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How Is QuickBooks Hosting Secure and Secure?

Like many other business owners, the idea of data security came to your mind while planning to switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks. It’s nearly apparent, based on the rise in cyberattacks worldwide, and still, a recent IDG survey says that more than seventy percent of organizations rely on the cloud to host enterprise applications. QuickBooks Hosting does not require you to be present in the workplace at all times to accomplish the task. So, you can easily access QB files on Managed Desktop as a service from any place and continue work from where you left off. You do not want to lose your customer’s accounting and taxation data, which is why you want to ensure that QuickBooks Hosting is entirely safe for your business.

Is Your QB Application and Data Safe When Hosted on Cloud Servers?

Next to hearing stories about security violations, you might be wondering if QB cloud hosting is as safe as expected.

Before we dig deeper, consider this alternative to cloud-hosted QB – a local-hosted QuickBooks application. Application and data stored on an in-house server in your office may seem secure. But safety is compromised when there is a natural or man-made catastrophe, like a flood or fire. For example, all the QB files could be lost instantly, as happened to many other big firms earlier.

There is nothing to worry about as you can mitigate these risks with QB hosting services. From 24/7 onsite security to data encryption and more, cloud-based QB usage is highly defensive against potential threats.

How are Your QuickBooks Protected on Dedicated Cloud Servers?

Envision ‘QuickBooks on the cloud’ as a way to access the application floating around in the network of remote servers, waiting for you to access it when needed. Here are the 3 main factors that ensure maximum security for cloud-hosted QuickBooks:

  1. End-to-end Data Encryption

Not every enterprise owner trusts the cloud when it comes to hosting critical applications. It is because of the risk of unauthorized access attempts by cybercriminals, which can cause considerable losses. However, with QuickBooks Hostings, such security concerns are resolved with the help of end-to-end encryption.

The encryption method generally involves using public and private keys to decrypt the data. It means an unauthorized user cannot cause any damage because of not having the required keys for cloud access.

  1. Automated Backups

In layman’s terms, data loss refers to the uneasiness faced by firms because of incidents like hardware failure. Any permanent data loss resulting from an unfortunate event can cause severe issues in keeping a business up and running. QuickBooks on the cloud can give you peace of mind while dealing with such possible scenarios.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

A simple idea that is widely accepted in terms of adding security layers to the data is – the more, the better.

In most cases, the cloud access password is the preceding layer of authentication. However, with numerous layers of user authentication added to the system, the cloud solution providers restrict any unauthorized access to the remote servers. You can get this benefit with QB cloud hosting in the form of multi-factor authentication.

Conclusion QuickBooks Hosting

If you rely heavily on the QB software, transitioning to QuickBooks hosting will be highly beneficial for you. Apps4Rent is an intuit certified QuickBooks Cloud hosting provider that serves thousands of clients across the United States. Apart from that Apps4Rent also provides services to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365 with 100% migration assistance and top-notch tech support.


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