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The Benefits of Utilitarian Work Wear to Enhance Your Professional Look

Utilitarian-inspired outfits are a fashion trend that’s here to stay. Army hues, cargo pants, belts in canvas, and hardwearing denim jackets all represent this practical style. A great way to add efficiency and serviceability to your wardrobe. Click the images below to shop utilitarian workwear for less.

It’s Comfortable (Utilitarian Work Wear)

A new breed of designers is bringing practical elements and functional pockets to their collections, elevating utilitarian fashion from a style that once meant scratchy polyester button-ups with blue ties or paint-splattered old tees (or, for those working physically challenging jobs, dungarees). It’s becoming a trend among luxury streetwear labels like Vetements.

While the aesthetic may be influenced by rugged fabrics and shapes borrowed from workwear, military gear, or even futurism. It often mixes elements of many styles to create unique and distinctive designs. And while the look may seem hardwearing, it’s also comfortable.

For instance, elasticized pants and jumpsuits with interior drawcords and cargo textures are designed to move with you, resulting in a soft and breathable feel. The more delicate shades of neutrals like brown and navy make for an easy-to-match wardrobe staple. Pair a military-inspired jacket with a frilly puff-sleeve blouse for a casual and polished look.

It’s Versatile

Soldiers originally wore cargo pants, field jackets, and camp shirts, explorers or workers doing heavy manual labor, so they were made for function over fashion. These men’s wardrobe workhorses, like those from the recognized Adam Kimmel CFDA Awards, were crafted from sturdy fabrics like the cotton drill and denim, had khaki or olive color schemes that camouflaged dirt or stains and featured large pockets that could hold tools, nails, and ammo.

Now that these uniform-like styles resurface on the fashion runways, they’ve become versatile additions to your closet. Whether you’re wearing pants or button-ups with cargo pockets paired with a rugged pair of jeans and flat sneakers. Or an oversized utility vest with a crisp white shirt and Wrangler jean jacket, the possibilities for styling these pieces are endless.

For a casual look, pair your utility fashion with a trail backpack or sling bag, or add a bucket or bush hat to your outfit for warmth. You can also add a pair of sunglasses or aviators to complete your look.

It’s Gender Neutral

As fashion trends and fads come and go, uniform pieces have proven to be timeless staples. Their popularity has helped to ease inequality between men and women and has ushered in a new wave of gender-neutral styles.

Gender neutrality is often interchanged with androgyny, but the two differ. While androgynous style plays with and combines gendered clothing elements, gender-neutral clothing avoids all gendered styles to create a completely neutral look.

Gender-neutral attire is ideal for professionals seeking a more individualized professional style. Gender-neutral apparel can complement almost any style or work environment with various styles, colors, and fits available.

It’s Stylish (Utilitarian Work Wear)

Aiming to balance style with function, utilitarian fashion strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and practicality. Typically, the trend involves khaki and olive tones and workwear-inspired details like cargo pockets and lace-ups. Whether you want to add a little camo into your outfit or rock a linen shirt dress. The utilitarian aesthetic is here to stay.

The best way to embrace this trend is by focusing on the contrast between the top and bottom pieces. This can be achieved by choosing a tighter-fitting jacket and a looser pair of pants or skirts. Pair these pieces with a sleek accessory to add flair to the look.

While many designers on the runway have embraced the utilitarian trend, you can easily nail this aesthetic by shopping online. Sites provide a wide range of modern and durable pieces that fit this style, making it easy to get the look for less. Stylish utility work wear can enhance your professional look by adding a touch of ruggedness to your wardrobe.


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