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Why Are People Leaving Florida? 9 Reasons

You may have observed the curious trend of people leaving Florida in droves recently. Even though people are also moving to the Sunshine State to enjoy its subtropical climate and gorgeous beaches, experts have witnessed a shifting tide after the pandemic as many families bid farewell to Floridian cities. The population in Miami, for instance, decreased for the first time since the ‘70s; almost 80,000 people left between 2020 and 2022.

But what is the reason for this mass exodus out of America’s symbolic basement? Here are some reasons:

  1. The cost of living in Florida is quite high

Sure, Florida is known as an inexpensive state; the cost of living doesn’t seem that high at first. But, if you look deeper, you’ll realize that owning or renting a place can easily put a dent in your budget. Florida has 9 of the 21 most overpriced rental markets in America. Some cities like Miami are 47% more expensive than the national average.

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  1. Low quality of life

Even though Florida has a thriving tourism industry, plenty of educational options for students to choose from, and a stable economy, the state’s quality of life doesn’t align with the expectations held by inhabitants. High humidity, traffic jams, bad weather, and rapid population surges contribute to the state’s poor quality of life, making it the 10th-worst state to live in the nation today.

  1. Heat often gets intolerable

Florida is known for its warm weather and humid climate. July and August are the hottest months here, with temperatures fluctuating between 73 and 95. However, global warming has made the state’s once-great weather almost unbearably hot now. It’s roasting in extreme heat and Floridians have recently experienced the warmest Fourth of July in the state’s history at an unbelievable 97 degrees. This oppressive heat has made many locals migrate up north to escape this nasty climate.

  1. Its terrain is flat and swampy (Leaving Florida)

Florida’s low-lying, swampy terrain may not be ideal for some outdoor activities. For example, if you’re fond of hiking and biking, this region is unsuitable for these adventures. The low terrain also makes the state more susceptible to flooding, especially during heavy rainfall or hurricanes.

An example of Florida’s flatness includes the Everglades, a unique and expansive wetland ecosystem. The state’s topography also affects infrastructure, urban planning, and environmental management.

  1. The hurricane season

Many US states are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions like storms, tornadoes, and flash flooding. Florida, however, is extremely vulnerable to hurricanes; the hurricane season lasts from June to November, with a peak occurring in September. Not every Floridian wants to celebrate Labor Day in constant fear of hurricanes after having been through Irma, Dorian, and Matthew.

The damages from these hurricanes range from leaky roofs and flooded basements to urban flooding in some cities. So, many residents are opting to leave the Sunshine State and find shelter elsewhere.

  1. Bugs can be very annoying

The wetlands of Florida have become a breeding ground for alligators, but the state is also at risk from bugs. Bugs are a year-round menace for Floridians; ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches easily annoy everyday citizens who can’t seem to figure out how to overcome this infestation.

Even though 90% of American homeowners have a bug problem, Florida is at the top of a list of the most insect-infested American states. Some of the most annoying bugs found here include fire ants, no-see-ums, Palmetto bugs, sand fleas, yellow flies, horse flies, cicadas, and spiders.

  1. A wave of intolerance is rising (Leaving Florida)

A few political factors also make Florida an unlivable state for many residents. Especially the ones who don’t align with Governor DeSantis’s political ideologies. The Sunshine State has received the monicker of America’s most politically divided and prejudiced state. Unfortunately, along with Montana, Florida has become the worst region in the US for members of the LGBTQA+ community. Concerns about the unwelcoming nature of the state and a perceived sense of homophobia force many LGBTQIA+ families to migrate.

These concerns regarding the state’s inclusiveness, reproductive rights, and alleged anti-LGBTQIA laws (“Don’t Say Gay” law) are major factors behind queer people’s decision to leave Florida forever.

  1. Not a great healthcare system

Like all other fast-growing states having a poor healthcare system, Florida ranks 41 on this scale. Florida offers expensive health services as state leaders don’t fund healthcare properly. Florida has a relatively high number of uninsured residents and the state didn’t expand Medicaid under the ACA. Moreover, the state’s insurance market is perceived as difficult to navigate. A shortage of health workers has dealt another blow to the state’s already-crumbling healthcare system, making many inhabitants worried.

No wonder many Floridians moved to California in 2021 and still many are bidding farewell to it.

  1. A dangerously high crime rate

The state’s incredibly high crime rate also deters many from living here for too long. Florida has even become the 11th-worst state for raising a family in the United States. Your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 255 in the Sunshine State. Even relatively safer cities like Miami have a not-so-good reputation when it comes to crime and people are warmed from wandering in sketchy areas late at night. School shootings also worry parents who now wish to raise their kids in a safer state.

Conclusion Leaving Florida

Thinking about leaving Florida? Well, you are not alone; thousands of people have left the Sunshine State in the past three years because of its extreme weather, swampy terrain, too many hurricanes, and overall poor quality of life. Florida has a high crime rate, bugs, and an inefficient healthcare system. However, always plan your move out of Florida with a local moving company to navigate the state’s weird traffic. Experienced movers will transport your luggage to long-distance locations away from Florida.


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