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5 Things You Need To Know About Botox in New Orleans

Over the last few years, Botox injection has been a cosmetic procedure that a lot of people have been getting, having risen in popularity and demand. Botox is an injectable non-invasive cosmetic procedure that would help you loosen up the wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead and underneath your eyes. You could know more about botox by visiting in New Orleans. So, what is Botox and how long does it last?

5 Things You Need to Know About Botox in New Orleans

1.     How does Botox work?

The botox injection treatment works by relaxing some of the small groups of muscles that you have around your eyes and forehead, smoothing out some of your fine lines and wrinkles. They work by blocking some of the nerve signals and help you prevent muscle contractions that would have to be the number one cause of those said creases. You would have no more creases on your face because these muscles are no longer active every time you move your face.

2.     How long would it last?

You would be able to see the visible results of botox after a few days but the full results would typically last you about three to four months. If you choose to keep the results, then you have to go back to the clinic every five to six months to get another session. This would depend on what you and your doctor talked about during your consultation.

3.     Advantages of Botox Treatment in New Orleans

●       Fast and Non-invasive

If you are not a big fan of surgeries, botox injections are an excellent option for you because they are fast and non-invasive. This means they would not need any form of anesthesia, no bandages, no blood, and no scars.

You are only going to need to set aside a few minutes in order to get your procedure. You would not need a lot of downtimes after you get your appointment, it’s just a quick in and out of the clinic, and then you could go back and do your everyday activities right after.

●       Long-lasting results

Getting long-lasting results would also have to be one of the advantages of botox injections, having expected to see the full results of the cosmetic procedure in just 10 days. The result would typically last you about 3 months before it wears off.

●       Customizable

Every person has their own aesthetic goals and reasons for getting a botox injection, and the best thing about this procedure is that you could customize your treatment options in a way that would fit your goals and needs.

During your consultation with your doctor, you are going to discuss with them what spots you want to get treated, and what concerns you the most. Customizing how much you want, helps you fit the treatment into your allotted budget.

Your doctor would help you customize the Botox plan you see fit by discussing your end goal with your doctor, so do not be afraid to bring up any questions or concerns that you may have with them.

●       Improve some health conditions

When you get a botox injection, not only would you be able to help improve your physical appearance, but it could also improve other health conditions. If you are having neck pains, not a TMJ, a Botox injection would be able to help you relax your muscles and lessen the pain.

Chronic migraines and some of the other chronic issues are also something Botox injections would be able to help with because they would be able to block some of the nerve activities in your muscles.

●       Immediate results

Having immediate results would also be something that you have when you get your botox treatment, you would see great results as early as three to four days. If you are a person who wants to improve their looks quickly, then Botox is the perfect option for you.

You have to remember though that Botox would work for 3 months after you get your injection, so talk to your doctor about a follow-up appointment so that you could continue seeing the results that you want.

4.     How is it administered?

Depending on where it is, there is a topical anesthetic that may be placed on the target area so that it could prevent you from being uncomfortable. After that, your provider would be using a tiny needle to inject small amounts of Botox into the area you want to smoothen out. Because of the anesthetic cream that they put before the injection, you would most likely not feel a thing.

5.     How long would an appointment take?

When you are getting your botox injection, you would only need to set aside 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on how many injections you would need to reach your goal. This makes getting your treatment convenient, and it is perfect if you want to get the procedure during your lunch break, making it perfect when you are a busy person. After getting the injection, you could go back to your normal day-to-day activities.

What does Botox do to your face?

Botox is an injectable cosmetic procedure that would be able to temporarily relax the muscle on your face, causing the wrinkles and fine lines that you have to smoothen out. There are also some conditions that Botox would be able to treat, like lazy eye, eye twitching, cervical dystonia, bladder dysfunction, muscle contractures, chronic migraine, and hyperhidrosis.

During your procedure, your provider would be using this thin needle, injecting tiny and controlled doses of botulinum toxin into your targeted area, and how many injections would be needed would depend on how big the targeted area is and where.


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