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Early Pregnancy and What to Do

With the high responsibility of bringing a human into the world, many search the internet for early signs and symptoms of pregnancy, hoping for verification of their condition even before they can take a pregnancy test. For some, the thought of pregnancy brings tears of joy and excitement to their eyes. For others, it may bring panic or fear for the future. No matter what situation you may find yourself in. This article can hopefully bring a level of peace to your life by addressing some of the earliest indications of pregnancy. As well as providing resources for you if you are pregnant.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

More than likely, the first indication of a potential pregnancy will be a missed period. If you do not already. It is highly advised that you track your menstrual cycle in whatever way is most convenient for you. Today, there are several mobile applications for this exact purpose. You can set up alerts on your phone so that you are immediately aware of a late period. And so you can be reminded to check for other symptoms of pregnancy. Many over-the-counter pregnancy tests can provide a reliable result less than seven days after your period is due to begin. More sensitive parturiency tests like the ones issued in medical offices and abortion clinics in Texas can detect pregnancy hormones only ten days after conception—before your period is even due to begin.

Some women experience swollen, tender breasts or may feel somewhat bloated in their lower stomachs. However, these symptoms are a bit harder to immediately correlate with pregnancy. They are both symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well and could simply be a sign of your impending period.

Though every person is different, most women have reported nausea and vomiting as signs of early parturiency. This symptom is commonly referred to as morning sickness, but contrary to popular belief, many women experience “morning sickness” throughout the day, not just in the morning. Unfortunately for some, the nauseous feelings can last for days or even weeks into their pregnancy.


Do you know for a fact that you are pregnant? Again, not everyone will be filled with excitement at the thought of growing a tiny human inside their body and the full responsibility of raising a child. However, women have resources available to them throughout this season of their life to help them through all the challenges of pregnancy. Two of the biggest minimal-cost resources available to mothers are pregnancy resource centers and abortion clinics.

Parturiency resource centers, once referred to as crisis pregnancy centers are nonprofit organizations. That seeks to assist women in finding ways to become a mother a possible option no matter the mother’s circumstances. These organizations are entirely focused on assisting the mother and providing resources to them at little to no cost to the mother.

Abortion clinics are also usually nonprofits that come from a pro-choice standpoint. Typically offering forms of contraception as well as other aid.

No matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, you have options during this chapter of your life.


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