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Things To Do This Holiday Season With Your Family

It’s the holiday season! This can be a time of much celebration, but also a time to relax and have family fun. Here are some quick and easy ideas for things you can do with your family to get in the spirit of the holiday season.


Watch Holiday Season Movies and TV Shows

There’s no better way to mark the holiday season than by watching some good old-fashioned holiday movies. These films and TV shows are filled with plenty of festive fun and are sure to bring everyone in the family together.

  • *Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town* (1974)
  • *The Santa Clause Trilogy* (1994, 2000, 2006)
  • *The Polar Express (2004)*


Throw or Attend Theme Parties

Theme parties are a great way to get the entire family together for the holidays. From Halloween and Christmas parties to New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, there are always fun themes that you can use to make your party stand out from all of the other ones happening around town this time of year.


Here are some ideas:

  • Have a “Paint Your Pet” night where people bring their favorite animals in holiday costumes or an ugly sweaters and paint them
  • Host an ugly sweater party where everyone dresses up in their worst Christmas sweaters
  • Have everyone wear red lipstick, so it looks like Santa’s face smeared on everyone


Cook and Bake

  • Bake a cake. Or make cookies, or even better: make both!
  • Cook a turkey and stuff it with your favorite ingredients for the holiday season. Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving; cook one up this year to enjoy all winter long.
  • Make some mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes (or both!) to go along with the main dish of choice. Mashed potatoes are easy to make, but if you’re looking for something more challenging, try making your own from scratch using real butter and cream cheese instead of powdered mix.


Decorate Your Homes (Holiday Season)

To decorate your home, think about what your family likes. You can find ornaments, lights, and other decorations online, at stores, or even at garage sales. Try to make it fun for everyone, so they want to participate in the process.

As per the specialists at Chasing Fireflies, “If you have kids who are hesitant about putting up holiday decorations because they’re afraid of heights or something else that might potentially be dangerous (we’re looking at you, Christmas tree lighting), consider assigning tasks that are less dangerous than others.” For example: if your kids love making hot chocolate but hate hanging lights on the tree outside of their bedrooms, assign them this task instead!


Go for a Picnic on the Beach

Picnics are a great way to spend time and connect with your family. You can take advantage of the beautiful weather by packing a picnic basket, heading out to the beach, and enjoying some quality time together.

You can pack anything you want in your basket! If you’re going to eat out on the beach, remember that sandwiches need more than just bread—they also require cheese or meat (and mayonnaise). Hot dogs are also an option for lunch if you prefer something easy but classic!

If you want to bring wine or beer along for this trip, put it in a cooler. So it remains cold enough for drinking during your meal. Don’t forget dessert: cookies are always good choices here!

Hope you enjoyed our list of holiday activities for the whole family. Remember, it’s not about doing everything at once—it’s about finding what works best for your family and sticking to it. The important thing is to enjoy this time together, whether that means baking cookies or watching movies!


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