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7 Really Unusual Phobias

Fear is a natural response to something we are afraid of, and most people are afraid of something, with phobias like a fear of spiders or an aversion to heights being some of the most common ones. The more unusual phobias are talked about a lot less, and some of the phobias below you may not have even heard of.

Read on to see if any of these unusual phobias tick a few boxes for you.


Being afraid of ducks is one you might find it hard to believe. After all, ducks are cute birds that quack and enjoy bread, right? However, people with anatidaephobia may not agree and are more likely to run away screaming if a duck quacks in their direction.

Someone with anatidaephobia has an irrational fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is constantly watching them. This fear can cause severe anxiety and discomfort for those who suffer from it, and while it’s easy enough to avoid ducks in an urban environment, it’s less easy if you live in a rural area or close to a park. Imagine the distress of feeling like the ducks on the lake nearby have homicidal tendencies towards you!


What is emetophobia? Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting or seeing others vomit. People with emetophobia suffer extreme anxiety and distress when faced with any kind of situation related to vomiting, such as feeling nauseous, seeing someone else vomit, or even hearing the sound of vomiting.

Some people develop emetophobia in childhood, after a traumatic experience of vomiting or witnessing someone else vomiting. It can also be a part of a wider generalised anxiety disorder. People with emetophobia avoid situations that could lead to vomiting. Such as steering clear of certain foods or places where they fear they may become sick. They may also engage in behaviours aimed at preventing nausea or vomiting, such as excessive hand washing or avoiding social situations where they feel they may be exposed to illnesses.

Emetophobia treatment plans involving cognitive behavioural therapy can be effective, and treatment for emetophobia can help you get control back in your life. This link explaining the concept of emetophobia and its treatment may be useful if you suffer from emetophobia.


For many people, cheese is a delicious and versatile food item. Whether you use it as a filling in a sandwich or grate it on pasta. However, for those with turophobia, even the thought of cheese can induce intense fear and panic. This fear may stem from a traumatic experience or an aversion to the texture, smell, or taste of cheese. If you suffer from turophobia, we feel your pain, as cheese is much too delicious to banish from the kitchen.


Everyone has two knees. They are an essential part of our anatomy, but people with genuphobia experience an overwhelming fear of knees. Whether it is their own knees or someone else’s knees. The sight of exposed knees, touching or being touched by knees, or even the mere thought of knees can trigger extreme anxiety for those with this phobia which makes it very difficult for someone with Genuphobia to venture out in warm weather or spend time with anyone in an intimate way – unless the lights are off.


Yellow is a bright, cheerful colour. Who doesn’t love yellow sunflowers or yellow lemons? Colours can evoke different emotions and associations for all of us. But for those suffering from xanthophobia, the colour yellow is anything but cheerful. This phobia can be due to past traumatic experiences or a deep-rooted aversion towards yellow. Imagine living in a world where something as simple as a yellow flower or a sunny day could cause intense fear and distress.


Pogonophobia is a deep-rooted fear of beards. Beards have been a symbol of masculinity and style throughout history. But for anyone with pogono phobia, the mere sight of a beard can trigger extreme anxiety. This fear may be caused by a traumatic experience or cultural conditioning, or you may simply have a strong aversion to facial hair. In a society where beards are widely accepted and hipsters take great pride in their facial hair, living with this phobia can be challenging. Needless to say, anyone suffering from Pogonophobia isn’t a fan of ZZ Top.

Globophobia Phobias

Do balloons make you shriek with irrational terror? If so, you are likely suffering from globo phobia. This phobia can stem from a fear of the loud popping sound balloons make when they burst or a general fear of suffocation. Parties and events where balloons are present can become anxiety-inducing situations for individuals with this phobia.

Remember, everyone’s fears are valid, even if they seem unusual or perplexing to you.


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