further into the deep dermis for significant nasolabial folds and mouth commissures (marionette lines). Also, include hand rejuvenation, especially volume loss therapy on the rear of the hands.

Stylage XL

(261ml syringes, 26mg/g hyaluronic acid)

Stylage XL is Injected further into the deep dermis and layer of skin to correct face volume deficiencies, restore facial features, augment the cheekbone region, and correct mild facial asymmetry (skin sagging).

Lipsa Special Stylage

(18.5mg hyaluronic acid per gram, 11ml syringes)

Injected further into the superficial to the mid dermis to augment lip volume, define and correct lip contours, correct a disproportionate vertical or horizontal lip size, reduce perioral lines or smoker’s lines above the top lip, and restore lip moisture (treatment for dry red lips)

Additionally, Stylage Special Lips are also offered with Lidocaine to help the patient feel less discomfort.


The company estimates that the different Stylage products would last estimated:

Stylage S – 9 to 12 Months

Up to 12 months with Stylage M (Lidocaine) as well as L

Stylage XL – 12 months and beyond

Between 6 and 9 months – Stylage Special Lips (Lidocaine)

The length of the impact of all Style treatments seems to be very variable and is determined by various variables, including your skin type. For example, age, lifestyle, the region treated, and the practitioner’s injection method.

How Usually Do the Results Remain Effective?

The duration of the effect of dermal fillers varies according to the substance, the treatment region, and the patient. Your cosmetic surgeon would keep repeating treatment to preserve your effects, altering the dosage and method as needed to get the best outcomes.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are often advised for first filler patients since they are the most transitory alternative. These usually endure between six and eighteen months. Lip injections will last somewhat longer than those in the nasolabial folds. Several H.A. fillers, such as VOLUMA, are designed to stay longer but are often reserved for certain parts of the face, including the cheeks.

Synthetic fillers often last longer than natural fillers if they do not reabsorb. They may be an excellent choice for the appropriate patient. But you must be prepared to commit to long-lasting results—and find a skilled, certified therapist with an aesthetic style you like.

Although fat injections are intended to persist permanently, several injected fat seem predicted to deteriorate. Your dermatologist may initially overfill the treatment region. Creating an initially fuller appearance that ultimately settles into an even more natural appearance.


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