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Top Signs of an Abusive Wife: A Full Guide for Men

The topic of abuse has always been discussed in society and it still remains viral this time. However, people are used to talking about it in terms of a man while women can be abusive as well. Most guys do not even suspect they are victims of an abusive wife. If you want to know whether you are one of them, then keep reading. Knowing the signs of an abusive wife will help you clearly understand what is going on in your family, and decide how to deal with that.

What are the Signs of an Abusive Wife?

A healthy relationship is what every person dreams about. Still, all your dreams may easily be ruined if the wrong person is beside you. Take a few minutes to learn at least some of the 10 signs of an abusive wife. Be careful, study all information attentively, and do not jump to conclusions until you are sure about everything. This will prevent you from making common mistakes and ruining a bond with your significant other.

She Controls Every Your Step

It goes without saying that emotional safety between spouses is crucial. But it is impossible in a place where one controls another. You can easily recognize a controlling wife. She aims to decide what you should wear, who your friends are, and what company you must work at. As you can see, the abusive wife may not stop at some tiny things like the color of your T-shirt. She may place her control over all your life. For this, a woman usually uses ignoring and other techniques of non-verbal communication. Signs of an abusive controlling wife are the first that you may notice about your spouse. 

She is Jealous

Jealousy and cheating are some of the signs of an emotionally abusive wife. You will be guilty even if you just want to ask a waitress for a recommendation of the best wine. An abusive wife changes her mood at once, leaving you without even a chance to explain the situation. She doesn’t want you to chat with other ladies no matter if it is necessary because of work or any other issue. Simply put, get ready for an incredible portion of jealousy even in terms of parents, cousins, or other relatives.  

She Constantly Blames Other People

If you have never seen how your wife apologizes, then you definitely deal with the psychological signs of an abusive wife. Such a woman always finds ways to blame other people even if there are no such reasons. These blaming games greatly contribute to emotional abandonment between spouses. 

She Criticizes You

If you try to say that something is wrong, or your wife should act in a different way, then she will probably try to give negative feedback. Instead of listening to your opinion, an abusive wife will always criticize you. You are not good enough, you earn a little, etc. Even if you just tried to be sincere, all your words will work against you.

She is Violent

Don’t you feel safe in your own place? It is not surprising that an abusive wife always creates circumstances that do not let you feel comfortable. She may scream, shout, or even hit you if something doesn’t go as she has planned it. Control, manipulation, and frightening are what are constantly present in your life. Mind that fear is one of the main signs that you are in an abusive relationship.

How to Deal With an Abusive Wife?

Did you understand that your spouse is abusive? It doesn’t mean that you should initiate divorce at once. Here are a few great recommendations that you may consider to get the desired result:

  • Talk to your spouse and share your feelings. Let her know that such controlling behavior is not the best thing for the relationship of your dreams.
  • Try to keep calm, and avoid using “you-statements” not to make your wife angry or irritated. Talk only from your own perspective. 
  • Do not hurry to cut off the bound. Give your marriage a chance if you still have some feelings for your wife. 
  • Offer special therapy to your wife. Experts know how to deal with the following issues. Many couples are known to start a new life after such therapy and take their relationship to a higher level. 

Get ready for a long and difficult way of building a relationship that will please both of you. Still, if over time you can’t see positive results, then it is the right moment to rethink your marriage. There is no ultimate recommendation on whether to divorce or not. It is up to you to make a final decision. Follow your heart and remember that the right day to be happy is today. 

Let’s Recap (Abusive Wife)

Knowing the top 10 signs of an abusive wife or at least a few of them will help you better understand the type of woman who you live with. If you analyze your marriage and see that the behavior of your wife is not acceptable to you, then you should start acting. Mind the above-mentioned recommendations on 10 signs of an abusive wife and how to deal with it.


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