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What is the UGA Library? A Complete Guide to UGA Library

Athens, the sixth most populated city in Georgia is best known for the University of Georgia, which is a research university ranked 16th among the nation’s top public universities for the sixth time consecutively and holding the pride the as first public and state-chartered university of America. UGA library structure covers more than 4 million volumes.

History of UGA library

UAG library made in 1800 was ruined by igniting in 1830 and was redeveloped in 1832 as the Ivy building, followed by another building in 1859, which was broken off in 1905 due to the construction of the Corinthian portico. In the parallel year, fire- a proof library was made by George -fostered Peabody funding to detain 30,000 volumes assembly. Furthermore, it went to three main libraries by 1938. In the 1940s, the library excelled at 190,000 volumes, majorly crashed because of the American painting collection. By 1952, a huge building was made by two contributions.

Moreover, in 1967 UGA libraries are set off as the projection institution of the association of research libraries. In 1974, capacity was twice. In 1982, electronic security gates and other automated methods were initiated, and universities gave training seminars in 1987 to faculty and researchers. A firework happened on 23rd July on the second floor of the main campus.

Main Campus

Athens campus has nine locations for the library mainly Zell B, MLC, science library, Carnegie, Russell collection building, and main library. They encounter approximately three million guests per year with extensive opening hours.
Entrance of university students to the library requires their university ID card. Alumni can carry their concession in contrast to others who need to apply for it to get access to the UGA library.


Associated members need an online GIL catalog to look for a book also they can approach computing at the main library. Books can be departed and returned at any locality in Athens excluding MLC and Russell special collection buildings.
Loan limit items for faculty are 1 year, for graduates 125 days, and 28 days for alumni, staff, and undergraduates. Likewise, the book limit is five for alumni and other borrowers while no limit for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty staff.

All research concerning Chemistry, biological sciences, art & architecture, academic enhancement, business and economics, agricultural and environmental sciences, education, computer science, law, history, geology, psychology, political science, news, music, mathematics, statistics, ecology, classics, gender studies, veterinary medicine, religion, public and international affairs, social work, health and medicine, geography, genealogy, forestry, and natural resources, philosophy, sociology, citation management, political science, journalism and mass communication, kinesiology and sport, languages, literature and linguistics, Human development and family science, environment and design, area and ethnic studies, academic enhancement, physics, and astronomy is widely available.

Smoking and tobacco are not allowed all over campus while alcohol is highly prohibited within libraries.


  • McBayscience library
  • Miller Learning Center
  • Map and government information library
  • Media desk
  • Art Library
  • Curriculum
  • Materials library
  • Music collections
  • Owens Library
  • Carnegie Library Learning Center

Special Collections

while the special collections include Hargrett Rare Book and manuscript library, brown media archives and Peabody Awards, Richard B. Russell Library for political research studies, and the Georgia capital museum. The art library situated in Lamar Dodd School of Art contains a sizeable collection of art periodicals, an art theatre room, two public computer centers, and a port scanner. Employees are highly genial and well-informed about all tasks in art.

The law library is unbarred to the public daily. No food is allowed there. It is extremely directional if there is any non-educational expedition.

The music library holds numerous books, pedagogical materials, and crucial curriculum series worn in elementary school music schemes. It gives out the approach for music audio and video recording. It is an isolated place to work.

UGA library provides a soothing and fresh environment for researchers and students. The architecture and new magazine displays in the university are extremely welcoming and attractive. The administration makes sure the inviting and comfortable surroundings for researchers and ask for cooperation too.

UGA Library

Carnegie’s Library of UGA is offering a peaceful domain to complete academic pursuits with Augusta university medical college and the public health institute.

While the Owens Library is highly focused on expanding knowledge of historic preservation, land use principles, and issues and providing a greater sense of architectural and environmental planning and design.

The curriculum materials library is determined to interconnect links with the college of education providing high research over tremendous finery of children and adult fiction. It is unlocked for all the faculty, staff, and students.

Science library is breaking the bar in so many respective things by providing huge and relatable wide research content to researchers.

Looking onto campuses, the main library clutches the mediums like social sciences, arts, humanities, map and government information library, and media desk. It also contains a UGA press and digital library.

Miller library center is the biggest building in UGA since 2003 it was previously called a student learning center. It is a 24/7 operating center.

The MAGILL (Map and government information library) gives Government information stuff. It collects a lot of information like of United Nations. This has been the most important department of UGA for more than one hundred years. The basement of the main library contains the media desk which holds a variety of radio programs and motion pictures. It also extensively contains the research and teaching venture of UGA faculty and students.

GALILEO Online Access (UGA library)

GALILEO is a short and quick access for UGA students to go through hundreds and thousands of e-books, videos, journals, databases, and many more in one click and has become a statewide online portal for a lot of people attached to it.

UGA has also introduced UGA safe app with high features to make sure people security on campus.

A reference desk is available where librarians are present to give extensive information, sources, and advice on any genre. A Thousand sessions per year are being taught by librarians. Dr. Toby Graham was the librarian in September 2014.

Online chat option with librarians is also considerable for more focus guidelines by librarians at any place.

UGA Newspaper

UGA’s own newspaper’ Red and Black Newspaper’ is published daily for the library too.
Users and students with disabilities are treated with special assistance after their appointment. GIS and the 3rd floor restrict every type of food. But most of the floors offer only limited food like drinks with lids and snack foods.
The potential of UGA’s libraries are wireless-enabled computers, reading rooms, wireless printers, and pick and drop service to the main and science library and also Tech and labs to take researchers’ projects ahead.


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