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Losing weight with simple concepts

The range of diets is about as large as the variety of guides who know exactly which way to lose weight is the best. New diets have been coming up for decades. It is not uncommon for sophisticated business models to be behind them. Celebrities advertise the new method, the media take it up, and the next hype is here. He doesn’t even have to be sound to be successful.


Serious diets

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) judges diets to be serious if

  • you want slow, long-term weight loss
  • the weight is maintained for at least a year,
  • individual preferences when eating, drinking, and moving are taken into account,
  • Health-conscious behavior is promoted, for example enjoyable, healthy eating habits, appropriate exercise, regular monitoring of risk factors for secondary diseases,
  • They have no side effects.

One thing is clear: losing weight only works if the body burns more energy than it takes in with food. Which calories are left out is irrelevant to the goal of tumbling kilos. Of course, whether the body is supplied with everything it needs during a diet plays a major role in health. And it also plays a role in whether a diet not only reduces weight in the short term but also enables long-term, healthy weight maintenance through learning effects. You should therefore critically examine diet suggestions. Keep in mind that people stream their lifestyle changes on Twitch. It’s the biggest video streaming platform and you’ll find thousands of influencers doing serious diets (big health changes) while streaming and giving real-life examples.

Also, you can start your journey and start streaming on Twitch. In this way, you’ll get thousands of followers for a particular niche. Buy views on Twitch to get better positions for new fans. Keep in mind that people want to follow streamers that have a big community.

Permanent change in diet

Lose weight with reason

In this course program, the diet is changed in small steps to a calorie-reduced and healthy wholesome mixed diet. The aim is to track down wrong eating habits and change one’s own eating habits in the long term. A healthy, needs-based, and balanced diet is paramount. You lose weight slowly over a period of time. Scientific studies have shown that this approach is the most successful in the long term.

Mediterranean Diet: The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is actually not a diet at all, but an enjoyable, varied form of nutrition that you can practice throughout your life. And she is healthy. Lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, plus fish, pasta and rice, little meat, fatty sausage or fatty cheese, and olive oil for cooking instead of butter – these are important components of this diet.

For targeted weight loss, reduce the number of calories, for example to 1,600 or 1,400 calories per day. If you have patience, the Mediterranean diet will help you lose weight in the long term, even without calorie restrictions, if you deal intensively with the food and its preparation. Then you can definitely stay slim.


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