Are you dreaming to make some carve out the abs and mass? Or you want to give a shape just like Flex Wheeler top bodybuilder? Don’t be worried. We are here to make your dream come true by guiding you some points as a beginner. It is primitive to know about the bodybuilding program as a beginner.

It will help a lot to achieve your goals as a bodybuilder. Remember it is not an overnight miracle. It is a time taking process and have to do this with concentration and consistency. But within 6-12 months you can see a dramatic gain in your body by following this bodybuilding program.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know about the proper rules and some safety measures before starting it. While lifting high weights, you have to prevent yourself from any injury.

bodybuilding program

Let’s dive in and have a look at bodybuilding program guidelines.


Diet is the main aspect of a bodybuilding program. When you start a bodybuilding program, you have completely changed your lifestyle.

It is essential to take nutritional intake to make your lifestyle more active. Your perfect diet is primitive for bodybuilding. You have to cut out junk food and it is the first and foremost step.

As well as you need to exclude sweet things from your diet. It just fills your body with calories. You need to increase the protein in your diet. Protein helps a lot to repair the muscles and also affects positively your muscles.

Bodybuilding diet plan

The protein diet includes fish, tuna, chicken, no-fat milk, and other protein-rich foods. If you don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, you can add brawn flakes or rough bread in your meal.

Additionally, fibers also help a lot to keep your digestive system healthy. It is essential in the bodybuilding program because you have to take intense Nutritionals. That’s why you need to add some fiber with every meal.

Moreover, you can’t ignore the intake of water. Dehydration can affect your abilities of workout. Dehydration can also become the reason of sluggishness and headache. You have to drink more water rather than soda or coffee.

As well as, you have to divide your meal into a short time and meal. It is a compatible way to stabilize your blood sugar level and also give nutrients to the body.

Training for bodybuilding program

Initially, it is essential to get proper training from fitness trainers. You have to focus more on training as compared to intermediate and advances trainees. By learning and training how to push muscles you’ll get desired results quickly.

You can go through with some serious damages while lifting the weight, that’s why it’s primitive to get the proper training to make your body. On the other side, the damage is the main part of training because it prepares you for future workouts and makes your muscles strong when it recovers.

Additionally, you need to get training twice a week on initial stages. You need to divide your workout schedule into two separate days according to parts of the body.

On the first day, you have to focus on the lower body and abs. On the second day, you have to get training of each muscle of the body separately.

Basic training includes classic exercises. By learning these simple classic exercises, you can move to intermediate territory. As well as, you’ll move towards new and more complex exercises. At this point, it’s essential to get the right way of exercises as compares to lifting heavyweights.

Bodybuilding Training

Don’t get started with high weights because it can damage your muscles. Take a start with easy 10-12 strict reps and track of your workouts. You might be focused on the shoulder raises and lat pulls exercises.

Supplements for bodybuilding program

Supplements play an integral role to give the shape of your body. It could be considered an essential part of the bodybuilding program. You can get so many nutrients from the various supplements and give the energy to perform well. Moreover, it increases the strength, recovery speed, and prevents you from injuries.

Therefore, a plethora of supplements are available and you can pick the best one as per the bodybuilder program trainer. In the initial stages, it is primitive to take for better performance and the strength of the body. The two major supplements include multivitamins and proteins are essential.

You have to take these two types of supplements initially. These are super important and basic supplements that need you to function optimally. Before using any supplements, you need to take consultancy from a bodybuilder trainer.

Sometimes, a few supplements are hard and don’t dissolve in your stomach. It creates problems in your body and doesn’t give the benefits.

So avoid using these types of supplements. Additionally, some supplements are available in the form of a drink. You can use this powder to make a drink and can get benefits from them.

bodybuilding supplements

Some of the main drinks of supplements are:

  • Gainers
  • Meal replacement drinks
  • Pure protein drinks

Calorie counting

On this step of the bodybuilding program, you need to calculate your calories daily basis. You have to make a baseline and get to know how much weight you have to gain or lose. You can use many apps to record your daily calories or use the notepad to write it.

It is essential for you because you can get familiar with your daily performance and also get the right path to intake the proper diet.

Additionally, you also come to know that how much proteins and carbohydrates you require a daily basis. It is the responsibility of both trainers and trainees to observe the eating patterns.

Calorie counting

You can’t get the desired result without having a proper diet plan and counting the calories daily basis.

In a bodybuilding program, you have to keep an eye on every step that relates to your body. As well as, you need to track the nutritional information.

Bodybuilding program tips and tricks

Selection of gym

Selection of gym

A new environment is always a big challenge for every person. As you know the gym is important in bodybuilding. Remember always choose the gym in which you feel relax and comfortable.

As well as, the environment of the gym matters a lot. It should be near to your home because you have to reach there with a fresh mind. A long drive can make you tired and you’ll not focus on your goal.

Get the gears

It is essential to get all the gears that you have required. It includes T-shirts, indoor-sneakers, knee-length shorts, and T-shirts. If you want to take shower at the gym, you also need to keep a clean towel and other bathroom essentials.

Personal bodybuilder trainer

Personal bodybuilder trainer

However, many trainers are available in the gyms who dealt with trainees. But if you want to get more attention and training, you need to hire a personal trainer. In this way, you can prevent yourself from injuries and get training more appropriately.

Conclusion of bodybuilding program

In a nutshell, many bodybuilder programs are available that help you in so many ways. As a beginner, the bodybuilding program contains some important aspects.

A simple and unique bodybuilding program guide has been given above. It can help you to make your dream come true as a bodybuilder.


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