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How Many Times Should You Change Your Mattress?

Change your Mattress: Good sleep is one of the most important parts of your health. Sleep is essential to our lives. Healthy sleep encourages a healthy lifestyle. Irregular sleep patterns can lead to depression and high blood pressure. A good night’s sleep requires sleeping on a quality mattress. A good mattress ensures comfort while sleeping. Comfort means keeping the correct posture while sleeping. Because sleeping in the wrong position can cause muscle soreness.

A challenging, uncomfortable mattress can cause severe back and joint pain. This can be prevented by keeping your spine straight. A good mattress can relieve aches and pains by soothing acupressure points in the body. If the pressure is not released for too long, the acupuncture point will start to hurt. So, instead of getting hurt, it’s time for your mattress replacement.

When it’s time to replace your Mattress?

The life of the Mattress is approximately 6-7 years. Depending on the quality and type of Mattress, you can spend on the Mattress. Mattresses made with quality materials are likely to last longer. How often you change your Mattress depends on many factors. You can find more details on Slumber search studies 2023.

  • Cheap mattresses are usually made from less durable materials, so they are less durable than more expensive mattresses. Poor-quality innerspring and foam mattresses are prone to body marks and sag faster than other types. Latex is the most durable, and these mattresses will last 7+ years.


  • Weight also plays a role. Being tall or sleeping with someone taller can also affect the lifespan of your Mattress. It depends on the type of Mattress, whether you sleep alone or with a partner, and how you sleep. If you’re tall, your Mattress may wear out faster than the manufacturer’s specifications show.
  • Mattresses are not designed to last forever, and most wear and tear will cause the product to deteriorate faster than expected. Poor products don’t last long, but even the best mattresses have a lifespan and may need to be replaced.
  • If the Mattress is old, this is the first sign that the old one needs to be replaced. Think of your Mattress as a giant marshmallow. Sleep on a brand-new swamp mattress, which will bounce back when you get out of bed. But seven years later, you’ve spent over 20,000 hours in bed with him. Sleeping in the same spot every night puts pressure on the same spot for hours on end and leaves an impression that it is difficult to recover.
  • Like an old marshmallow, the Mattress adjusts to your pressure points and stays put. You’ll find yourself sleeping in a depression that’s hard to eliminate. Knowing if your Mattress is comfortable seems logical, but many people are accustomed to discomfort. If you’d rather spend your time on a hotel mattress or in a friend’s room, chances are the bed you’re using at home needs to be more comfortable.

Change your Mattress

A bed may look comfortable in a showroom, but it could perform better at home. The top of the Mattress consists of a “comfort layer” that needs to support and relieve pressure on the body. Comfort layers dissolve over time, leading to poor sleep and body aches, but in some cases, your mattress choice may be wrong from the start and may need to be replaced.

When you’re ready to buy a new mattress, that’s great. Now all that’s left to do is clean up the old bed to make room for the new one. While it’s tempting to keep an old mattress as a spare in an infrequently used space, the same issues that prompted us to purchase a new mattress still exist.

Instead of living with unwanted mattresses, get rid of them. Check your shipping options when purchasing a new mattress. Some companies offer to take your old mattress home when your new one is delivered.

Most of these companies recycle or donate their mattresses. If pick-up is unavailable, please check the donation site for a list of areas. You can usually donate your old Mattress to various charities. It is also possible to recycle old mattresses.

This process is excellent for the environment. Check with your local waste disposal service for recycling centers that accept mattresses and box springs.

Ways to Make Your New Mattress Last Longer

Once you’ve found the perfect Mattress, it’s essential to keep it for as long as possible. Check out our expert tips to keep your Mattress clean and supportive night after night.

  1. Invest in a mattress pad. The bed frame prevents the Mattress from sagging and makes it last longer.
  2. Vacuum any areas where dust accumulates. Vacuum the Mattress yourself and the headboard, carpet, curtains, and other surfaces that collect dust. It would be best if you vacuumed the Mattress in overlapping motions every six months to remove dust and allergens.
  3. The Mattress should be turned in every 6 months. A new mattress doesn’t need to be rotated, but it should be, especially if you sleep on only one side of the bed. However, Ferguson says he should rotate a new mattress once a month until it breaks in to ensure even wear.
  4. Always use a mattress protector. A good mattress protector can prevent large spills from penetrating your Mattress. This is important. Because once the Mattress gets wet, there is no practical way to dry it thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew. These covers last 1-2 years and protect your Mattress from spills, dust mites, stains, and more. Do you have kids or pets, or prefer breakfast in bed?

Change your Mattress Conclusion

If you haven’t used a mattress protector in the last 8 years, your Mattress probably doubles in weight on the first day. This extra weight is due to years of build-up of moisture, dust mites, and other sleep-disrupting ingredients.

Bacteria, mildew, and general wear and tear are why experts recommend cleaning your Mattress about every eight years on average. That’s one of the reasons it should be replaced. If you sleep on a quality bed like a Tempur-Pedic or hybrid mattress, it still needs to be replaced approximately every 12 years.

When deciding whether to replace your Mattress, you should also consider how you feel when you wake up. You spend almost a third of your sleep time sleeping, so you want your time in bed to be restful.  Get a clean, supportive mattress to ensure the sleep your body needs.


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