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How to Apply Concealer Like a Professional Makeup Artist

In the world of makeup, concealers serve the purpose of veiling imperfections, shadows, and disparities in skin tone. Selection depends on your particular needs, be it for the undereye area, blemishes, or contouring purposes. Liquid concealers are applauded for their versatility, suitable for most skin types, especially if you’re aiming for a more natural finish. Stick and cream concealers, on the other hand, offer greater coverage and are ideal for targeting specific spots with precision. Remember that a hue that closely matches your skin tone ensures a seamless blend, whereas a slightly lighter shade effectively brightens the undereye region.

Preparing Your Skin

Before you even think of opening your concealer, make sure your skin is well-prepped. Cleansing gently eradicates impurities, creating a clean canvas. Follow this with a hydrating moisturizer, particularly under your eyes, to prevent the concealer from clinging to dry patches. If your concealer tends to slip and slide, a primer can work wonders in providing a grip for longer-lasting wear. These steps are vital in achieving a flawless application and enhancing the concealer’s performance.

Applying The Concealer

A common misunderstanding exists around the sequence of foundation and concealer application. Applying foundation first creates an even base and might reduce the amount of concealer you need. Using a small, flat brush or a damp makeup sponge, apply the concealer in thin layers over the areas that require coverage. For the undereye area, dotting the product in an inverted triangle shape and blending it out smoothens the appearance of dark circles and integrates the concealer with the surrounding skin more naturally. When it comes to blemishes or spots, a pinpointing technique with a tiny brush ensures you’re only covering what’s necessary without creating an overdone look.

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Setting Your Concealer

Even the best-applied concealer can crease or fade without the right set. An ultra-fine, translucent setting powder prevents this, locking the concealer in place for extended durability. Apply it with a light hand, using a fluffy brush or a velour puff, focusing on areas prone to creasing or where the concealer has been applied most heavily. Give the powder a minute to meld with the concealer before brushing off any excess gently.

Concealer Hacks for Enhanced Results

  • Layering for Coverage: Instead of globbing on a thick layer of concealer in a single go, building it up gradually with thin layers offers better coverage and a more skin-like finish. Allow each layer to dry slightly before adding another for optimal buildup.
  • Color Correcting: To counteract specific discolorations (like redness or bluish undereye circles), employing a color corrector beneath your concealer can be transformative. Peach, orange, and yellow tones can rejuvenate the undereye area, while green neutralizes redness.
  • Highlighting and Contouring: Lighter and darker concealer shades can sculpt and elevate your features by highlighting high points and shading areas you wish to recede. Be mindful of blending thoroughly to prevent harsh lines.
  • Using concealer as an Eyeshadow Primer: A dab of concealer over your eyelids not only evens out the skin tone but can also act as a magnet for eyeshadow, enhancing its color and longevity.

Choosing the Right Brush for Concealer Application

Using the right brush for your concealer can make all the difference in the final result. A flat concealer brush with a pointed tip allows for precise application, making it ideal for targeting blemishes and spots. A fluffy brush with a rounded tip, on the other hand, is perfect for blending out concealer around the undereye area. A damp makeup sponge can also be a game-changer, providing a seamless, airbrushed finish. Experiment with different brushes and tools to see what works best for you and the type of concealer you are using.

Avoiding Common Concealer Mistakes

While concealer can be a game-changer in your makeup routine, it’s crucial to avoid some common mistakes that can ruin your hard work. One common mistake is using too much product, which can lead to a cakey, unnatural finish. Always start with a small amount of concealer and build up gradually as needed. Another mistake is choosing the wrong shade of concealer. A shade that is too light can create a reverse panda effect, making your undereye area appear grayish and ashy, while a shade that is too dark can look muddy and unnatural. Finally, avoid rubbing or tugging at your skin when applying concealer, as this can cause irritation and premature aging. Instead, use gentle patting motions to blend the product seamlessly into your skin.

To refine your concealer application technique, practice plays an integral role. Experiment with different products, tools, and methods to discover what works best for you and your skin. Each approach mentioned here provides a building block towards mastering concealer application, paving the way to more polished and professional-looking makeup endeavors.


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