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Elevated Van Life: 20 Camper Van Interior Upgrades

Elevated Van Life: Are you tired of working for the man? Do you dream of freedom and the open road but not the actual work it takes to get your RV on the road? Are you thinking of going with a camper van?

If so, you should think about some camper van interior upgrades. A few comforts will make living and traveling higher on the scale easier. Keep reading to learn a way to make traveling more enjoyable.

1. A Stowable Bed That Retracts Into the Ceiling

Elevated van life is easily achievable with 20 camper van interior upgrades. One of those upgrades is a stowable bed that retracts into the ceiling. The bed retracts up into the ceiling when not in use and comes with an adjustable Telestrut outrigger system when deployed.

This system exerts pressure where needed, allowing for balanced and evenly distributed weight across the ceiling and floor. This lightweight outrigger system also allows for easy installation and does not require extra fastening programs. The bed is completely removable and provides plenty of interior space during the day and night.

It is made from heavy-duty aluminum or plastic and includes a foam mattress for comfort. With this sleeper solution, you have a comfortable bed at the end of the day, bringing a little more luxury to your van life lifestyle.

2. Clever Storage Throughout the Van

Another of the best upgrades is to cleverly add storage throughout the van. Adding insulation and pegboard walls is a great way to efficiently utilize the van’s walls and add plenty of extra storage. To save on space, hidden storage can also be added in these more open-walled spaces.

We can also make use of drawers and cabinets that are built into the van already and why not install carousel racks and shelves? By adding intricate and clever storage throughout the van, a lot of gear can be easily added without sacrificing too much comfort.

3. Solar Panels for True Off-Grid Living

With solar panels, you will be able to run appliances and your van’s lights off-grid. This includes cooking stoves, fridges, hot water heaters, and TVs. You may also want to upgrade the electrical wiring to be fit for solar power and LED lighting, a fan, and even a small heater.

Also, shelves, doors, windows, and other cabinetry can help transform the space, making it more comfortable and organized during your travels. With the right additions and upgrades, you can make the most of your van life with solar panels.

4. Fixed Beds

Fixed beds are a great way to upgrade your camper van interior into a comfortable home away from home. They provide a great place to sleep or to kick back and relax. Fixed beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

You can choose from a traditional Murphy bed, a fold-down dinette, or even a custom-built full-size mattress. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs. Not only are they comfortable, but they save space, allowing you to make the most out of your campervan.

Fixed beds make your van life experience feel luxurious and enhance your overall quality of life. These beds provide a comfortable and secure space for you and your family, allowing you to spend quality time together.

5. Swiveling Van Seats up Front

Another way you can upgrade your camper van is to install new swiveling van seats up front. These will provide you with more comfort and space while also giving you a better view of the surroundings. Swiveling seats are also a great way to increase storage space and make your van more efficient.

Also, they can be easily moved around to accommodate different types of passengers or cargo. With swiveling van seats up front, you can experience increased comfort and efficiency, while also letting your passengers enjoy the scenery. Combined with the other van interior upgrades you make, this will create an elevated experience of van life like you’ve never had before!

6. Garage in the Back

Garage in the back is an innovative upgrade designed to increase storage and functionality on a van conversion. It runs the length of the van and is built to house a variety of tools, gear, and important items. The garage also has hinged doors that make it easy to access items without having to climb up into the van.

This storage system helps to keep the van interior clutter-free while providing access to items usually kept in a traditional garage.

Garages in the back can maximize space, provide increased security, and offer the opportunity to install locking systems, allowing occupants to keep valuables out of sight and away from potential thieves.

As part of an elevated van life upgrade, a garage in the back can provide a valuable additional storage resource for van dwellers.

7. Access the Cab With a Cut-Through

Access the cab with a cut-through is a great way to access the inside from the outside. This allows you to pivot from the driver’s seat to the rear doors, creating easy access while also bringing in plenty of light. Adding a set of steps to the back door will make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Screen mesh or sunroof also allow for some airflow as well as natural light. Also, adding shelves and drawers to the interior will help you keep things organized and make the most of the available space. To provide a cozy atmosphere, consider adding cushions, pillows, and throws.

8. Outdoor Shower

Another surefire way to upgrade your elevated van life is with an outdoor shower addition. Whether you’re parked in your favorite campsite or just making a pit stop before continuing your journey, having an outdoor shower adds convenience and ease. Many ready-made kits include a showerhead that attaches to a tank and some have a heated option for colder climates.

Also, you may be able to outfit your van with an engine-hooked water heater as a power source. Investing in an outdoor shower opens up possibilities, whether it’s using a beach, river, or even roadside station as your water source. With an outdoor shower, you can travel with the luxury and comfort of a normal home shower.

9. Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunking beds allow parents to maximize the space they have in their camper vans and make it comfortable for their children. Bunk beds can be installed permanently, or they can be temporary and easily removable when needed. Depending on the size of the camper, bunk beds come in a variety of sizes and designs.

When considering bunk beds for kids, be sure to look for products specifically designed for camper or converted vans, as they are built with camper vans in mind. With the right bedding and other interior home comforts, your kids will love the freedom of van life and will be comfortable during long drives.

10. Table and Chairs for Working and Eating

Table and chairs are an essential component of any van life, whether you’re a full-time or part-time van-dweller. With the rise of elevated van life, the interior of a camper van can now be just as comfortable as a home. Specifically, the addition of a folding, collapsible table and chairs set makes it easy to have a working and eating space while driving, parked, or boondocking.

This upgrade is perfect for those wanting to maximize their living space by having two different functions merged into one. The comfort of the chairs and the ease of setup make this a must-have for anyone looking for a comfortable van life.

11. Install a Toilet

Installing a toilet in your camper van is an important part of elevated van life. It can be a great upgrade for a van since it offers convenience and flexibility for when you need to use the bathroom. You can choose from a variety of toilets, such as a macerator, composting, cassette, or porta-potty.

Each toilet offers differing advantages, so make sure to research them thoroughly to determine which one is best for your needs and lifestyle. Also, find a vendor that specializes in van life upgrades and can provide technical advice, installation tips, and maintenance advice.

Finally, verify you have the necessary plumbing and ventilation components, to ensure the toilet is secure and properly ventilated.

12. Consider a Van-Friendly Furnace

This particular piece of equipment helps keep you warm during those cold winter nights and is specifically designed for the intimate living space of a camper van.

It’s incredibly efficient and quiet, with adjustable burner settings and safety presets, as well as adjustable thermostat settings. It’s a great way to keep cozy without breaking the bank.

13. Expand the Menu With an Oven

Expanding the menu by including an oven is one of the most popular upgrades for those looking for a top-of-the-line interior. An oven can transform a meal from simple to gourmet, allowing for simple and elegant dinners, even if limited in space.

Modern ovens designed for camper vans not only provide ample cooking space, but they are also reliable, easy to install, and require minimal upkeep. For those who want to truly elevate their interior, adding an oven is a great addition to their upgraded van life.

14. Charming Porthole Windows

Charming porthole windows can add a unique yet practical touch to any camper van upgrade. They provide an increased sense of connection to the outdoors, without sacrificing privacy or security, and can lend a classic, vintage look to your camper van.

The round, ship-like windows can be easily installed within a matter of hours, and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any interior. Some are hinged and open outward, while others can be fixed and provide an additional level of insulation from the elements and strong airflow.

15. Beautifully Painted Geometric Flooring

This unique interior design feature adds further character and charm to a camper van, creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.

The geometric flooring utilizes a play on color, geometry, and shapes to create an extraordinary look, culminating in a cozy and stylish place for adventurers to set up home.

16. Illuminate Your Van Life With a Skylight

A lightweight skylight can be quickly installed and provide enough natural light to make your living space brighter. Installing a remote-controlled LED light system is another great way to add lighting and save energy when you don’t need it.

Skylights provide the perfect opportunity to star gaze, while they also provide plenty of natural light and help your airy feel both in the daytime and at night.

17. Consider Getting a Roof Deck

A roof deck is a great way to add more living space and benefit from unobstructed views from above.

Not only do roof decks add extra head space and natural light. But they also can be used for outdoor dining, sunbathing, yoga, and even for solar energy collection.

18. Seating That Converts Into Bedding

A basic seating area can become much more than just a place to sit. Specialized equipment, like sleeper couches, seat and bed conversion kits, and pull-out mattresses can quickly turn any van into a mini home on wheels!

Seat and bed conversion kits come with all the necessary pieces to transform seating and storage furniture into comfortable sleeping areas of any size.

19. Extendable Kitchen for Outdoor Cooking

This kitchen setup really elevates the van life experience, providing a compact, convenient cooking station while not taking up too much valuable interior space.

With an extendable kitchen, campers can prepare meals without packing away all their kitchen essentials each time they move their van to a new location.

20. Flip Down the Table

A flip down table is the perfect way to add comfort and convenience to your interior. Not only does it provide a space to eat and work. But it also maximizes the spatial efficiency of your van by merging two essential components.

The table can be easily folded up when not in use to open up more space.

Upgrade Your Camper Van Interior Today

Van life is a growing trend, and it’s easy to see why. With the right camper van upgrades. You can make the most of your camper van and find yourself living the ultimate lifestyle.

From sleeping platforms to air conditioning systems, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your van for a comfortable, adventurous experience. Invest in your camper van interior today and make it your own!

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