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Protect Your Feet With These Self-Care Strategies

Protect Your Feet: Some women think of what shoes they will wear as they walk out the door. Others build their entire outfit around them. Somewhere in the middle is the woman that chooses her shoes based on her outfit and the event. Whether heading out for a day of shopping with friends or a dinner gala with a partner, choosing the right shoe is important.

At the end of the day wearing heels or flats, it is time to give your feet self-care. Protecting and nourishing your feet helps prevent skin problems, tendon injuries, and joint damage. Here are a few things you can do to protect your body’s foundation.


Wear the Correct Shoes to Protect Your Feet

Start at a well-known shoe store and get a good quality pair of shoes. Take them for a test walk in the store to make sure that they are comfortable. Ask the specialists available to you for advice and assistance if needed. Your toes should not be pinched or curled. Your ankle should be secure and not wobble. Make sure your entire foot is supported by the sole and does not extend over the structure of the shoe.


Strengthen Your Feet

Before you step into that pair you bought, learn a few stretches that will strengthen and improve the flexibility of your toes, ankles, and calves. There are 33 joints and 26 bones in your foot and ankle. In addition, your ligaments, tendons, and muscles all need care. Incorporating a few exercises into your routine protects your feet and helps you become a stronger walker. Flexibility helps you maintain your balance while walking, preventing you from turning your ankle. Podiatrists recommend the following exercises:

  • Calf raises
  • Achilles stretch
  • Downward dog
  • Yoga band stretch


Relax for a While

Propping your feet at the end of the day feels good because gravity pulls excess fluids away from your feet and reduces swelling. You can lay on the floor and prop your legs on a large pillow, or lay on the sofa and rest your legs on the armrest. Be sure to add support to your knees and lower back. Then, just relax, you earned it after a long day on the go.


Soak Those Toes

Fill a foot spa, bucket, or bathtub with warm water and Epsom salts. Soak for about 20 minutes and pat your feet dry. Rub foot cream into the soles and top of your feet. Avoid the area between your toes, as residual lotion can cause bacteria to linger. Massage your feet and calves, focusing on the ball of your foot and calf. Make sure your toenails are trimmed and filed straight across.


Shake It Up (Protect Your Feet)

Give your feet a break by changing your shoes daily. Moving from flats to stilettos uses different muscles in your feet, which allow the others to recover faster. Always have clean hosiery to prevent bacteria from building up and causing odor. Remove any insoles, shoe pads, or orthotics, and place them outside in the sun with your shoes for about 15 minutes on a dry day. The UV rays will help kill bacteria and freshen your shoes.


See a Doctor

Foot discomfort is common when you wear new shoes or are on your feet longer than usual. Even standing on concrete is harder on your feet than standing on carpeting. If foot, ankle, or calf pain persists for several days, contact a doctor for an evaluation.


Ditch the Shoe Protect Your Feet

Unfortunately, you may find that the perfect shoe is not so perfect for your foot. Whether it be your gait, foot structure, or walking surface, not all shoes are made for all people. Try toe pads, heel grips, or insoles to customize the fit. If it ends up not being the perfect match, it may be best to sell or donate that pair of shoes.

Great-looking and great-fitting shoes are worth the investment. Well-known stores, such as Browns Shoes, are a great place to start investing in high-quality shoes for yourself. However, don’t forget to invest in taking care of your feet before and after you wear them.


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